New Driving App from State Farm Insurance Monitors and Evaluates How You Drive

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State Farm, the insurance company, has just released an iPhone app that evaluates how you drive. Called the State Farm Driver Feedback app, the iPhone application uses your iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS to track your acceleration, cornering, and braking, and then gives you a grade. But is that all it gives you? What about increased insurance rates, or even being declined insurance, based on how you drive, as recorded by the State Farm Driver Feedback app?

State Farm has made a point of saying that they don’t collect any information, and that the information will not be used to adjust your insurance rates (in fact, you don’t even have to be a State Farm customer to use the app, which is free).

But still, that’s now, and who knows what may be done with the data in the future. And of course that’s State Farm saying they won’t use it for anything. What about your local police department, traffic court, or traffic accident investigation unit?

Moreover, even if you think that would never happen, the ‘grades’ can be sent via email or SMS to anyone who is set up in the app to receive the reports, such as a parent, spouse or, hey, your probation officer.

Still, if the potential doesn’t creep you out, you can read more about the app, and download it, at State Farm’s Driver Feedback app page.

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