Dress Like Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters – Get Your Pet a Harry Potter Sorting Hat!

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As you might imagine, Harry Potter costumes – of many of the Harry Potter characters – are big this year. Well, you need look no further for your own Harry Potter costume this year, as Legendary Toys carries some of the finest Harry Potter theme clothing we’ve seen. They even have a mini Harry Potter sorting hat that is perfect for dressing up your favourite Harry Potter pet! (See pics below.)

Legendary Toys carries all sorts of, well, legendary toys! They have a wonderful collection of toys representing all different eras and themes: Medieval Knights & Castles, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, other Ancient Civilizations, Fairies, Dragons & other Creatures, Dinosaurs & other Prehistoric Creatures, Wizards, Pirates, and even Fantasy and Fairy Tale toys.

And, of course, Harry Potter.

The great thing about the Harry Potter stuff from Legendary Toys is that the clothing is real clothing, not flimsy costume-ware. For example, the scarves are genuine warm knitted scarves.

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Here I am sporting the Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf:

Scarf courtesy of Legendary Toys

And just look at the quality and detail!

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Here is the Harry Potter Mini Sorting hat, modelled by our adorable (but hard to photograph – sorry!) dog:

Hat courtesy of Legendary Toys

So, if you or someone you know is looking to be Harry Potter this Halloween – or would love some useful Harry Potter clothing for Christmas, now you know where to go – and you can go there without even leaving the comfort of your own home:

Go to Legendary Toys

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One thought on “Dress Like Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters – Get Your Pet a Harry Potter Sorting Hat!

  1. is this the actual colour of the scarf? i bought a cheaper one and it came out as a purple coluor. Is this more of a red?

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