Newt Gingrich Campaign Smacks Supporters and Donors in the Face by Selling Their Email Addresses to Spammers

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In a move that is not unheard of, but completely reprehensible, defeated Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is selling off his campaign’s donor and activist email list as the campaign attempts to crawl out of their $4 million hole of debt. And perhaps “slithering” is a better word as Newt is slapping his donors right in the face by not just selling their email addresses to other political campaigns, but to any unscrupulous company with equally slippery ethics. Some spam recipients have already reported receiving Newt-induced spam from, ironically, identity-protection company Lifelock, Inc. The special code to redeem a discount to protect your identity? “NEWT”

It seems that the going rate for email addresses varies by how much money the owner of the email address was willing to fork over to the campaign. The going rate for the names and addresses of modest donors is $50 per 1,000 names and email addresses, and the generous donors are treated with more value, going for $135 per 1,000 names. Email marketing broker TMA Direct is managing the donor list sale, an accomplishment they are proudly announcing on their site.

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Newt Gingrich Campaign Smacks Supporters and Donors in the Face by Selling Their Email Addresses to Spammers


Gingrich bluntly stated, when asked why he was giving up the list of names, that it was for money; that $4 million+ campaign debt isn’t going to pay itself off! And if you donated to the Gingrich campaign and didn’t give your email address, don’t worry, you’re still on the hook. The fine print in the Privacy Policy of Newt 2012, the Gingrich presidential campaign, states, “”We may obtain information about you from outside sources and add it to or combine it with the information we collect.” What does this mean in plain English? Well if the campaign wants your email address, they have the resources to match other information you have provided, such as your name, zip code or phone number, to obtain it.

Others are reporting that they are receiving unsolicited email for support from the office of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and we are sure that more reports will begin quickly trickling in! The Gingrich campaign reportedly owes sizable chunks of cash to, among others, Twitter, hosting company AirNet Group and automated campaign calling company, Victory Phones. We just hope that other presidential campaigners will not follow suit!

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Newt Gingrich Campaign Smacks Supporters and Donors in the Face by Selling Their Email Addresses to Spammers

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