Rumors Leak of Apple’s New Tiny Micro Mini iPad, is it Really That Small?

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The tech world has been abuzz over rumors that Apple is gearing up to release the tiny mini iPad, so far having been dubbed the “iPad Mini.” Speculations based on various “unnamed insiders” and forecasts from technology experts have offered some insight into what we can expect. Here are some of the speculated details on which most experts can agree:

  • A diagonal measurement of 7.85 inches
  • The new and much loathed Lightening port
  • Front and rear camera
  • LTE support
  • iOS6
  • There will be no Retina Display

Speculations as to the price of the iPad Mini have put it somewhere between $250 to $300, which would cross paths with the pricing of the new iPod Touch, which has a price starting point of $300, meaning that the priciest iPad Mini would be the same price as the most inexpensive iPod Touch (which we find hard to believe given that an iPod Touch is just an even smaller iPad, so a price point between the iPod Touch and the regular iPad makes more sense). Others speculate that, with the last generation iPad starting at $500, it is more realistic that the iPad Mini will be somewhere in the middle of the iPod Touch and the last generation iPad, as far as pricing.

In terms of a release date, the buzz is that invitations will be sent out within the next week or so, for an event on October 17th, with the release of the iPad Mini being somewhere between October 26th and November 2nd. There is no doubt that, with a lackluster iPhone 5 unveiling, Apple fans and followers will be looking for Apple to redeem themselves with their latest product addition.

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