New Firefox: How to Put Tabs Below Toolbar with Classic Theme Restorer Add-on

new firefox tabs toolbar
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You may have noticed that the new Firefox version inexplicably moved Tabs to be on top, with the Toolbar where your Tabs used to be. If you hate that as much as we do, here is how to put the Firefox Toolbar on top, where it belongs, with your Tabs below the Toolbar, to restore the view to the one you are used to.

new firefox tabs toolbar

Here is the thing – in order to go back to the “theme” (as they call it) of ‘old Firefox’, you have to install the “Classic Theme Restorer Add-on” from…wait for it … Firefox. Oh, so very sneaky… what a clever way to find out whether your users prefer one look over the other. By tracking how many people download the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on, Mozilla (the organization that offers Firefox) can figure out how badly they screwed up by changing the look and feel of Firefox to the ‘new Firefox’.

So, here is how to get back your old view of Firefox – and in particular how to restore your Tabs and Toolbar to their rightful places.

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The first thing you will need to do is download and install the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on.

Ironically, the new Firefox blocks its own parent site from installing software, so you will need to “allow” it:

firefox prevented this site

Then install the add-on.

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install classic theme restorer

Once the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on is installed, you will need to restart Firefox:

classic theme restorer firefox restart

With Firefox restarted, and the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on installed, go to Tools -> Add-ons:

firefox tools add-ons

This will take you to your Add-ons page in Firefox, where you will find the Classic Restorer Add-on. Select “Preferences”.

firefox classic theme restorer preferences

As soon as you click on Preferences, you will see this window – click on the dropdown that says “Tabs on top (default) – [not set]”:

new firefox tabs on top bottom

You want to change it to “Tabs not on top – set [tabsontop=false]”:

new firefox tabs not on top

The Classic Theme Restorer Add-on offers a lot more ways to customize your Firefox look and feel:

firefox classic theme restorer options 1

firefox classic theme restorer add-on options 2

Download the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on here

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One thought on “New Firefox: How to Put Tabs Below Toolbar with Classic Theme Restorer Add-on

  1. Hey I cant find the Classic Theme Restorer Add-on, has it been removed, too old, or do I need to be slapped upside the head and learn to change

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