New MSN Messenger Worm BlackAngel.b Offers Up Fantasma Video While It Munches Your PC Security

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A new MSN Messenger worm called BlackAngel.b is on the rampage. Offering up a video called Fantasma, BlackAngel.b disables your PC’s security tools, and other system tools, while sending itself out to everyone else on your MSN Messenger list. It starts out its conversation with such catchy phrases as “jaja look a that” or “mira este video” (‘look at this video’).

If you open the proffered Fantasma video, you’ll be treated to an image of a rather creepy looking person with the caption “En el 1er día te espantas, en el 2° te desesperas, en el 3° buscas ayuda y en el 4° mueres”, which translates roughly to “on the 1st day you get scared, on the 2nd you get desperate, on the 3rd you look for help and on the 4th you die.”

Of course, the reality is that on the first day you get infected, on the 2nd day you have infected all of your friends, and by the 4th day your PC falls over.

The best way to avoid the BlackAngel.b worm is to always be very careful about clicking any links offered via instant messenger. Even if they appear to come from someone you know (as they inevitably will).

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