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Matchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game

Matchr, the new card game where every card is a real profile from a dating site, and you match them up, may very well be the Cards Against Humanity of 2016. While some are saying that it’s based on Tinder, let’s face it, online dating site profiles are, for the most part, pretty much fungible.

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Have You Been Ghosted by Someone with Whom You had a Date? Why do People Ghost?

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to talk about ghosts. Only, we mean online dating ghosts. Oh, we don’t mean sipping coffee with Casper. ‘Ghosting’ or to be ‘ghosted’ means that you had a date, and then the person simply vanished. They didn’t bother to call you (or email or text you) to tell you that they weren’t interested, they simply let their lack of communication do it for them, figuring you’d get the (uncommunicated) message. Why do people ghost? And if you’ve been ghosted, tell us about it!

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Spritzr: Not Your Mother’s Dating App – in Fact it’s Also a Matchmaking App

Spritzr is a new dating app with a twist: it’s also a matchmaking app. Now this is an idea whose time has come, and the Spritzr reviews all seem to agree! How many times have you thought to yourself “I should introduce this Facebook friend to that Facebook friend – they’d be perfect for each other!” Now you can play that matchmaker with Spritzr.

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Verona Dating App Connects Israelis and Palestinians to Advance World Peace

Can a dating app succeed where so many other Israeli – Palestinian peace efforts have failed? Matthew Nolan thinks ‘yes’. Nolan is the brains behind Verona, a dating app specifically for those who identify themselves as either Israeli or Palestinian.

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The New Verification Option – a Stalker’s Paradise?

If you are on, you may have seen the new verification system. This is an option that let’s you verify who you are by connecting to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn. Let us repeat that: on a dating site, Match, you connect to your social media accounts so people know who you are.

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Cam Girls Explained

The term “camgirl” (also called a cam girl, cam-girl, webcam girl, or webcam or chat model) refers to a woman who poses (and may do other things) in front of a webcam, often for money. A Camboy is a male who does the same.

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Beware the ‘My Friend Likes You’ Scam on Dating Sites

We get a lot of visitors who are looking to learn how to identify and recognize an online dating site scammer, and so we thought we’d tell you about this current Internet dating site scam. It’s a riff on a “friend of a friend” scam, in which a person of your same sex contacts you to tell you about their “friend” who is desperately interested in meeting you.

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Is OK Cupid Selling Your Answers to Their Questions?

A recent rebroadcast on 60 Minutes about data brokers raises an interesting question: is dating site OK Cupid selling your answers to their questions, along with enough information to personally identify you, such as your IP address?

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OKCupid Admits to Experiments with Users

OK Cupid is the latest online company to admit that it experimented on its users. However, in this instance one can make the case that experimenting was necessary in order to get their online dating matching algorithms right. And they weren’t intentionally trying to influence their users’ emotions, like Facebook did.

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The Truth Behind New York’s Ban on Tiger Selfies

You may have heard that New York is banning Tiger Selfies after a spate of them on dating app Tinder. What, you may be asking yourself, is a tiger selfie (and for that matter, what is Tinder), and why would NY pass a law to ban them? We explain, and clear up some misconceptions.

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New Online Dating Scam – I’m Contacting You for a Friend

We have written about Internet dating scams before, but this online dating scam is new – or at least coming around again. Our example of this Internet dating scam involves a “woman”, WonderfulHumma from Las Vegas, who is shilling for her friend “Talented Roy” ( “Good Morning Friend,” the scam beings, “This may sound cliche or weird.” And indeed it does…if an email on an Internet dating site sounds weird, it probably is. Stay away.

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The 7 Top Online Dating Tips Based on Online Dating Statistics

We all know that the Internet is really good at scraping data, and data leads to statistics. So it was inevitable that someone would come up with online dating tips based on, well, online dating statistics. Here are our top 7 online dating tips based on online dating statistics.

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OKCupid Asks Users to Ditch Firefox Over Anti-Gay Rights CEO Brendan Eich

OkCupid, the online dating site that bills themselves as being about “creating love”, is asking you to not use Mozilla Firefox to access their site. That is because, says OKCupid, Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s new CEO, is anti-gay, and “an opponent of equal rights for gay couples.”

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How to Create Profile Paragraphs

If you are one of the more than 17million people who use, then you may also be one of the people who are experiencing trouble creating profile paragraphs. What we mean by that is that some users are finding that their “In her own words” or “In his own words” section is just one long, run-on paragraph, instead of being separated into multiple paragraphs; no matter what they do, their profile just won’t format correctly. Here’s how to get your profile paragraphs to format correctly.

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How to do a Search by Name or Username is one of the oldest, and best known, dating sites in the world. But its longevity also means that its user interface (UI) is a bit old and clunky. One example is that it can be difficult to figure out how to perform a search by name – i.e. how to search by username. Here’s how.