Please Welcome Our Sister Site: Explaining the!

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We are very pleased to welcome Explaining the to our ISIPP Publishing family! is a project spearheaded by our editor and publisher, Anne P. Mitchell, attorney at law. Anne is a graduate of Stanford Law School, and a retired professor of law, so she’s pretty darned good at explaining the law in plain English.

While the site is still quite new, there are already three in-depth articles published there for your reading enjoyment!

Attorney-Client Privilege and Confidentiality Explained in Plain English talks about the rules surrounding and differences between attorney-client privilege, and the duty that a lawyer has to provide their clients with confidentiality.

Can Congress Override a Bill if the President Doesn’t Sign it and Doesn’t Return It with Objections? Vetoes Explained in Plain English explains the process by which a bill becomes a law (queue Schoolhouse Rock) – and also how a bill doesn’t become a law.

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Please Welcome Our Sister Site: Explaining the!

The Mailbox Rule and How it Applies to Email sheds light on how and when acceptance of an offer is considered tendered and the offer considered accepted (which may lead to a contract being formed) when the acceptance is communicated by email. In the olden days of putting things made of paper in an envelope and dropping them in the mailbox, the rule generally was that the offer was considered accepted when it went into the mailbox.


As Anne explains over at Explaining the Law, “I’ve been a lawyer for more than 25 years, and between my law practice, and teaching as a law professor, I’ve become pretty good at providing clear, easy-to-understand, plain English explanations of law, legal decisions, and other legally-related things.

I’ve been asked if there will be a specific topic, or practice area, on which we will focus here, and the answer is ‘no’. My areas of expertise are Internet and tech law and policy, and family law with an emphasis on the rights of children to have an ongoing relationship with both parents after the disuniting of the family (also known as ‘fathers’ rights’), however my background in legislative authoring and construction also provides me with an ability to tackle breaking down most anything from the legal realm into digestible, bite-sized chunks.”

So check out the above articles at Explaining the Law, and if you like what you read, sign up on the Explaining the Law website to be notified of new articles from Explaining the Law!

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Please Welcome Our Sister Site: Explaining the!

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7 Replies to “Please Welcome Our Sister Site: Explaining the!”

  1. OK, out of desperation I started up Internet Explorer, went to the site, and – voila! – the signup form is there! So the problem is that the site is evidently incompatible with Firefox!!! does not seem to have this problem, so you might want to look into what any differences were in their respective constructions. (I am now signed up, and have confirmed my subscription.)

  2. Whoops – I see now it’s supposed to be below Get Notified of New Articles! – but here’s nothing there either.

  3. Still no. I’ve turned off AdBlock Plus completely for that site, and even set Firefox to allow pop-up windows (just in case), but nothing appears between the four Recent Posts and Get Notified of New Articles!

  4. I’m sorry, but I still don’t see it. The right side of the website has only a Search box, links to two Categories and four Recent Posts, and a heading that says “Get Notified of New Articles!” but has no associated links. I also see no pop-up, but I have Firefox set up to block them; should I put in an exception for your site?

    1. Michael, it is immediately below the recent posts section on the right-hand side. It’s definitely there. Perhaps your blocker blocks anything that remotely resembles an ad?

      Sign up for Explaining the Law

    1. It’s on the right-hand side on the Explaining the Law website, and also you should get a pop-up offering the option to sign up once you are on the Explaining the Law site.

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