New Kindle Paperwhite Joins Confusion of Kindles – Which Kindle is Right for You?

Amazon announced this week that its newest Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, will start shipping at the end of ths month. So what does the new and improved Kindle Paperwhite have to offer that the original flavour Kindle and the Kindle DX don’t? (It makes no sense to compare the Kindle Paperwhite to the Kindle Fire, as they are completely different animals – the Fire being a full-fledged tablet, and the Paperwhite being a reader only.)

The primary way that the Paperwhite differs from the original Kindle is that it has a built-in backlight, glare-free screen, better resolution, the screen is slightly larger, and it has nearly twice the battery life.


Also, you can buy it (for $70.00 more) with built-in free 3G connectivity (remember Whispernet?)

By contrast, the Kindle DX has free 3G on-board at no extra cost. And twice the storage capacity. But no wi-fi.

Here is a chart that shows the primary features of each of the Kindle eReaders (again, not including the Kindle Fire, which is a full-featured tablet, although we note that you can get a Kindle Fire starting at $159.)

Nearly all Kindles now come in a choice of two options: with “special offers” (read as: advertising), or, for tens of dollars more, without the ‘special offers’:


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