Trouble when Uploading or Adding Images to Pinterest? Try This!
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Trouble when Uploading or Adding Images to Pinterest? Can’t Get the Create or Publish Button? Try This!

Countless people have encountered trouble when uploading or adding images when creating a Pin on Pinterest. Rather than taking them to or remaining on the Pin creation and editing page so that they can create the Pin and publish the Pin, it takes them to the Pinterest image editing page for that image, with seemingly no way to get back to the main Pin creation screen and publishing screen.

what are Pinterest New Takes explained
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What are Pinterest New Takes? We Explain

If you came across a setting on Pinterest to either “Allow new takes” or to not allow new takes, you can be forgiven for not having any idea what the heck Pinterest “new takes” are, let alone whether you should allow them. As it happens, Takes (just ‘Takes’, not “new Takes”) are a new concept at Pinterest.