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The new ‘PDF My URL’ (PDFmyURL) service from OpenTracker will take any web page, whatever it finds at any URL, and instantly turn it into a PDF file on your desktop – for free!

We use the awesome OpenTracker to help us keep track of our visitor statistics (what are our most popular pages, etc.) and search statistics, and so we were among the first to learn of their new free URL-to-PDF service. However, it’s free and available to everyone!

Explains OpenTracker of the new service, “Here at Opentracker we needed a tool that we couldn’t find, so we built it. Then we decided to give it away for free.”

That’s just the kind of outfit that OpenTracker is, and that’s why we’re so happy with them and their service.

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And PDF My URL is not only free, but it’s so easy to use. Just type in the URL that you want to have PDFed:


..and the PDF appears on your computer’s desktop!


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You can check out PDF My URL here.

And then give OpenTracker a look – they’re a great company with a great service!

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