Network Solutions Accidentally Deactivates Countless Domains

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First it was Go Daddy going down for the count due to a hacker, now it seems that the granddaddy registrar of them all – Network Solutions (NetSol) – has just ‘lost’ countless customer domains, when they accidentally somehow deactivated those domains in the wee hours of the morning. As of this writing, nearly 12 hours later, these lost domains are still down.

Says Boulder, Colorado-based ISP, whose own domain went down with the others, on their Facebook page (as they can’t currently communicate with their customers any other way):

“At approximately 3:30 am this morning (September 19), our domain service provider erroneously deactivated a number of our customers’ domain names. We immediately began working on restoring them, and successfully completed that process at approximately 8:00 am. Our domain,, was among those that were affected during that period of time; thus, our website, email and web mail portal were unreachable. We sincerely apologize for the downtime and are looking into alternate domain service options now that the immediate problem has been resolved. It may take some time for the fix to propagate but we expect full restoration with in a few hours. Again, thank you for your patience.”

This is a rather shocking incident coming from Network Solutions, who was the first registrar ever. The domain registrar business was theirs to lose, and with the proliferation of dozens of registrars, lose at least some of if they have. Still, with over 7 million domains registered to them, more than 1.5 million email boxes, and over 350,000 web sites, this is no small error.

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