J.K. Rowlings New ‘Pottermore’ Website Includes Hogwarts Online, Harry Potter eBooks and More

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Reviewers around the world are lauding the new Harry Potter website, Pottermore, that was recently launched by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowlings. The interactive site includes activities sure to enchant Harry Potter fans, including letting them sign up for Hogwarts, and helping them choose the right wand. And, the entire Harry Potter collection will be available in ebook format from the Pottermore site.

Gushed Rowling, “For me, this is such a great way to give something back to Harry Potter fans who made the books such in incredible success. I still receive a phenomenal number of letters, drawings and stories from fans. This is way for Harry Potter to live on in a medium that didn’t exist when I started writing the books.”

By publishing her own site, says Rowling, “We can guarantee that people everywhere are getting the same experience at the same time. That was extremely appealing to me. I am lucky to have the resources to do it myself and I think this is a fantastic and unique experience that I could afford to take my time over to make this come alive. There was really no way to do it for the fans or me than just do it myself. Not every author could do this, but it’s right for Harry Potter. It is so much fun to have direct content with my fans. It was an extension of the existing jkrowling.com.”


Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Pottermore is the scope of its content, which includes games, a Sorting Hat activity, the wand selector, the ebooks, and new, never-before seen text to the tune of at least 18,000 new words, all on a site whose domain was registered a mere 4 months ago (on 2/14/2011 – Valentine’s Day, for whatever that’s worth).

Pottermore officially opens on October 1st, but you can advance-register by submitting your email address and, says the site, if you visit on July 31, you can learn how to win a chance for early admission.

Check out Harry Potter online at Pottermore.com here.

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