Security Woes as Phishers Trick Employee

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A security breach has lead to an untold number of’s customers’ data being put at risk. According to sources, “the information in the contact list included individuals’ names, company names, email addresses, telephone numbers of customers,” and the like.

Explained’s EVP of Technology, Parker Harris, “We learned that a employee had been the victim of a phishing scam that allowed a customer contact list to be copied. To be clear, a phisher tricked someone into disclosing a password but this intrusion did not stem from a security flaw in our application or database.”

True, it did not stem from a security flaw in your application or database – it stemmed from a security flaw in your employee. I’m not sure that’s much better.

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2 thoughts on “ Security Woes as Phishers Trick Employee

  1. My Salesforce sales agent e-mailed me without bcc his entire customer base email addresses, meaning over 70 of our e-mail addresses were exposed to one another. To me, this is enough of a security breach to find an alternative CRM. He didn’t even have an opt-out button. Ironically, he was trying to upsell us to a e-mail campaign feature.

  2. It’s not a security flaw but it does mean that, security is not assured. It is not acceptable.

    Now u can access Salesforce through mobile also it seems check out this link.

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