MeetMindful is the Dating Site for People Living the Mindful Life

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MeetMindful is one of the newest dating sites and apps on the block. Aimed at helping people find other singles living the mindful life, MeetMindful is the online dating service for those singles who self-identify as spiritual or otherwise mindful, and who are into yoga, meditation, mindful eating lifestyles (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw, etc.). It’s where the mindful meet up.

Launched in 2014, and brought to smartphones with the MeetMindful app in 2015, MeetMindful’s founder and CEO, Amy Baglan, explains “There are many dating sites and apps out there, and while they do a good job of helping people meet, more often than not those matches are shallow and don’t last beyond one date. The goal at MeetMindful is to help singles connect on a deeper level, through mindful living practices, such as yoga, meditation and social responsibility. When common interests and meaningful connections are at the core of a match, relationships can thrive.”

(We actually wrote an article about how to find those with common interests on any dating site, by using Google. For that information read The Best Way to Search a Dating Site for What You Really Want.)

But still, it’s nice to be able to go to a dating site knowing that it is populated primarily with ‘your kind of people’.

MeetMindful has you define the interests consistent with its user base that are important to you, right at the outset, by having you select two interests from the following:

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  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • yoga
  • healing
  • environmentalism
  • volunteering
  • fitness
  • green living
  • conscious diet
  • spirituality
  • travel
  • buying local
  • personal growth

meet mindful

After selecting your two primary interests, and hitting ‘submit’, you are taken to the area where you can start creating your profile. Right from the outset, MeetMindful distinguishes itself from other dating sites by telling you that:

This is Your Tribe
A safe place to meet mindful singles.

Authentic Profiles
Deep questions designed for truth.

Personal Support
Resources from top dating experts.

Honest Feedback
Profile audit and review features.

You Can Trust Us
No shady business practices.

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When it comes to creating your profile, generally most dating sites are fairly similar, however there are some interesting differences with MeetMindful in terms of the options you are given for describing yourself.

For example, you can state whether you are vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, pescetarian, or an omnivore (“I eat anything”).

meet mindful singles dating site vegetarian vegan diet

And the religion section includes not only the ‘majors’, but pagan, scientologist, and post-modernist.

meet mindful spiritual buddhist pagan scientologist

After filling out these things, you are taken to the final stage of your profile setup – the mindfulness area.

meet mindful mindfulness quotient

meet mindful mindfulness inventory


The options from “My friends might describe me as…” actually become tags on your profile, so that when people are searching, if your profile is a match, they see something like this:

meet mindful profiles

(Note that we intentionally chose profiles that did not clearly show the MeetMindful members’ faces, most profile pictures on MeetMindful are normal headshots, just like you would expect.)

MeetMindful offers a 48-hour initial trial, during which you can browse and even message other members, with no money required. After that it costs $29.00 per month, or you can prepay 3, 6, or 12 months for a discount.

You can check out MeetMindful here.


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7 thoughts on “MeetMindful is the Dating Site for People Living the Mindful Life

  1. This is from the site as of 10/9/19:

    “If you purchased a Premium membership on (not the iOS app)), you can disable automatic-renewal of your membership any time by visiting Change Membership in your settings. You’ll need to select Membership Settings —> Cancel Membership, then follow the prompts.

    If you upgraded your membership within the iOS app, your subscription is managed entirely between you and Apple using iTunes and your Apple ID. We are unable to adjust your subscription or your payment method for iOS subscriptions, but here is where to find those settings on your iPhone or iPad:

    Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store.
    Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
    Tap View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID.
    Tap Subscriptions.
    Tap the MeetMindful Subscription.
    Use the options to manage your subscription.”

  2. How do I change my membership. No one has replied to any of my msg via the app. Also the “headquarters” number in Colorado non functioning. I’ve cancelled my account and still nothing except charges continue. This is a scam. Please tell me how to stop the charges and contact me ASAP.

    1. I am also trying to find a number, I cancelled 3 months ago but still
      being charged

  3. I am finding this site to not be what is sounds like either. I have a hard time with companies I can not verbally talk to on the phone. I have found numbers to their Denver office that is disconnected, not a good sign. Get a clue and a number and maybe you will grow your biz!!!!

    Paying customer that you lost out on!!!

  4. The site contains a lot of fake accounts,I have got some fake mails and that was very dissapointing and a sign that meetmindful isn’t what they promise…

  5. MeetMindful makes it sound like they are a better way to find dates than swiping. That they care more about creating relationships. That isn’t true.

    You have to pay to send messages and if you are not a paying member you can only read the first few words of incoming messages. Women complain about generic and short messages. Apps like this encourage that.

    As a man it is pointless for me to write a real message (just for her, more than a single line) to someone who isn’t a paying member. That is a lot of time and effort wasted if she cannot even read it. So men send that infamous “Hey how are you?” to see if they get a response.

    Meetmindful isn’t about changing dating, it is about making money.

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