New Online Dating Scam – I’m Contacting You for a Friend

We have written about Internet dating scams before, but this online dating scam is new – or at least coming around again. Our example of this Internet dating scam involves a “woman”, WonderfulHumma from Las Vegas, who is shilling for her friend “Talented Roy” ( “Good Morning Friend,” the scam beings, “This may sound cliche or weird.” And indeed it does…if an email on an Internet dating site sounds weird, it probably is. Stay away.

How to Create Profile Paragraphs

If you are one of the more than 17million people who use, then you may also be one of the people who are experiencing trouble creating profile paragraphs. What we mean by that is that some users are finding that their “In her own words” or “In his own words” section is just one long, run-on paragraph, instead of being separated into multiple paragraphs; no matter what they do, their profile just won’t format correctly. Here’s how to get your profile paragraphs to format correctly.

Dating Site Meets Facial Recognition with Find Your Face Mate Site.

It’s no secret that facial recognition software is here – and on the Internet – to stay. More than two years ago we told Internet Patrol readers how Facebook is using face matching software on the photos you upload, and more recently we told of how the police are using facial recognition software on pictures they find in social media to find criminals and persons of interest. But even we were surprised at this novel use of facial recognition software: finding a mate based on facial similarities to yourself.

The Best Way to Search a Dating Site for What You Really Want

What a shame that you can’t do a Boolean or other sophisticated search on most dating sites. For example, maybe you are a man who wants to find a woman who loves snuggling, and she can be anywhere in the United States except California. Now, on or or most other dating sites, you could do a keyword search for “snuggling”, and you can search the entire United States, or you can search one particular state. But you can’t search all of the states except California. Using this example, and the power of Google, we are going to show you how you can search a dating site for exactly the criteria you want.