Microsoft Says Partnering with Yahoo Search Illegal – IF Google Does it Instead of Microsoft

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In a move that can only be described as, at best, disingenuous, Microsoft testified this week before the U.S. Congress that if Yahoo were allowed to partner with Google in a search advertising deal, it would, they implied, be an illegal monopoly. Oh, right, but if Microsoft buys Yahoo for the very same reason, that’s ok??

Legal counsel for Microsoft testified before Congress that if Yahoo and Google were allowed to proceed with the business agreement, it would put Google in “a position to own (the Internet) gateway and the information that flows through it.”


“If that happens, Congress won’t need to enact a federal privacy policy, we will already have a national privacy policy – Google’s privacy policy,” said Microsoft attorney Brad Smith.

Smith also observed that this would allow “one company” to be situated to control 90% of the advertising on the Internet, and that shouldn’t be allowed. This must be that new math – where Google + Yahoo working together = 1 company, but Microsoft buying Yahoo and absorbing them to do exactly the same thing does not. Huh?

Smith then lamented that if Yahoo and Google are allowed to proceed with the plan, it will hurt US businesses where it counts – in their pocket – as they could have to pay more for the ad that they already buy from Yahoo.

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Microsoft Says Partnering with Yahoo Search Illegal – IF Google Does it Instead of Microsoft

Now mind you, Microsoft – the company crying foul – is the very same company that itself tried to pull off the exact same deal and advantage with Yahoo this year – and in fact is still trying to grab Yahoo – despite being roundly rebuffed by Yahoo at least twice.

Is there anybody who doesn’t see all of this for exactly what it is? Microsoft desparately wants to overtake its arch-rival, Google, and marrying into the search society through wedlock with Yahoo was their best bet. Their first attempt was trying to woo Yahoo directly – when Yahoo spurned them they started trying to force Yahoo into bed with them, even getting Yahoo’s father, Carl Icahn, to instruct Yahoo to marry Microsoft. Now this. Like the rejected suitor they are – now, apparently, if Microsoft can’t have them – then nobody should have them.

Better watch out, Yahoo – the next step will be acid in your face in a dark alley.

Strained metaphors aside, testifying against Google partnering with Yahoo to do the exact same thing that Microsoft wants to do with Yahoo demonstrates a brazen chutzpah the likes of to which only Microsoft can ascend. Though, not surprising for company that got its start like this.

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Microsoft Says Partnering with Yahoo Search Illegal – IF Google Does it Instead of Microsoft

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