What Does Fidgital (or Fidgetal) Mean?

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  • What Does Fidgital (or Fidgetal) Mean?


With apologies to Olivia Newton-John, it seems that we are all about getting fidgetal, as in let’s get figital…let me hear your device squawk, your device squawk…. At least, fidgital is what the New York Times says is the newest word. In fact, the NYT coined the newly minted term in its Sunday edition, just yesterday.

According to the Times, “fidgital” (get it? A cross between “digital” and “fidget”) means excessively checking one’s devices. You know, that urge to look at your smart phone every 30 seconds. You see figital (fidgity?) people everywhere – they seem at their most obvious when they are your dining companions, or in a meeting with you.

The NYT example of using fidgital in a sentence was “Victoria grew tired of watching her fidgital fiancé glance at his iPhone every five seconds.”

But we’re sure that our readers can come up with some better examples. Who’s up to the challenge? Use “fidgital” in a sentence in the comments section below, and we’ll post the best ones on our Facebook page.

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What Does Fidgital (or Fidgetal) Mean?

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  • What Does Fidgital (or Fidgetal) Mean?

2 thoughts on “What Does Fidgital (or Fidgetal) Mean?

  1. Some people get fidgitally depressed when they are without internet service!

    Bob got fidgital when he lost his phone. He kept checking a phone that was not there!

    They won’t let Anne go on vacation, they are afraid she’ll get fidgital not working! (Tease!)

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