Rapex Anti Rape Device Has Teeth in It

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Rapex is a new device designed to deter rape by literally taking a bite out of crime. Rapex was invented by Sonette Ehlers of South Africa, as a way for women to take rape protection matter into their own hands, and, um, other parts.

Rapex is made of polyurethane, and is worn in the same manner and same place as is a diaphragm. However, unlike a diaphragm, Rapex has rows of sharp teeth, which attach themselves to anything which shouldn’t be there (how the woman is supposed to remove it without injuring herself is not clear).

Says Ehlers, “It will make the men think twice.”

Actually, I think it’s more likely to enrage the man and make him further injure the woman, but because the Rapex is designed to be impossible to remove without the aid of a surgeon, the police should find it easier to catch the perpetrator.

Said a hospital spokesperson at Johannesburg Milpark Hospital, in response to the concept, “We would have no idea what it was (if a person sought removal) and a person could spin us a story. There would have to be in-service training. And obviously the patient also has rights.”

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Ehlers explains that she came up with the idea after a woman mentioned to her “if only I had teeth down there.”

This is, of course, the stuff of which men’s nightmares are already made… teeth ‘down there’.

Beyond that, is it legal? Tizeta Wodajo, a South African human rights attorney, explains that “if there was no consent, in common law, the victim may use the same amount of force as the attacker, based on a reasonableness test.”


But what about an angry wife, or a vindictive girlfriend?

Not all rape crisis professionals are fans of Rapex, although not for reasons one might think. Lisa Vetten, with the Centre for Violence and Reconciliation complains that “once again the responsibility for preventing rape was put on women.” Adding that “Why don’t we all strap little shock devices onto men – wouldn’t that help? But could you imagine the outcry?”

What a lovely world in which to be raising a little boy.

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The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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36 thoughts on “Rapex Anti Rape Device Has Teeth in It

  1. Wait a minute, did you say what a world to be raising a BOY in? Open up your damn eyes. You’re talking about the poor little boys in an article showing the extreme measures women and girls are considering going to because of crimes largely perpetrated by males!

    In a world where we’ve found as many as 60% of girls have been sexually assaulted or raped before they’re even 18 years old, I’d say what a world to be raising a girl in!

  2. i think that is verry good fo those who are not responsible, atleast one should dig his pennis so as to know the punishnment of been a rapist. keep it up

  3. Well say the ‘bad guy’ knows these things are going around. The vagina is not the only way of having sex! Someone needs to devise a plan for preventing sodomy! Yeah, good luck there! I love this idea, but I am saying we are going to have to protect both ‘areas’!

  4. Let me get this straight. Its primarily tailor made for the women in Africa where aids is highest. So they create a device which causes them to bleed massive amounts of their aids into the victim? Smart.

  5. What happens when the penis isn’t erect anylonger and the device falls off you fools.

  6. Subjectively, I feel this idea certainly has some merits, especially in linking the perpetrator to the specific crime. Objectively however, I think we should be a bit cautious about the claim that the attacker will “obviously be too pre-occupied or sore,” allowing the victim to escape. Yes, we certainly IMAGINE that it would be painful, but as far as I can tell it has only been tested on plastic replicas of genitalia. In fact I don’t see how it could ever be ethically tested on humans to learn the true response. If the claim that it will not cause permanent injury to the attacker is true I would think that the penetration of the barbs must not be too deep (otherwise the attacker would lose MASSIVE amounts of blood). What if the sensation caused by this particular device is more “irritating and annoying” than “debilitatingly painful?”
    I suppose maybe they will be able to get a guy to test it out, but unless he’s of the martyr mentality they’re going to have to pay him quite a hefty fee.

  7. All tool can be used for good or bad. But this thing isnt a tool. It is a lab designed and evaluated idea. It has too may shortcomings to be used in the real world.

    An female condom would be more appropiate. Rape is terrible but the aftereffects of resulting pregnancy can extend the suffering to another newborn life.

    It might not prevent rape. But it goes someway towards helping the aftereffects.

    As for rape itself. That’s up to us guys !. Let’s control our advantages, it’s just the right thing to do !, simple as that, really.

  8. No way this thing will work. It has to be designed to be removed easily by the woman, so even if the thing isnt visable on the outside a quick finger would be all thats needed to check and remove the device, effectly enraging the rapist.

    This thing could also be left in and result in the worst imaginable accident ever.

  9. I support this idea.

    To those who worry that it would only further enrage a rapist, understand that the pain it causes also temporarily immobilizes him so that the woman can escape. If you merely numbed a would-be rapist’s penis, he would still have the ability to batter his victim.

    To those ”worried” men who think their angry girlfriend’s would do this just to hurt them, perhaps you should 1. figure out what you’re doing to upset them so much and stop it, and 2. stop sleeping around. Those in healthy relationships do not intentionally harm one another.

    Also, the device can be removed by the wearer safely with a tool that comes with the package.

    This does not put the responsibility upon women to stop rape, it gives them freedom to not feel afraid! If you lived in a place where you felt unsafe fequently, this would be a way to reclaim some of your freedom.

    One thing I’d like to see: serial numbers imprinted on the device and in the packaging so that we could easily match the rapist to the attack.

    And finally, to those who believe all rapists should be murdered: I am a Christian, and I do not believe God wants us to do that. We are under a new covenant with Jesus. He tought forgiveness, not retribution. God says, ”revenge is mine. I shall repay.” We are ALL sinful, fallen beings deserving the worst- hell! It is through the grace of God that any of us are forgiven. We are to model our lives after the grace that has been shown us. (And, yes, I do have personal experience with abuse like this. I am not speaking from safe ignorance- I am speaking from experience.) Bitterness, anger and rage only hurt those who harbor it. Let us protect and defend ourselves while remembering the grace that has been lavished upon us!




  11. To Zainol, not everyone on the planet is a Christian/Muslim. Stop trying to bring religion into this.

    I agree with certain aspects of this product, but any idiot with a computer has probably already found out about this thing, and if they’re a rapist, they’ve already thought up a way around this.

    And whoever said that this “could be used by a vindictive ex-girlfriend” is right on the money. Same thing for whoever said “this thing could be turned around and used as a tool for rape”

    I cringe to find out just how many men are getting busted for rape when they really didn’t do anything.

  12. By the way, it sounds like the taliban in here; that is what they are famous for, in case you didnt know: you know, execute people for rape , murder, etc. I must admit, Kabul used to be a little safer back them.
    Buuuuut, ahem, they also made the mistake of letting bin la-gunga-din stay in their country. Picked the wrong fight – should have diplomatically stayed out of the US way. But since “civilized” nations cant kill rapists and murderers, we all have to put up with this crap – I say GO Rapex!

  13. Why not just go back to wearing chastity belts? All we need is to repackage the metal contraption as the “anti-rape belt” and we’ve solved an age-old problem with an age-old solution. It sounds a lot better to me than having a device that could theoretically be removed by a frantic and angry rapist misogynist and used to hurt his victim.

  14. this thing was made by a south african woman. south africa has the highest rates of both rape and HIV in the world. wikipedia states rape incidence of south africa at 1million each year.
    i’m interested in working over there, and found out about this product through research on both hiv and rape incidence in the area.
    fuck yes i’d wear one of these. rape makes my stomach turn, but hiv infection is no joke. i’d murder a person who was attempting to rape me. i’d pull thier eyes out of their sockets. i’ll sure as hell wear a rape condom.

  15. I see a lot of people liking this device. It seems to me there is a lot of vendictful people out there. I am in no way saying that rape is a good thing. I just feel that hurting someone back in such a way is wrong. I agree and understand that rape is very damaging to the victims. But I can not help relating this to other psychological damaging crimes. This will just escalate the violence we already have in the world. I propose another idea. How about a devise the somehow implants a radio device in the penis? A little microchip type thing close to a “lo-jack” devise that the police can track the rapist.

  16. I can just see angry ex girl friends using this for revenge. I mean what they will do is wear this product, then lead me on and then I get cought with it and they claim rape while it looked like a genuine offer! Also, this will probebly be illigal in a several countries, simply cause it puts the raper in harm and he has rights too (even if some of you think other wise)! I think the best device that could be made would be a female genital wall. It could stop the man’s wee wee from entering without harming him or without angering him some more. It would be a safe, effective and HIV free option. Heck, you may as well make it a skin tight panties with a key to remove it!

  17. The ones that whinge about it not being a woman’s responsibility to protect themselves, should get a grip. What are you going to do, lie back and think “I’m not going to try to stop this happening to me because it’s not my responsibility to protect myself”? That said, to be able to protect yourself is great but I don’t think a snatch with teeth is the right way to go about it.

  18. this would work well with a gun.im guessing “smart one” and “anonymous” are men who have never been raped. If a woman is physically overpowered or sedated having a tazer or mace in her purse isnt going to help anything. i dont understand how someone could call something like an anti-rape condom barbaric and brutal. rape is what is barbaric and brutal and deserves a far worse punishment such as death.

  19. I would think you might be ok if you have a small penis. Might be able to avoid the spikes with a smaller unit. I think a better device will need to be created to address this issue or perhaps just through the thing out the window all together and come up with a better plan. It is sometimes scary when somebody comes up with an idea like this and runs with it. Maybe a tattoo with eyes could come free with the device that the woman could place around her private parts to warn would-be rapist to stay away from this kitty. I am sure some governments will require some type of warning label display so why not a set of eyes to go with the teeth.

  20. I liked the idea about the numbing gel. I think it would work, yes they use lotions and what not to desensitize and make sex last longer. But if you make something numb it goes down trust me. Just like when you’re at the dentist and they give you a numbing agent, half your mouth sags or when your arm is asleep it gets floppy, well so does Mr. Penis. It would also have the benefit of numbing the women to make what little experience she endured less terrible. And would also prevent ejaculation(less chance of AIDS) If you wanted to get creative, you could make the gel purple for identification purposes, could you imagine… “Look for the man with the purple penis!”
    Also, I wouldn’t put it in the same words “smart one” did. But he had a good point. A device like a tazer or mace would be far more effective. They would have the ability to prevent the assault. I know that this is on the low priority list for women, but what if an angry girlfriend wants revenge, or like “smart one” said oops sorry hun forgot to tell you I had the penis chomper on, can I get you a band-aid?
    Maybe it’s just me(and every other person with an IQ above 4) but this seems barbaric and brutal. I think we should be a step above these messed up people. It seems like this is a step back, I think I’m going to have my girlfriend wear a chastity belt, that will stop a guy from raping her won’t it? There problem solved right?, or maybe that’s a little crazy…just like vaginal teeth.
    I am not defending these people, they deserve to be put into prison for in my opinion life, and by the way, guess what happens to guys who go to jail for rape? They will walk a little funny for the rest of they’re sentence. I would resent anyone who thinks I am defending them. I have taught women’s self defense for over 6 yrs now. There are more effective ways to protect yourself. Someone said “Anyone who denys a woman her right to be able to deter or defendâ€? I’ll remember that, the next time a girl slaps a guy and he breaks her jaw. He has the right to defend himself from her right? It’s a mans right to be able to deter and defend an attack, Or maybe that’s a little extreme. The problem is, they hurt you now you want to hurt them back, it’s gone beyond protection and a woman’s right and turned into revenge. Have fun with that.

  21. I see that the little remark at the end of the article says “What a lovely world in which to be raising a little boy.” What about the fact that the women and girls are being raped. Shouldnt it say “What a world in which to raise our children.” It seems that it is more valued to allow a woman to be raped than to make a rapist uncomfortable while raping her. The thought is horrible that we would even think to deny a woman the ability to think that her attacker can be caught. Who cares if the man has to go to the hospital for 15 minutes of device removal. What about the fact that the woman may have to end up in the hospital for hours or days or years after being injured from a brutal rape, infected with a disease or virus, emotional trauma, or impregnated. These are things she may have to deal with for the rest of her life. While it will if nothing happens to the man just be a pleasant memory from him. All you are worried about is 15 minutes of public discomfort for the man who violated an innocent woman in most cases. I think the patient at that point should not be given any rights I think it should be a device registration with the company that manufactures it so that the woman can then be connected to the device. Meaning once she purchases it she has to call in to register it. If it is attached to the male and he goes into the hospital with he will be directly connected to the attack. I think this device is great especially in the horrible situation that most African not just South African woman are dealing with. Anyone who denys a woman her right to be able to deter or defend the fact that she has been raped is as bad as the rapist.

  22. You have got to be kidding me. A vagina with teeth… whats next a penis with a spike on the end so guys wont get raped?! This is the stupidest this ive heard of in a while. The woman has to basically wear rapex 24/7 for fear of rape. What if she forgets to mention that she has it on to her poor husband. Aside from that fact a simple prevention of being raped would be for example to carry a stun gun/tazer,ZAPPP!!! How about mace for example, he cant rape what hea cant see. So all you women go and buy some teeth for your vagina, knock yourself out, literally.

  23. The advent of Rapex might displease those who are for this rights and that rights. Put yourself in a rape victim’s place and just imagine the horror of being violated.
    Today’s lifestyle and worldwide tendencies to crucify the victim and defend the perpetrator is simply bullshit!
    I call for capital punishment worldwide for rapists found guilty and implement the damn sentence! Do not put the bastard in jail, do not waste taxpayers money on feeding and sheltering him. Skewer the devil alive and roast him ! See if any other idiot wants to go touch another poor woman who doesn’t ask for it!
    The punishment for rape is there in the Qur’an, the Bible and all the other books of faiths. The question is implementation of God’s Laws!
    Not a country implements Biblical Laws yet so many trumpet that they are Christian Nations! Pure Poppycock!
    Will the USA , Britain, Australia, Europe implement any of the Laws found in your Bible?
    I’d say none dares for if you do, a major population in all these countries will be wiped off the slates. All bloody hypocrites….
    If you truly are the Children of God, implement God’s Laws. We will then acknowledge you to be true Christians. If not, you are no better than the perpetrators of rape everywhere!
    I rest my case! Power to Rapex!

  24. “Prominent Johannesburg-based gender activist Lisa Vetten said the device normalised rape and placed the responsibility for preventing rape on women.”
    I’d love the responsibility now I can do something about it. We’re not going to suddenly be using “she wasn’t wearing her rape device so that means she wanted it” debate as a legal defence in court so get over it. It’s a work of genius and I can’t believe no one came up with this idea before.

  25. I think you’ll find numbing gels don’t work that way. They numb the penis to prevent premanture ejaculation not prevent erections so you’ll end up enduring an hour long ordeal instead of the five min one.
    Still if you don’t want to wear it don’t, but the choice should be ours. I have an awful feeling Australia (my home) will ban it as they tend to do with anything sensible. I’m buying shares in this company they’ll make a mint off me buying this product. And I’m sure you can safely remove it or they wouldn’t market it right? I don’t think the rapist will be able to do much in the way of hurting the victim once this device is in place, I think he’ll be more concerned about other things like getting it the hell of his penis.
    I needed it a long time ago and I certainly plan to use it when I go out drinking with my friends or when I’m on campus. It won’t be there 24/7 so it may still occur but in danger situations like being drunk in Newcastle (our drink spiking rate is alarming). Finally I won’t have to curb my range of activities to be safe I’m excited!

  26. Ingenious! Bravo! I will buy shares in this company. To whatever end is needed. Further testing, marketing, advertising, investors, etc. Contact me.

  27. I think that it is a brilliant idea to provide some kind of defense for a rape victim. However, in this case it may be a extreme in its intent and ineffective. If a sexual predator is aware that this device is being distributed to women what do you suppose he will do… Grab the poor rape victims hand and make them test the area first. You just add even more injury to the rape victim, and angered the assailant. Sexual Predators are not mindless, they can be teachers, doctors, friends family. Granted they are monsters but often times not idiots. If they make the victim test the area and find that her intention was to chop off his penis, I guessing he’s going to want a little payback. Perhaps instead they could put a numbing gel inside the vagina. That way if he tried to test the area first he wouldn’t notice and if he continued things just wouldn’t get up. Can’t rape someone if your thingy can’t get up and you didn’t do anything to anger him to cause him to want to hurt the victim any farther.

  28. There is only one crime. Although it has many manifestations, the only crime it to deprive a person of their freedom. A rapist does it by forcing another person, regardless of gender, into an act which they would not willingly engage. At it’s most basic it is no different from murder, slavery, or torture. Anyone guilty of such an offence forfits their freedom. This goes beyond jail. Their health, their property, their life; all of this is lost when they commit such an act. I say bravo to this ingenius piece of work. All that I would ask is that there be a way for the woman to remove it without risking harm. I would also like to see this product developed for men. Now susan raises the idea that a man could use this as a way to injure his victim. Could the same not be acomplished by other means? Something as commonplace as a knife could achieve the same end. I endore this product as a fair and just reward for those who would try to savage anothers freedom. I hope that anyone so abused has a firearm handy to firmly end the matter. I will lose no sleep over a dead rapist.

  29. As a partner of a victim I will by my girlfriend such a device if it will be avaible. This is the thing she wished to have before.

  30. I may sound a bit barbaric but if I had the powers to impose, I’d burn the rapist alive! I am a man myself but as a Muslim, I just can’t tolerate reading all the rapes going on in this world today!
    Even Muslim countries are not safe anymore. Incidences of rapes happen all over the world! What the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) foretold that the Signs of the Coming of the Last Days are manifested when rapes become commonplace in society!
    Today in flooded New Orleans,USA, flood victims especially children are being raped in the anarchy that takes place in the darkness of the beleagured city!
    We are not talking about a third world country here where you can say people might be doing as they please!
    The United States of America , supposedly the world’s superpower and most developed country , is no better than South Africa or any other lawless place in the world.
    Rape deserves only one punishment! Kill the bstards in the worst way possible!
    The emotional, physical trauma and disgrace that rapists mete out on poor women must not go unpunished!!!
    I’d have no second thoughts about chopping up the bastards and feed them to the hogs!

  31. Honestly, the man will have to KNOW about it being there before he can even use it on the woman, and by then, he has it STUCK ON HIS [EDITED]. And thus needs a surgeon to remove it. He might make moves to hurt the woman further but, a woman who does decide to use this has the brains hopefully to make an escape while he’s wailing about his penis having knives in it.
    I think the idea is wonderful, and of course used wrongly, awful.

    But, that’s like saying ‘I saved my husbands life with a gun, I killed his potential killer.’ And getting the ‘guns are horrible, i hope you BURN!’ response. Just as guns are used wrongly, its possible these might be. but It’s a damn nice idea and I’d use it if I had them.

  32. What is going to keep the rapist from taking it out of the vagina and turning the device inside out and placing it on his penis and then use it on the woman. In addition men could purchase it, turn them inside out, and use the device as a barbaric condom on rape victims. This device could too easily be used on women.

  33. There are many things in this world, if used improperly, its bad, so that argument is worthless. If we outlawed everything in this world that helps many, because it could be used wrong manner, we would deprive many of their rights to have things to help their health and personal safety.

    But I can see how in some places this would be good for woman, if they want to use them.

    No one should force their self on a woman, and the man who does, if the woman happens to have one of these, he gets exactly what he deserves.

    In the article, one said the one who rapes has rights, not to me he doesn’t, the moment he start to rape a woman, he has give up his rights, and when one has this thing on his penis, it will be most likely a sure sign he forced himself on a woman, kind of like caught red handed.

    Of course, he should have the right to get that thing removed, them sent straight to jail.

    We worry to much about the rights of criminals and not enough about the rights of victims and would be victims.

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