It’s Official: Skype is Disabled for 3G on 3G iPad

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Users eager to test whether Skype would work over the AT and T 3G network on their 3G iPads came up disappointed, and empty-handed. “You need wifi to call over Skype” reads the message displayed to those who try to use Skype with the 3G network on their iPads. “Skype calls over 3G networks are currently not allowed due to contractual restrictions.”

While this is, of course, disappointing, it’s not all that surprising. After all, with AT&T offering a no-contract all-you-can-eat data plan for only $29.95 per month for the iPad 3G (which in itself is somewhat surprising), AT&T would be foolish to allow VoIP to work on 3G as well as wifi, as that would directly compete with their – you know – cell phone business.

Skype does still work, just fine, with the 3G iPad on a wifi network.

Here’s the message:


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One thought on “It’s Official: Skype is Disabled for 3G on 3G iPad

  1. I don’t believe the contractual obligations at issue are with AT&T, who clearly allow VOIP on 3G now. Rather, Skype has been paid off by Verizon to cripple the iPhone OS products, since they have clearly backed off their February commitment to provide such a product and now won’t even address the hundreds of questions on their site. It is clearly time to abandon Skype.

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