Post Script: Karla Homolka Released from Prison

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A short post-script for those interested in the continuing horror saga of Karla Homolka. Our readers will remember that Ms. Homolka was at the center of an extremely ugly murder trial, in which she and her lover were found guilty of horrible crimes against children, and, relevant to these pages, the Canadian government issued a press ban on reporting of the trial.

[On an interesting and Internet-related sidenote, I had a Usenet newgroup dedicated to me, and back during the Homolka press ban, it was squatted on by a group who were sure, due to the name of the newsgroup, that it had been set up as a way for news-starved Canadians to share information about the Homolka trial, but I digress….]

Anyways, Ms. Homolka has been released from prison this week, after serving twelve years. Said Homolka, granting the first interview ever, “I don’t want people to think that I am someone dangerous who will do something to their children…I cry a lot. I can’t bring myself to forgive myself. I think about what I did and often I think that I don’t deserve to be happy because of what I did.”

I’m sure that a lot of people will agree with her.

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3 thoughts on “Post Script: Karla Homolka Released from Prison

  1. My comment is that I am totally
    shocked about the crimes that were done by Paul B and Karla. It was very unfair for Kristen and Leslie and Tammy to have gone through all of that. We can’t bring Kristen back! Kristen didn’t deserve all of that! I understand that Paul had sexual fetishes but he should have sought a sex therapist and got his hormones checked out. He should have done that before committing all those rapes. As for Karla, she made a big mistake in helping Paul B to rape her sister Tammy. I really don’t know what to think????Karla got involved with the wrong person but she was wrong in helping these crimes. I understand there was abuse and intimidation but could she not have stopped him or helped Paul in another way. We all make mistakes in life but Paul B made a really “big” one that it’s to hard to be forgiven! My heart cries for people! Im studying Psychology p/t at ryerson and I do believe alot of these people that do these kinds of crimes are somewhat “scizophrenic” in nature
    and have sexual addictions that need help. Karla is trying to make a new life for herself and I don’t know if she should have been given this second chance in life.
    She wants to changer her name and do plastic surgery. The baby should never find out about this.
    It’s like the devil is playing games! Evil people need to find God and the Holy Spirit to wash away the Devil’s Spell! The Holy water will wash away the evil.
    As for Paul, he will be in jail for 25 years what will he be like in 25 years? Paul needs Therapy and the right medications to help him. I believe in forgiveness but we’ll have to leave this one up
    to God and see what God thinks about all of this? Bernardo has to spend some time reading the Ten commandments and talking to God about what happened. As humans we love one another and we want to be like one big happy family all like brothers and sisters when things go wrong we feel for one another.
    “May the Lord Make Justice and Put People onto the right path and deliver us from evil” Amen!

  2. I wonder if Karla Homolka has pertinent information regarding the disappearance of Elizabeth Bain for whom my brother in law was wrongly convicted of killing in 1992 and served 8 years. He’s still appealing the conviction. How interesting it is that Paul Bernardo had met Elizabeth Bain and attended the same university. No incentive for either Bernardo, or Homolka to come forward to clear my brother in law’s name. What a shame!

  3. Because of her notority she will forever live her life under a microscope. Because of this I seriously doubt she poses a danger to society — I truly believe that her existence is her punishment. James Knight

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