Proposed Law Would Require Google to Blur Buildings to Thwart Terrorists

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Legislators in California – that state of the eternal budget crisis – have decided that it’s a good idea to spend money trying to force Google to blur Google Maps images of what are known as “soft targets” for terrorists, such as schools, churches, hospitals, and government buildings, to protect them against terrorist attacks.

Because you know, terrorists can’t find an address without Google Maps.

The California legislator sponsoring the bill, San Diego Republican Joel Anderson, says that he decided to draft the bill “after reading reports suggesting that terrorists used online map imagery to plan attacks in Mumbai and elsewhere.”

Even the average schoolchild knows how to find an address online, and how to look it up on a map. Why Anderson thinks that “blurring images” in Google Maps will in any way thwart terrorist attacks on these “soft targets” is a mystery.

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“All I’m trying to do is stop terrorists. I don’t want California to be helping map out future targets for terrorists,” said Anderson.

Responded Google, “We are happy to speak with Assemblyman Anderson regarding this legislation and hope to have a productive conversation. Google Maps and Google Earth provide users with a rich, immersive experience, offering useful information and enabling greater understanding of a specific location or area.”

The law, if passed, would require images of schools, churches, hospitals and government buildings to be blurred, and companies who violate the law would be fined up to $250,000 per day for so long as the unblurred image remained online.

Oh..wait, maybe that’s why the financially-strapped state is looking at spending the bucks on passing such a law.

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7 thoughts on “Proposed Law Would Require Google to Blur Buildings to Thwart Terrorists

  1. Clearly Mike you live in a world of Hubble Bubble reality – do you get me. Ah, oh no you wouldn’t would you to thick obviously, you can’t read or you wouldn’t be asking the question.

    “your semi-literate personal tirade” I am nither semi-literate nor carrying out a personal tirade I happen to belive that killing and toture for the sake of it is wrong and the subject matter is about “Proposed Law Would Require Google to Blur Buildings to Thwart Terrorists” and if you could read you would have seen my reply was to Jim and his comment but you seem to have another agenda which is very obviously to avoid the points raised here.

    BTW Google is not always a block off and what the hell does that have to do with anything stick to the point any terrorist would have a map of his own if google were not available so blocking out buildings or whatever would be very silly. A bit like you!

  2. If terrorists are indeed relying on Google Maps to find a given address, it’s probably a Good Thing – every address I’ve looked up (including my own) has been at least a block off.

    And Bunny – what does your semi-literate personal tirade have to do with the subject of this story?

  3. Oh and let’s not forget G.Bay and the Nazi camp of toture set up there for those who have not been tried in a court of law never mind all the others, you can not toture and kill people without the same being done back to you – what goes around comes around!

  4. Jim “They have no reason, they don’t need a reason”?? Me thinks your just a little head in the air are you not, now your not so silly as to not realise that if you send explosives in to the homes of people blowing up their family and children they will be more than a little vengefull about this – well wouldn’t you – oh no sorry I forgot you already are from the sound of your beligerance towards them and yet it was not your family that has suffered – I would say you need a pill of reason and then take a look at the fact that hatred begets hatred and it is not you or I who will be on the receiving end of this stupidity but our children and our childrens children.

  5. Bunny, “Take Away their REASON for wanting to KILL you?” They have no reason, they don’t need a reason.

    I agree with you about the stupidity and waste of time of this proposal. Why not just remove the building altogether, then they won’t know that it is there, right?

  6. Well surely if you blur the areas of interest to terrorists; does that not point out the areas of interest to them, how very silly these guys and Joel Anderson will dissapear up their own rear end out of fear of their own shadow, a terrorists are not always learned people and have in the past attacked establishments without the so called use of the internet – for example take what the IRA have been upto since the 60’s onward no Google Earth in those days was there just plain hormonal thirst to kill – why not try using your head and find out what makes them tick and reason with them in other words do as you would have done onto you and that means get your arse out of the Isralie camp and stop backing their “Hitler look-a-like attacks on the Muslim” comunities in Gaza etc.

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