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As reported here last week, online dating giant was served with a lawsuit claiming that they engaged in fraudulent and deceptive business practices, and specifically alleging that they used paid shills to go out on dates with their customers, and to write them romantic email.

Now the online dating service has struck back, claiming that it never happened, and that the woman in question has signed a statement under oath proclaiming that she never worked for, and that she was never paid by to go out on dates with customers.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Matthew Evans, claims that the woman confessed to him that she was a employee. Of course, this is all easily discoverable, and if she was in fact on the payroll, that will be readily proven simply by looking at payroll records, unless of course she was not paid on the record. has demanded that Evans and his attorneys dismiss the lawsuit. Said spokesperson Kristin Kelly, “The suit apparently was filed by Evans and his attorneys on the basis of no evidence whatsoever and without any investigation of the facts as required by federal law. We are exposing this suit for what it is a cynical attempt to impugn the good name of, at the expense of the millions of quality single people who have entrusted their emotional futures to us. Rest assured that intends to fight back against this totally baseless attack with all of our resources.”

People who have “entrusted their emotional futures” to them?? Gag. Even if didn’t do what Evans claimed, they should be found guilty of reckless use of a mouthpiece, and assault with an emetic weapon.

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People also searched for should I write a supeana to see why match has me blocked, has anyone else been terminated from match

26 thoughts on “ Responds to Lawsuit

  1. Account terminated after only two day’s for violation of terms? What? writing a letter to a few girls I liked? I violated nothing! signed up for one month at 29.99. Lot’s of pretty girls, winks and favored, all had hidden profiles? really? you hide when you have someone! not when your looking and winking and favoring. Match is a fraud!

  2. Also, I would get some ‘winks’ and such sometimes that were deleted accounts in less than a day. I can see how they would have it look like there is interest so you renew your account.

  3. I was hyjacked at and lost all my connections and they will not refund. They will give new free account and I loose all my connections.

  4. I have moved to Germany and i am desperately trying to stop my match account. I cannot find an address and the 800 number does not work ! They keep charging my credit card! Help!

  5. i am beyond frustrated with and their policies about fraudulent profiles. Their belief is that they cannot control this behavior when in fact I gave them the person’s name and birthday of a sociopath who sets up in excess of 50 profiles per day and eliminates his real name or life for that matter. I don’t understand why match continues to put themselves in financial jeopardy but after talking to them about these incidents, I know I want nothing to do with Match.Com and the garbage that they sell.

  6. I had the same experience as comment #6. I signed up for this bogus website yesterday and at 11:29pm my profile was approved and they sent me an email telling me that (of course I was sleeping). When I tried to sign on this morning they had terminated my account. I don’t see how I did anything wrong when all I did was make my profile and browse around a little. I email them and they said due to their privacy policy they can’t give me any details onto why my account was terminated unless I get a subpoena. Luckily I did not pay a subscription yet! I am a single woman and an upstanding citizen and never been in any kind of trouble and now very much worried that all my personal info is now on this site and I can not get it off with out a subpoena for the reasoning of why they terminated my account. This is seriously wrong!

  7. I have been a member of Match for a while – was active in the midwest, dropped for a while when I was dating someone I met, and then joined again when I moved to the east coast recently. I can tell you that at least once a day or more, I get these “winks” from members whose profiles are so obviously false, or trying to hoodwink you. Each and every time I send them to Match and then I usually see that the profile has been ‘removed’ – but the same photo often comes back again as a different user name.
    You can always tell because of the way they are written up – someone with a PhD in electrical engineering who can not compose a complete sentence without a plethora of spelling errors. Someone who promises you the world, to be your one and only, to love you forever – before you have even met…yuk!
    I have written Match and notified them to cancel my membership because they SHOULD be screening all memberships – I can meet trash anywhere for free – certainly don’t need to pay for it!

  8. I discovered that one member, who was abusive to me, was recently convicted of stalking and is now in the appeals proces in court. I reported this to, as I was concerned about my safety and the safety of the multitude of other women this man is contacting. has done nothing. This person is still allowed to solicit women online even though he is a convicted stalker. How irresponsible of! By not blocking the accountes of such people, is endangering the lives of their members.

  9. I think some people are missing the point. I am not on, but I am currently having a problem with another site called The point I am making is that the “dates” are not really dates, if that other person works for the company. Even if they meet and fall in love and have kids and stay married for the rest of their life it is still fraud. The reason it is fraud is because, what I described NEVER happens and the person dating is being paid and is NOT an actual paying member. If you fell in love with and married a prostitute, it is not fraud, because you know what you are getting into. There is certainly a difference between a subscriber lying and saying he makes 100K a year and the company itself providing fake dates to get subscribers to stay on. Give me some feedback on this; I wrote to Blackcrush and about 150 of its “paying members” asking a question and have not received an answer from any of them in two weeks!! Here is the question:

    Can you help me with something? The reason I wrote to you is because I am having some real problems with responses on this site. I just cannot get past the fact that not one person, who lives with 50 miles of me, has responded to my e-mails. People who live 1200 or miles away or more respond at about the rate of 99%! If that happened to you, would it make you suspicious? I mean assuming you actually wanted to meet someone and not just chat or e-mail. That is the question I cannot get ANYONE to answer. I have called customer support and they say they have never heard such a complaint before. This is very frustrating…especially if you know what “PonFarh” (my screen name) means. If you have ANY insight into what my problem is, I would appreciate an answer. I mean it would even be helpful if your wrote back and said you didn’t understand it either. At least that would be an acknowledgement that it is a problem and not just coincidence. If I were hideous or something, then NO ONE would reply, right? But how is it that people are online, with profiles that say, “I am looking for a man, now” and they live 4 miles away from me, will not at least respond to my emails? Additionally, some of these people are on-line (according to the website) for 4 and 5 hours at a time!! What are they doing? Chatting with 254 other guys? Are they inundated with thousands of emails and just cannot get to mine? Is there some trickery on the part of the website? What can it be? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW! Thanks.

    I have sent this out to about 150 people on this website and NOT ONE has replied. The emails I do get are “winks” and “hellos” from people who live over a thousand miles away…even though my profile say specifically “DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU LIVE OVER 50 MILES AWAY”. How is it that 30 or 40 people do not see that LARGE restriction on the front of my homepage? I truly believe that there is a program that has been intentionally written to send out fake messages, and to insure that the messages are sent by “members” who live hundreds of miles apart so that the paying member hangs on for months and months hoping that they will find someone closer or maybe even meet the “person” that is corresponding to them. I bet that if I register under a different name and say I live in New York, using the same picture, I will get response from people who live in California! Not joking, I really think that.

  10. i was a paid subscriber to but after months of nothing i cancelled as soon as i cancelled i got a wink form a wome that looked interesting so in order to e-mail and talk to her i had re subscribe,as soon as i did and tried to contact her it said her profile was no longer available. this happened a couple of times and when i contacted they admitted to me it was fake and refunded my money.

  11. Yahoo Personals is way worse… I report 50 fakes a week in just my Zipcode… But then there is TRUE that is a complete joke. And if you go on “Adult” Singles sites, it almost 100% fake profiles. If anyone has a Facebook profile, you see the stupid ads everywhere… Of the superhot over 30 woman. Yea, right… she needs to be on a singles site!! I have reported hundreds of fake profiles on Yahoo.. and they delete some of them… but only when i threaten them. It is a joke. The profiles are obviously fake.. They are SCAMMERS!! Tricking desperate and naive people out of money… then probably funding terrorism. They are all the same.. and some of them are literally the same, but a different city! And they advertise a strict screening process and 5 star security!!?? Bullshit… Its all about money. They figure they will get money from the scammers buying memberships… and/or will get money from desperate suckers that fall for the gorgeous supermodel profile.. which just so happens cant speak a sentence of English. It a joke. Someone i know was scammed by one of these people… out of alot of money. She was naive… and new to the internet dating thing… and got wiped out. This shit has to stop. Im tired of greedy assholes taking advantage of people. CEO’s and everyone else.

  12. I’m pissed… I signed up for this bogus website yesterday used it for approximately 3 hours. I go on this morning and they terminated my account. I don’t see how I did anything wrong when all I did was make my profile and browse around a little. I email them and they said due to their privacy policy they can’t give me any details onto why my account was terminated unless I get a subpoena. So pretty much I paid $65 to use it for 3 hours. I want to punch the tv everytime I see a commercial and I will make sure one of my friends make the same mistake I made of signing up!!! This is seriously bullshit!

  13. thought it to be a rip-off, but had to try.. over 200 women replyed to my profile,, after writing them back a fat Zero returned my e-mail’s.. fake you bet. fraud if there was ever any questions.. sue them…

  14. Please accept our apology for the delay in responding to your inquiry.

    We take the privacy and security of our site and of our customers’ personal information very seriously. We understand your concern.

    We have received from you both a claim of a fraudulent debit card charge and a claim that an unauthorized person accessed your account. Additionally, we have discovered emails that violate our terms of use that were sent from your account.

    For the above reasons, your account has been terminated, and all funds paid on the account have been refunded back to the credit or debit card used to initiate your subscription. Credits will normally show up on your statement within 10 days of the date issued.

    Additionally, we have preserved all relevant information regarding your account. Should you desire to have any type of investigation conducted or obtain any additional information regarding your account the process is for you to obtain a validly issued subpoena and submit it to our legal department. We will fully cooperate with any request for information that is presented through this channel.

    Should you elect to cause a subpoena to be issued regarding the account in question it may be submitted to our legal department via email to or physically mailed to:
    Attention: General Counsel
    P.O. Box 25458
    Dallas, Texas 75225

    At present we consider this issue closed unless we receive a subpoena. Please don’t hesitate to reply directly to me if you have any further questions or concerns.


    Wilson Meador
    Executive Agent
    214 576 3255

  15. Someone at hacked into my account . . .
    illegally obtained my membership information . . .
    used my credit card to withdraw $271.90 from my personal Wells Fargo account . . .
    sent several fraudulent emails to several women I’d contacted yesterday, telling them things like, “So, do you want to fuck or not?â€?
    sent me two different fraudulent emails with the logo and graphics, informing me of “password changes� and other changes to my account . . .
    permanently locked my computer out of the website, so I cannot access it unless I go via . . .
    customer service was rude and unhelpful, and placed me on hold for many minutes while a supervisor was dispatched . . .
    supervisor took history of incident from me and said she would report it to the “executive team,� and flatly refused to give their contact phone number. . .
    my account has been locked up for fraudulence, so I cannot access my emails to tell those women I did not send them those horrible missives . . .
    someone at customer service refused to give me a refund for my membership of $39.99, even though I fully explained the situation above . . .
    even though this is a clearly fraudulent case, no one from has taken the time to contact me about it.

  16. Internet dating to me is just plain stupid! Everyone i’ve met who has met someone from the internet has had a failed relationship! Majority of the people on those websites are married (yes, women also) and are looking for some outside action from their spouses. Those websites are for the ‘not so hip’ people who are truly afraid to get out into the real world and meet people the old fashioned way. So, the make a profile-making themselves look as perfect as possible with a few paragraphs, and go to bed hoping and praying that someone will send them a wink and fall for their lies and go out on a date. It’s just pathetic and I feel sorry for all the people who pay their hard earned dollars just to meet someone!

  17. I had a response from a woman before I was ready to take myself off, and for a little while things were going good like she said she was interested. She said she worked the graveyard shift for a Coca Cola plant in Oakland. Of course, I didn’t think much of it and later on she broke things off because she said we had different schedules, but she said she still wanted to get to know me. I told her I was going to remove myself from the site, but she was tempting to stay on and said it could still work for me. Still, I took myself off. When it first started, she gave a wink on the site and I winked back. She wrote back and only said, “It seems like we’ve winked other.” It meant that I had to write back to her to get a number which meant I had to subscribe, but luckly, I got a three-day free trial. This is enough evidence for me that she’s an employee or somebody who works for them.

  18. This is the problem in a nutshell. Match has no verification process. Nothing at all that determines genuine from a Russian or Nigerian fake. This problem is so great that 25% of every daily newbie is a fake. If they stayed silent it would be one thing but they do not. They use the service to phish morons out of cash with BS scripts. Match does nothing when these fakes are reported. This is for one of two reasons. They are aware and the fake Russian tarts get Aholes to buy the membership fee to answer the Phishing email sent by the fakes. They always use Yahoo addresses and always use one or two stolen photos. The second reason is to pump up the membership numbers for stock holders. The truth is that if the service came into the 1990’s and required verification it may be at best just average. I would advise someone that is interested to set up an account.Post good photos and leave it alone for a month. At the end of the period look how many weird looking Russian models want to talk with you, their new buddy. I would NOT pay them for the service until verifications are set into place.
    Thanks Match for answering my emails, Now read this posting and fix the problem that is elementary in todays age.
    They make money when fools bite on the membership to answer a fake Puskahoggin.
    Eat it!

  19. Watch’s billing practices. Once they get your credit card number, they may continue to bill your account every so often without your consent. They will refuse to refund your money and make you either cancel your card or go through a comples process. It usually gets them another payment from you before the practice is stopped

  20. I would not be surprised if match did exactly what is being accused of them. That would explain think people who wink at you and then never respond to you. Or they write back with some trite comment that has little to do with anything you said. Then of course a lot of really HOT HOT women have photos up but never sign on. Sure some of them are likely real people posting fake pics. Yet, 90% of the women who actually send you winks are well, highly unattractive.
    I know there are some sites that actually send you fake responses. I set up two profiles in 2 different cites. I received an email from the same person claiming they were visiting both places, 80 miles apart on the same day. That site just wanted people to join.

  21. Glen Farmer, it’s not ok for Match to send people out on dates. 1. It’s deception, 2. If the date ends up in the two sleeping together, it becomes prostitution, which is illegal in the US of A.
    Free dating is taking over. Paysites in dating has had its run. With high quality Free sites coming online now, like mine, why would anybody pay?

  22. Doesn’t anyway in the media know how to research the Courts?.. was served a lawsuit 8 months ago and has all but admitted to the fraud but blames it on 3rd party content. We all have seen the fake Russian and Nigerian ads… seems to want to pretent their fakes are similar and 3rd party….Any experienced online dater will eventually figure out they have been deceived. The idea that they sent out “date bait” is far-fetched and simply a mistake by the johnny-come-lately who finally figured out he was getting cheated and took a guess at how it was being only creates illusions…They don’t follow up with a warm body……Just so you all know they stopped cheating right after they were served with the superceding lawsuit last year..The atty. of record on this case didn’t do his homework and is going to end up looking like an idiot. Thankfully it won’t harm the suit that took the time to build the evidence and carefully investigated the source…..Stand by for a bunch of refunds!!!!!!

  23. Let’s have a reality check here. Dating services are a risk, but they can & do work IF you look out for numero uno.. you! I did tend to gag on the phrase “entrusted their emotional futures”, tho.
    AND what large Corporation is any biz would in their right mind have someone who might be used for ‘undercover’ on their payroll?! Hmmmm? Having someone make a statement “under oath” sure doesn’t mean as much as it should or it used to either. Coercion, pay-offs, etc.
    So this could get interesting…

  24. Who knows for sure that maybe the woman did work for and she liked the guys profile and wanted to meet him. If they got along and enjoyed the date it would not matter to Me where she worked as long as it was for real and she was not doing this as a one time thing.

  25. I don’t get the problem either way.
    Isn’t the purpose of a dating service to get a person dates.
    Who really cares if the company gives you a date with an employee. Well except for that guy of course.
    It’s not like dating services aren’t full of liars anyways..

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