The FBI Files: FBI Gets Into the Podcasting Business

You may not think of the FBI as a hip, Web 2.0 entity, but the FBI has announced that they are now offering three podcasts. To be more specific, they are offering three of their weekly radio shows in podcast format, covering closed FBI files, the history of the FBI, and more. The FBI shows are available both through iTunes, and the official FBI website. (What does FBI stand for? It stands for the “Federal Bureau of Investigation”).

Our Christmas Gift to You: Three Things You Should Know

It is with both pride and gratitude that we present to you our Christmas gift to you – a free weekly podcast, with no strings attached, and by which we hope that you will be entertained and informed. The new podcast is called “Three Things You Should Know”, and each week it will be broadcast, free, brimming with information about three things that you’ll find useful and informative, entertaining and interesting.