Microsoft Offers Outlook Bundled with Paid Email Service

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Microsoft announced today that it is about to start offering a stand-alone version of Outlook, separate from Office, which includes both a copy of Outlook and a subscription to either a Hotmail or MSN email account. In September Microsoft discontinued its service which had allowed users to connect to their Hotmail and MSN accounts for free using Outlook and Outlook Express.

The new service, dubbed Microsoft Office Outlook Live, will include 2Gigabytes of storage, which is twice as much as comes with Google’s free Gmail service. In addition, users will be able to send attachments of up to 20mb in size (of course a limiting factor in the sending of attachments is what size limit the receiving ISP has in place).

< --adsenselowerleft-->Although the service is presently being offered only in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, a Microsoft spokesperson said that “the company hopes to expand further, most likely to countries with a high percentage of homes with a broadband Internet connection.”

The new service will cost $59.95 a year, however users who sign up before April 20th can get the new service at a discounted $44.95 per year.

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft Offers Outlook Bundled with Paid Email Service

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  4. Outlook Express was no longer supported for hotmail about the time MSN began the full court press to challenge AOL with its MSN Explorer and Software package. OE continues to handle hotmail accounts which have never been accessed using the MSN Software, but if they were the box is converted from POP3 to webmail access only. They have announced that such a conversion will take place some time this year but the date was February and may slide according to my reading, so I think you may be jumping the gun.

  5. It’s not true that Microsoft discontinued the Hotmail connection service through Outlook Express. I’m still using it and am quite satisfied with this free service.


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