Pentagon and NASA “UFO Hacker” Gary ‘Solo’ McKinnon Apprehended

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  • Pentagon and NASA “UFO Hacker” Gary ‘Solo’ McKinnon Apprehended


With little fanfare, and looking for proof of the existence of aliens and UFOs, Gary McKinnon, using the online name “Solo”, hacked into both Pentagon and NASA computers and, the U.S. government alleges, caused $1billion worth of damage. Of course, everyone knows that proof of the existence of aliens and UFOs is in our Area 51.

McKinnon’s exploits began back in 2001, and continued through at least 2002. The British computer engineer, presently unemployed, hacked into the Pentagon and NASA systems because he believed that the United States was covering up evidence of the existence of aliens (of the extra-terrestrial nature) and UFOs.

On their end, United States officials thought, at least at one point, that it was Al Qaeda trying to break in.

Wasn’t the joke just on both of them?

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McKinnon was apprehended and arraigned in London on June 8th, where he faces extradition to the United States.

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Pentagon and NASA “UFO Hacker” Gary ‘Solo’ McKinnon Apprehended

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  • Pentagon and NASA “UFO Hacker” Gary ‘Solo’ McKinnon Apprehended

8 thoughts on “Pentagon and NASA “UFO Hacker” Gary ‘Solo’ McKinnon Apprehended

  1. This press release via the world news agency ‘Reuters’ is a deliberate attempt to slow release sensetive info direct to the public of what most civilians have always suspected. These Billions of Dollars spent yearly on schemes such as Star War projects is not only for defence of the nation but to immitate the hardware we have already recovered from our Alien Intruders. If places like Area 51 has nothing to hide then Authorities should open the doors to show all. In a time of preaching openness and honesty the US Gov’t should come clean, people are far more intelegent than the US gives credit for.

  2. Too bad he wasn’t smart enough to immediately release to the public all the photos and information he found.

  3. It is interesting how factual errors in newspaper articles get repeated around the internet:

    Gary is not accused of doing “$1 billion” of “damage.The alleged figure is around $940,000 , but his is obviously an inflated figure, since US Federal authorities are not allowed to investigate any “computer intrusion” incidents unless the claimed damage exceeds $5,000. Therefore lots of things like the cost of a new computer or of hiring external conultants to do what the systems administrators are already paid to do gets added to the “damage” figure, which is never audited independently audited/

    Free Gary McKinnon blog

  4. i’d say there would be a few redfaced system administrators walking around let the sackings commence!

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