People Tapping Into Your Home Wifi? Paint Your House!

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Are you worried about your neighbors tapping in to and using your home wireless computer network?

Or, worse, about wardrivers hijacking your wifi and using it to send a run of spam?

Well, a Sunnyvale, California company has a suggestion for you: paint your house.

“But,” you whine, “my problem is home computer network security, not how Martha Stewart my house looks!”

“Exactly” we say.


“Huh?” says you.

Yes, Force Field Wireless wants you to paint your house. But not with just any old paint, oh no. You see, Force Field Wireless has developed a special paint, which, when applied to your walls, they claim, will keep your wifi well-behaved and where it belongs – in your house – and those pesky sniffers where they belong: on the outside unable to look in.

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People Tapping Into Your Home Wifi?  Paint Your House!

They do it with metal, you see – no, not tinfoil hats – but copper and aluminum fibers, mixed in to the paint. This, they say, creates a Faraday cage effect, although they recommend several coats of the paint, known as DefendAir, to acheive the paint’s full blocking potential. According to their website, one coat “has the shielding range of 100MHz – 2.6GHz,” and “with just a few coats DefendAir has a shielding range up to 5GHz.”

Presumably this would work to stop people from Bluejacking your Bluetooth-enabled devices, and reading your RFIDs.

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And if you don’t like their selection of colours (basically one – primer gray) they also sell copper and aluminum grains which you can mix into a can of paint of your choosing.

Talk about being painted into a corner!

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People Tapping Into Your Home Wifi?  Paint Your House!

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If you find this useful please share it!

3 Replies to “People Tapping Into Your Home Wifi? Paint Your House!”

  1. “A few coats.” Is this like shampoo insructing you to rinse and repeat?

    I’m a bit dubious about the science of this. And if you painted your garage door, would the remote still work?

  2. The paint idea sounds feasible but what about a system like the invisible dog fence. Set up an electronic shielding system(dog fence) that covers the immediate property but does not interfere with adjacent structures. Could be configured or attuned to the specific frequencies used by the homeowners wifi via web key encryption, kind of like a firewall.

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