What the Heck is a “Dead People Search Engine”? We Tell You

When we saw a Google Adsense ad on our own Internet Patrol for the “Dead people search engine” we had to investigate. Our first thought was “What company or site would pay good Adsense money to advertise a “dead people search engine”??” (Well, actually our very first thought was “WTF is that??”) At first we figured it must have been poor marketing terminology, but it turns out that the site, Sysoon is, in fact, a ‘dead people search engine’.

Internet Rushes to Find Real “Joe the Plumber”

Following the presidential debates this week, with the introduction of “Joe the Plumber” as a sort of everyman (or straw man, depending on to whom you listen), the Internet is abuzz with people searching to find information about Joe the Plumber – to understand just who is Joe the Plummer. Unfortunately (or fortunately, again depending on how you look at it), those searches are leading to several Joe the Plumbers who have real websites for their real plumbing companies, but who are not the Joe the Plumber for whom everyone is looking. That Joe the Plumber is Joe Wurzelbacher from Toledo, Ohio.