Online Candidate Calculator Lets You Determine “Who Should I Vote for?” Among the 2008 Presidential Candidates

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If you are determined to exercise your right to vote (as you should be!), and want to vote smart, but aren’t sure who to vote for among the 2008 candidates, then this online candidate calculator is just the ticket! Just answer a few questions about the top issues, and this candidate calculator will tell you which of the 2008 presidential candidates – both the Republican candidates and the Democratic candidates – offer you enough reasons to vote for them! And yes, your votes do count!

The way the candidate calculator, which is hosted by Iowa television station WQAD, works is that they start with the list of presidential candidates, and then analyze how each of these candidates for president stands on major issues, such as Iraq, immigration, and health care. Then based on your answers to questions about these issues, including how important each issue is to you, the candidate calculator ranks each presidential candidate according to how closely their positions on each issue match your position and concerns.

Should the results be the be all and end all in determining who to vote for? No, of course not, but if you are confused, or just undecided, this is a very good place to start!

Go here to use the WQAD Candidate Calculator

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2 thoughts on “Online Candidate Calculator Lets You Determine “Who Should I Vote for?” Among the 2008 Presidential Candidates

  1. This was interesting. The only candidate that appeared where I thought she would appear was Hilary — at the bottom of my list!

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