Fake Windows W32.Sinnaka.a Alert Actually Front for Spy Trooper, World AntiSpy, PS Guard and Raze Spyware

W32.Sinnaka.a is the hook which phishers are using to scare people into buying Spy Trooper, World AntiSpy, PS Guard and Raze Spyware, some of which are merely repackaged versions of other rogue spyware programs, such as SpyDemolisher, SpySheriff, and SpywareNo. They are doing it with fake Windows Security Center sites and bogus W32.Sinnaka.a virus alerts. Don’t let it fool you.

Scam Impersonates Jury Duty Call

Scammers have a new scam in which they call you up and tell you that you’ve missed jury duty, and boy are they ticked. You’d better verify who you are by giving them lots of personal information, because there’s a warrant out for your arrest! Don’t fall for it!