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  • Pi Day Around the World


Today is Pi Day. “What is Pi Day?”, you may ask. And, indeed, you may wish that it were “Pie Day”, instead, because hey, that sounds pretty tasty. But it is, indeed, Pi Day – because today’s date is 3.14 (March 14th). And while you may think that Pi Day is something that we made up, we assure you that it isn’t. Lots of people observe Pi Day, each in their own unique way. And yes, many of them involve a pi pie, so you can still have your pi and eat it too.

Of course, there the professional pi pushers:

From “I F*cking Love Science”:


And we love this visual pun from George Takei:

George Takei Pi Pie



The U.S. Department of Education even gets in on the act:

U.S. Dept. Ed. Pi Pies


Now, we did say this is Pi Day around the world, so our first picture of human pi (no ‘e’!) is from South Africa:


Rustenburg High School, South Africa, 2013

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Pi Day Around the World


Hackettstown Middle School, 2013


And, proving this is a time-honored tradition:

Maurice J. Tobin School, 2007


In France, noted author Daniel Tammet has created the first French celebration of Pi Day, “Premiere Journée de Pi 14 mars 2013” (to which, uh, 6 people are going, but still you have to give Tammet credit).

And finally, closer to home, here are two Pi Day dishes from our friend Shelley, and theHomeschoolMom.com is offering a free Pi Day unit studies unit for Pi Day!

Shelley’s Pi Pie


Shelley’s Shepherd’s Pi


Free Pi Day Study Unit from The Homeschool Mom



Let us know how you are celebrating or observing Pi Day, or of interesting Pi Day observations or events!

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Pi Day Around the World

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  • Pi Day Around the World

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