Louis Versus Rick: A Very Funny and Clever Look at a Man and His Cat

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Louis vs. Rick – “The story of a man who taught his cat to use instant messaging” – is a very funny – and very clever – online ..publication? Offering? We aren’t really sure what to call Louis v. Rick – it’s almost like a web comic – only it doesn’t have any pictures.

That’s because Louis vs. Rick takes the form of an imaginary instant message conversation between Rick, who seems to be perpetually at work, and the cat whom he taught to use instant messenger, Louis.

We find the conversations between Louis and Rick to be very reminiscent of Get Fuzzy, if Bucky were instant messaging Rob throughout the day (we consider this to be a huge compliment, by the way, as we love Get Fuzzy).

The brain child of Shane Cyr, Louis vs. Rick was created only a little over two weeks ago, with 9 ‘episodes’ to date, and is already gaining quite a following (and rightly so), and spawning memes, such as “CAPS LOCK IS HOW I FEEL INSIDE, ALL THE TIME.”

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So go on and check it out. You can check out Louis vs. Rick here.

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