Make Purchases Through American Express Amex Sync and Look Like a Twitter Spammer at the Same Time!

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Twitter is trending with the promoted hashtag #AmexSync. Do you get annoyed with the “deals” that your Facebook friends “like” showing up in your newsfeed? Well prepare for it to get even worse on Twitter, as American Express and Twitter introduce Amex Sync, the service that connects your American Express credit card directly to your Twitter account. And rest assured, as Twitter has proven time and time again, your private information is secure behind their hack-proof system. (Not!)

How this sure-to-be-disastrous program works is by linking your Amex credit card to your Twitter account via the Amex Sync page. From there you can go to the favorites list of Amex and see all of the hashtags associated with purchases. All you need to do to purchase the item is to retweet the hashtag and, faster than you can say “identity theft goldmine,” you will be charged for the purchase and it will arrive at your door.

For instance, Sony Electronics is offering a deal through Amex Sync, with the Twitter hashtag #BuyActionCamPack. To take advantage of the deal, which offers a Sony Action Cam for $179, one simply needs to retweet that hashtag, or if you want to be nice and not spam your Twitter friends, reply the hashtag back to Sony’s Twitter account. Then your Amex card will be charged the $179 (plus tax) and the Action Cam will be sent to your door via the information on file.

To mark the joyous event, the Amex Sync Twitter account is already sending spammy, autobot responses to all who are tweeting it:

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So this is clearly a great start to new relationship with short-term benefits to Twitter’s Amex customers, and Amex’ Twitter-using customers, and long-term benefits to the scores of Internet identity thieves who are getting their fingers keyboard-ready in excited anticipation.

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