Matchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game

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  • Matchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game


Matchr, the new card game where every card is a real profile from a dating site, and you match them up, may very well be the Cards Against Humanity of 2016. While some are saying that it’s based on Tinder, let’s face it, online dating site profiles are, for the most part, pretty much fungible.

OKCupid,, and Tinder Profiles
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Mars Incrucio, co-founder of the Matchr game, along with Layla Bolton, says that the profiles are “dating site profiles”, and confirms that they are all real profiles. Moreover, not only does Matchr have permission from the users whose profiles are on the Matchr cards but, says Incrucio, “You wouldn’t believe how many people we get asking to be in the game on a daily basis.”

In fact, says Incrusio, most of the profiles featured in the original deck are profiles of people that Incrucio and Bolton were matched with themselves.

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“The majority are actual singles we matched with. They all know (and are super psyched) that they’re in the game.”

Forget 15 Minutes of Fame, Matchr Profiles Get Hours of Playtime

matchr cards
Actual Matchr Cards


As they say in this intro video, “It’s like Pokemon, but instead of collecting creatures, you collect people’s dating profiles.” (And then you match them with other profile cards.)


So, how do you actually play the game? Here’s how.

How to Play Matchr

First, note that each Matchr card features a sexual orientation indicator in the upper right-hand corner, and three hashtags at the bottom of the card.

Anatomy of a Matchr Card
sample matchr card

Some of the Matchr hashtags include things such as:


Here’s how the actual play goes, according to the Matchr official rules of play:

  • Each player gets dealt 5 cards

  • The player whose turn it is puts a card face up on the table in a column to their right (this is called “Swiping Right” {get it?}), and the column is called the Swipe Right Bank. The cards in the player’s Swipe Right Bank are the player’s “actively single” (i.e. looking for matches) cards, and a player can have up to 5 actively single cards in their Swipe Right Bank (“SRB”) at any one time.

  • The point is to match a card from your hand with a card in your SRB, as each match gives you a point (and at the end of a round, each card left in your SRB counts two points against you).

  • In order to make a match, a card from your hand has to have a compatible sexual orientation and match at least two of the three hashtags with a card in your SRB.

    Oops, so close, but you need two matching hashtags!
    matchr cards hashtags matches


  • You can steal a card from another player’s SRB, but only if the card from your hand matches not only the sexual orientation of the card in the other player’s SRB, but all three hashtags.

A Matchr round lasts until a player has accumulated 4 points.

A Matchr game ends when a player reaches 12 points.

And, by the way, the person who has been single the longest goes first. Seems only fair.

Now, if only they would make an expansion pack featuring the messages received by those people.


Matchr is available on Amazon here:


Buy Matchr on AmazonMatchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game


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Matchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game

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  • Matchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game

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