Ohio Gets New Tougher Anti-Spam Law

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Ohio Governor Bob Taft signed into law a new, tougher anti-spam law for Ohio this week.

The new law makes illegal the sending of as little as five pieces of email where the origin of the email is either altered or hidden. And if the amount of such email sent exceeds 250 pieces in a day, 2,500 in a month, or 25,000 in a year, the violation could be a felony, carrying prison terms of six to eighteen months.

The new law updates the anti-spam law previously signed by Governor Taft in 2002. That law allowed users receiving spam to sue for damages of $100 per spam email, plus attorneys fees and costs. It also allowed ISPs to sue for damages of up to $50,000 for “accidental” violations, and up to $500,000 for intentional violations.

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2 thoughts on “Ohio Gets New Tougher Anti-Spam Law

  1. Update on the law (local news) — evidently the legislature is breathing a collective “oops!” and planning to make appropriate changes:

  2. Does the Attorney General have an email address that we can redirect our spam to so that he can file lawsuits on our behalf? How does an average Ohio citizen get involved with the prosecution of spammers?

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