List of States Where Driverless Cars are Legal

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With the news that California has become the second state, after Nevada, to permit self-driven cars (also known as ‘self-driving cars’, ‘robotic cars’ or ‘robot cars’), many are waiting in anticipation for other states to follow suit. With Google co-founder Sergey Brin estimating that driverless cars are going to be a reality for the public within five years, many car and tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the day that they can get their hands on one and start driving it, or rather, being driven by it.

Self-driving, or robot-controlled, cars utilize various technologies that enable the car to react to different driving conditions. Sensors, radars, GPS and cameras are just some of the technologies that help the car drive even more safely than humans, according to Google and other driverless car proponents

Nevada became the first state to permit driving and operating self-driving cars, with the first license for a driverless car being issued in May of 2012 to a Toyota Prius containing Google’s driverless technology. Aside from Google, many in the automotive industry are also experimenting with self-driving cars, including Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Volvo and General Motors. The motor companies that have made concrete announcements include General Motors, who state that they will release semi-driverless cars by 2015, and fully driverless cars by 2020, Mercedes-Benz who will introduce a self-driving system in their 2013 S-Class models, and Audi who will unveil their driverless system, called “Traffic Jam Assistant,” in their 2013 Audi A8.

With California permitting self-driving cars as of Tuesday, September 25th, the technology will be afforded an even bigger opportunity to flourish now that it is in the home state of Google. We will update this article as other states come into the 21st century, adding driverless cards to their roads.

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