Law Suit Over Hot Coffee – Legal Storm Brewing for GTA:SA

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A New York woman has filed a lawsuit over Hot Coffee. No, she didn’t scald her lap, and no, the defendant is not McDonalds. Rather, 85-year-old Florence Cohen is suing the publishers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas over the so-called “Hot Coffee” mod which opens up previously-hidden scenes from the game. Very explicit scenes.

As we explained last week, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is at the center of scandal, with stores pulling the game right and left because of the sexy mod, and with the game forced to carry a new “Adults Only” rating, rather than the “M” for mature audience rating with which it was released. And now Mrs. Cohen has sued publisher Rockstar Games, and its parent company Take Two, for false, deceptive, and misleading practices.

You see, she bought the game, unaware of its secret X-rated content, for her 14-year-old grandson.

According to Cohen’s attorney, Laurence D. Paskowitz, “no parent would knowingly buy an adult-only video game for their children.”

Which is odd, because Cohen bought the game for her 14-year-old grandson while it still carried its original rating of “M” – meaning for mature players of 17 years or older. So apparently it’s ok to buy a game intended for people 17 and above for a 14-year-old, with content openly inappropriate for someone under 17, but if that game also contains secret content inappropriate for a 14-year-old, even though the game is rated for 17 and above, you should sue the game publisher.

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Ok, got it.

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8 thoughts on “Law Suit Over Hot Coffee – Legal Storm Brewing for GTA:SA

  1. im tired of hearing about this parent’s suing video games for there problems if you’r kid sees something on tv video games and can’t see that it is fake and he is 12 11 14 the promblem is not the game it is you’r child teach the kid instead of making excuses

  2. i think u are abt the best internet news organ as a prospescctive lawyer i cannot but count u as marvelous

  3. “This game is a very violent, graphic and a bloody portrayal of murder and mayhem. It is not an appropiate game for any child and should be taken off the market.

    Comment by Bob — 8/2/2005 @ 4:34 pm

    It has an M rating and is specifically to 17+. No one EVER said it was appropriate for children. And no, it shouldn’t be taken off the market, because I’m 30 years old and can handle it. Maybe I want something designed for my age group, and not Pikmin. Games are as diverse and valid art form as film and prose, and there are MUCH more vivid depictions of sex in both mediums. Idiot parents and grandparents need to PAY THE F*&% ATTENTION to what they’re buying. There is no way to read the box for that game and not “get” that it isn’t for kids, but saying an adult-themed adult-targeted game should be pulled off the shelves because it’s not an “appropriate game for any child”is just flipping stupid.

    Bottom line, respect your selves, think before you buy, and respect the MATURE RATING EMBLAZONED ON THE FRONT COVER.

  4. dude who ever sed that GTA SA is bad it full of crap evn if it got a rong ratin its still gd and dont need to be taken of da market coz if a parent buys a game for the son or daughter or wateva its there fault and if they think their child can deal with all the blood and hardcore sex den wats ya porblem. and the old lady who thurt it waz bad that grandson dude porbley lyked but yea oh well

  5. Oh for God’s sake! Where are the parents? They are the ones responsible for allowing Grandma to be snookered by the kid. My Mother in Law, approximately the same age, has similar things happen to her all of the time–engineered by one of her Grandsons. None the less it is the parents responsibility to ensure that the material their kids read, watch and play is appropriate.
    This suit is frivolous and I would hope that the judge who presides over the case punishes or chastises the
    parents for allowing this to happen in the first place!

  6. This game is a very violent, graphic and a bloody portrayal of murder and mayhem. It is not an appropiate game for any child and should be taken off the market.

  7. Someone ought to sue the grandmother for buying it for a 14yr old in the first place. Talk about a frivalous law suit, this is a prime example. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins.

  8. Let me get this right… She didn’t mind the mindless violence where you can simulate the extremely gruesome murder of numerous innocent victims, or the fact that the game is based on breaking the law, but she objects to a little simulated sex. God save us from all of the modern puritans that believe that taking a life is preferrable to loving someone!

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