New Security Update for Firefox Fixes High Risk Issues

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  • New Security Update for Firefox Fixes High Risk Issues


The Mozilla Foundation has just released their Firefox 1.0.5 security update for Firefox, coincidentally at the same time as Microsoft released their own monthly security patches for Windows.

Firefox 1.0.5 also upgrades and improves the browser’s stability itself, but the most important aspect of this release is definitely patching some security issues.

Said Michael Sutton, Director of Mozilla’s iDefense Labs, “There are three categories that all the exploits fall into, One category includes issues like frame origin or cross-domain content injection. Those are the vulnerabilities that assist in phishing attacks. About half of the Firefox vulnerabilities fell into that category, at least one for which there was some public exploit code available.”

A dozen security issues have been fixed with Firefox 1.0.5, including issues relating to remote code execution through shared function objects, node spoofing, javascript prompt origin spoofing, a “same origin” violation, code execution using the “Set as Wallpaper” function, and frame-injection spoofing.

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Two of the issues are considered critical to fix, while four more are considered high risk.

So, if you are a Firefox user, get yourself over to Mozilla and update your Firefox today.


You can get Firefox security update 1.0.5 here.

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New Security Update for Firefox Fixes High Risk Issues

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  • New Security Update for Firefox Fixes High Risk Issues

5 thoughts on “New Security Update for Firefox Fixes High Risk Issues

  1. I have been using Roboform for a year now. I love the program, and don’t know what I would do without it. I would recommend it. I made a quick video about the program and posted it on squidoo

  2. both Firefox and roboform go fritzo after download and install v 1.05. Anybody have any idea why? RoboForm works fine on IE after Firefox install, so Firefox and Roboform have some kind of conflict after FireFox upgrade. Will probably reinstall Roboform for starters.

  3. yes it does have an auto update feature and it should pop up with an arrow by the top of firefox towards the left with a green icon..when you click the icon it will download the new installer

  4. Thanks for alerting me about the newest firefox. Is there any way to tell on the browser itself when a new update is available?

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