Our Picks for Great Christmas Websites for the 2015 Holidays

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There are hundreds of thousands of Christmas themed websites (and orders of magnitude more holiday themed websites), so how can you possibly be expected to find and choose the best Christmas websites? You can’t, because, for one thing, “best” is so very subjective. So instead, we offer you our picks for some great Christmas themed websites for 2015! Let us know if you think they are the ‘best’ in your estimation!

Christmas Websites for Christmas Music to Get You in the Mood

There’s nothing like Christmas music to get the grinchies out and get you in the holiday mood (unless of course you’ve been hearing it in every store since Thanksgiving, but that’s another story).

We like these two sites for listening to online Christmas music:

Christmas Carols Radio

Live 365’s Christmas station

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There is also a nifty one hour of Christmas music on YouTube:


Don’t know the words? This is our favorite place to get the lyrics to Christmas carols – it’s the simplest and most straight-forward of the Christmas carol lyrics sites – no videos or flash animation, and the least obtrusive ads of the lot:

Christmas Carol Words.com

A Great Christmas Crafts Site

We love this Christmas crafts site because it contains great, simple, and even old-fashioned crafts, without tons of videos, ads, and pop-ups to deal with. So make a handprint wreath, a brown paper fireplace, a paper plate angel, or any of the other traditional Christmas craft goodies. When you get to the site, just scroll down one screen to find the Christmas crafts:

Christmas Crafts at Enchanted Learning

Sites with Information about Christmas History and Traditions Around the World

There are a few sites that we really like for information about why we have various Christmas traditions, or why Christmas at all, as well as information about Christmas around the world.

For information about why we have various Christmas traditions, such as why candy canes are a Christmas thing, why we sing carols, why we kiss under mistletoe, and dozens more, you can’t beat the Why Christmas site.

WhyChristmas.com also has a great section about Christmas around the World.

The History Channel website also has some great information about Christmas traditions around the world, but be warned it’s a very media-intensive site (we prefer simpler, fast loading, straightforward sites).

Also, the “How Christmas Works” series from the folks at How Stuff Works, is very interesting, and well done, but be warned that it is broken down into several pages with only a few paragraphs on each page, and the “read more” button at the bottom of each page, forcing you to read it across several pages, which we personally find annoying (why do sites do that? Why, to expose you to more ads, of course).

Sites with a Little of Everything, including Christmas Recipes, Christmas Crafts, and Christmas Information

If you are the sort of person who wants to go to just one Christmas site and get a little of everything, you can find a sampling of everything Christmas at Northpole.com and at Merry Christmas.com.

Christmas websites to Interact with and Track Santa

Want a to send a Christmas greeting that includes a personalized video greeting from Santa? Then head on over to the Portable Northpole site to record a personalized Christmas video greeting!

And of course, no list of great Christmas websites would be complete without mentioning that NORAD tracks Santa’s flight every year, and you and the kids can follow along here: Track Santa’s Flight with NORAD.

The Internet Patrol’s Own Christmas Articles

Finally, you can read lots of great Christmas articles, hints, and related content right here at the Internet Patrol:

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The Star Trek Christmas Tree

The Internet Patrol is completely free, and reader-supported. Your tips via CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal are appreciated! Receipts will come from ISIPP.

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