Musician Seth Horvitz Orders TV From Amazon, UPS Delivers Military-Grade Semiautomatic Rifle

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DC resident, Seth Horvitz, had quite a surprise when he got the package for which he had been waiting. It’s not every day that you open your door to find a military-grade semiautomatic rifle sitting there, but that is exactly what happened when musician Horvitz retrieved the package that UPS left for him.

Horvitz had ordered a 39-inch flat screen TV and he said that when he saw the slender, rectangular box, he knew it couldn’t possibly contain the TV, but thought it contained an accessory or the TV stand. He figured the actual TV was still en route. As soon as he saw the weapon, he didn’t touch it and called the police immediately. Horvitz stated, “When I first identified it as a rifle, as a serious weapon, I was just shocked and confused, I didn’t ever really imagine this kind of mix-up could happen.”

When he showed the police the already assembled rifle, they immediately confiscated it as it is an illegal firearm to handle in the District of Columbia. Horvitz then called Amazon, UPS, the seller of the TV and his credit card company and no one claimed responsibility right away. Horvitz, however, believes that this was a shipping error issue with UPS because the package contained several UPS labels. Further, the invoice inside of the box, from the company, showed that the final destination was a gun store in Duncansville, PA.

In the meantime, the seller from whom Horvitz ordered the television has refunded all of the money to Horvitz and filed a lost package claim with UPS. Horvitz says that he is just happy to have his money back and to be out of the situation from this point forward. And, we imagine, to no longer have a semiauotmatic rifle laying around the house!

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4 thoughts on “Musician Seth Horvitz Orders TV From Amazon, UPS Delivers Military-Grade Semiautomatic Rifle

  1. Shipping mistakes are made every day. Why is this such a big deal?
    Of course, because it was a gun.
    UPS is to blame. Guns must be delivered to an official FFL holder licensed to receive it, and it must be signed for. The driver should have known this.
    And the media made it sound as if he received an atomic bomb.
    More half truths from the newsless media.

  2. Dear Seth, That rifle was actually meant for Anne, who has army training and knows how to handle the things. Apparently she has squirrels or something… BUT: She loves the TV she got….

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