Is Your Cell Phone Transmitting Your Location? Cell Phone Tracking, Location Privacy and e911

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Is your cell phone transmitting your location, acting like a homing beacon for whomever may wish to listen in? Cell phone tracking versus location privacy are hot topics these days. Federal e911 (enhanced 911 communications for mobile devices) rules require that your cell phone carrier be able to provide your location information in the event that you initiate a 911 call, but some consumers are reporting that their GPS cell phones are transmitting this information all the time, not just when they dial 9-1-1.

The Treo 650, for example, offers you the choice of transmitting your location all the time, or only when you make a 911 call. Consumers are reporting that Verizon provisioned Treo 650s are defaulted to report their location back to the Verizon mothership at all times, not just during an e911 call. Fortunately for those users, at least those who care about this issue and figure out to look into it, they can change that by checking “enable location privacy” in their Phone Preferences.

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Is Your Cell Phone Transmitting Your Location?  Cell Phone Tracking, Location Privacy and e911

Phone location privacy means that your GPS-enabled phone is not transmitting your location except during an emergency call.

Think it’s not something about which you really need to worry? I mean, who would bother to track you, anyways, and how easy could it be?

Well, within the past three weeks we’ve had two reports on these pages alone about GPS technology in cell phones being used to track people on a regular basis. The Wherify Wherifone is used for tracking kids, employees, and senior citizens, and TeenArriveAlive, while pitched as a way to monitor your teen’s driving, is really a GPS cell phone and Internet-based tracking software.

So, does your GPS cell phone have a location privacy option, and is it enabled?

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Is Your Cell Phone Transmitting Your Location?  Cell Phone Tracking, Location Privacy and e911

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845 Replies to “Is Your Cell Phone Transmitting Your Location? Cell Phone Tracking, Location Privacy and e911”

  1. I found a cell phone it says Metro Pcs and have alot of apps of metro pcss
    the IMEI is 860525026148929
    has no other info
    it is in Colombia

  2. Obtaining the current address of where a cell phone is at the moment by the number is a reality. My friend has software on his phone where he can call a cell no. and receive the exact location of that phone. He demonstrated it by entering my # while I was seated next to him and received the location on his phone without my getting any notice on my phone. I suspect my stalker is tracking me this way. I need to be able to prevent this. BTW my GPS location was not enabled.

  3. I lose my phone after i finish exam on yesterday.
    Imei No:012251000428966
    Model:Sony Ericsson Satio
    please track it for me thx.

  4. i lost my phone..please track my galaxy y..i just got it from my parents..IMEI no:352172058643512
    hp no: 01119567086
    model:galaxy y s5360

  5. I lost my Samsung Star Duos in Wayanad on May 20.The IMEI no is 355317041624346.Please lock my device and please help me in finding my mobile.Connect to If you have any details.

  6. hai sir i am missing my mobile .please find and mail for me(modal:Nokia E51-01, IMEI:357663012263681, last used no:9597124562, misse date:30-01-2012, e

  7. Hi,
    anybody finds my phone will be rewarded.
    pls check the details
    IMEI : 357238041253209
    cell no. : 9323013531

  8. hellow, my phone was lost 8 hours ago please help me find it …
    unit: K770i
    imei: 352384025662257
    contact no. 09106025964

  9. sir i lost my mobile on 15/05/2012
    my mobile IMEI NO IS :351660041885647
    please find my mobile
    my email id is

  10. I lost my phone Nokia 7210 and my Pan Card,ATM Card . Somebody has stolen from my home. IME No:355231034740839. Kindly trace my mobile or suggest a suitable option for me to trace my mobile. Please help me,

  11. theft mobile no. 8085212077.
    I am working in Indore on 02 May 2012 around 9:00 a.m. my mobile were theft from my own office.
    Mobile made & Model No.: Samsung Champ C3303 and International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI No.) is 355527045744045 purchase on 12/02/2011 using Airtel prepaid connection no. 8085212077.
    I have blocked my nos. with Airtel customer care services on 03.05.2012.
    As per above details kindly note theft mobile or track as soon as possible.
    Thanking you,

    757, Bajrang Nagar,
    Near Geeta Bawdi,
    Indore – 452010
    Alternative No. for further detail: 9752520402

  12. Some stole my phone at school help me find please white I phone 4 the AT&T people turned it off but I can’t find my number is 1818 219 7925

  13. Plz sir find my mobile i have lots of sweet memories of in this mobile plz sir

    Your name: Himanshu Garg
    Phone model: Samsung Galaxy Ace
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 09-05-2012
    IMEI No.: 352306050159024
    My present contact numbers: 8019497303, 9319058227


  15. I have lost my Samsung Galaxi pop model GT-s5570 on 09/05/2012.
    IMEI NO. 358883043120929,

  16. Hi I have lost my Blackberry Bold 9930
    IMEI 358565040187965

    Please Help Me Out!!!

  17. sir i lost my mobile on 02-05-2012 it is nokia c2-03 my imei no is 358639048040722 sir if u recognise this mobile please give reply thanking u sir

  18. I lost My samsung galaxy fit GT-S5670 mobile phone please help me & give me some advised. My IMEI No.356330048307103.

    contact me on -09289094418 or through email
    Please contact me.

  19. My cellphone stolen , Please helpme to track and contact me
    Model Samsung Star NXT :- S5233V
    Contact Number:+919840906552

  20. I lost my phone 2012.05.02.The phone is Sony ericsson wt19.
    Network tele 2
    imei : 358508041673773
    country : Lithuania

    please help me to find the phone.

  21. I lost my Nokia X2 imei no 352699047984581 on 26 april 2012
    my no. is 9761765560

  22. I lost cell IMEI number is 356988044919583 for nokia N8 if you find it were about send me information via email at please.

  23. Morgan – your best bet in your situation is to go to your carrier’s local store (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) and tell them your phone is lost – buy a cheapie replacement and they can have it switched on with the same number, on the spot, so that the hospital can reach you.

  24. My phone is lost too. It is very important that I get it back so that the hospital can call me if there is any change with my mother, whom is gravely ill. Can anyone please help? The number is 770)256-6834

  25. I lost my mobile today (18.11.2011) near Tin Factory, Bangalore.
    IMEI no : 355558040392316
    Network : TATA Docomo
    Its a Samsung Galaxy pop mobile.
    If any information, please let me know.
    I would be really thankfull..

  26. hello
    my phone is nokia n8
    imei no. is 356237041106533
    and no.-9818135332
    my phone is lost 3 days before and last no. i have operated was 9818135332 . plz help me in tracking the current location of my phone.

  27. haloo sir some one stolen my mobile from my office pls help me to track the mobile.
    IMEI NO: 355317040969056
    MY CELL NO. 08817990093

  28. Hi, i also lost (get stolen) my phone Samsung corby this Morning in ahmedabad India .
    IMEI: 358040033382916
    Cell No +919898809052(AIRTEL)
    can you Email me tracking report
    Thanx for helping.

  29. Hello my phone was lost and i am hoping that you will help me find it.. it is a work phone and i cant do any jobs to feed my children.. imei 356980040034822 phone no. 4172553402

  30. what the…..Are these lost guys really getting their phone back or is this some kinaa peep show goin on…..

  31. I lost my NOKIA C7 PHONE phone 11-11-2011 9.10 AM days ago
    i cant find it
    This mobile Sim no- +918107070137
    plz sir find and track it Thanks

  32. i lost my sony erickson x10i
    pls block this mobile or if there is any way to get it back
    pls help me
    need your suggestion

  33. hello sir i have lost my new Nokia x2-01 cell phone. it’s imei no.356266045771554 plz help me its found.
    my contect no. is 9879189007
    please can you help me find my phone. please (tear;) …..thank you

  34. I have lost my sony xperia
    IMEI Number : 012448001314605
    Please block this mobile or if there is any way to get it back

    Need Your Suggestion…. plzzz

  35. My Iphone 3g was stolen from manimajra,india.and my IMEI number is 011742006360188. please help me to find it. send info to

  36. I lost my Iphone 3G phone. It’s a preped Vodafone. I don’t know the emei but got the number on hand 91-9620447588 Thanks! Please help !!!!

  37. Sony Ericson E16I.
    IMEI NO – 357737042351805

    somebody has theft my mobile pls recover it.

  38. some one stole my cell phone just 3 days ago please block my cell so that no one could use it thanks
    following is my imei no358625046010874
    i m Akbar from saudi arabia

  39. My name is Tariq some one stolen my mobile phone samsun glaxy S5570 please block this cell phone so that no one can use it the IMEI no is as follow 356108047296257

  40. some one stolen my mobile phone model nokia C1-01 and following is the IMEI no 358625046010874 please block this cell so that no one can use it best regards.

  41. some one stolen my samsung galaxy s5570 just two days ago pls block my cell phone imei no 356108047296257

  42. my name is saravanan,
    address; no12,
    yadaval str.

    phone model; nokia x2-00

    last use num; 9042456275


    imei; 355367040616579

    pls, recovery my phone plsssssssssssssssssss

  43. Plz sir find my mobile i have lots of sweet memories of in this mobile plz sir

    Your name: Laxman Rao
    Address: H.No 3-125/147/4, Plot no:54, Manikanta nagar, Boduppal, Ghatkesar Dist-Rangareddy, Postal code: 500039.
    Phone model: Sony Ericsson E10i Xperia X10 mini
    Make: Sony ericson with reliance GSM sim no:8099766822
    Last used No.: 9347341487
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 22-10-2011
    IMEI No.: 012403008331201
    My present contact numbers: 9989890231, 8099766822

  44. I have lost my I-phone 4 today in an auto in Powai Mumbai at 13:00 hrs. Kindly help me in tracking the same. Details are as follows:-
    Mobile number – 8108346055

  45. Hi

    Could you please help to track imeinr 353268002657100 ? This phone / simcard is installed in a stolen car in Norway. I just want to find my car again with all the goods in it. The thieves has taken out the antenna of the gps tracker, but the phone unit with simcard is still transmitting.

    Please help :-)

  46. My Boy friend and i came home in a taxi the other night..and the last time we remember seeing his cell phone was in the taxi when I asked what time it was…We tore up the hole apartment in search of the lost cell..but found nothing..we even looked out side from the front door to where the taxi had let us out. We called the taxi company and they said they had not found an LG phone with a back ground of me and my boyfriend (in vampire make up for Zombie Prom) i really need help to find that fone the number to the fone is (1-541)808-4559 thanks

  47. sir my samsung mopbile phones are lost whichimei no. is 35334104293944/8 and battery no are lc2z72418/4-b 1000mah
    please help sir trace phone. my important document are store in phone memory.without document my many work are interrupted.
    please sir help me.
    my contact number is 9467512826.
    e-mail -id
    this samsung champ gt-c3303 are registered phone.


    Stolen at: Baclaran, Manila, Phillippines
    Stolen on: October 28,2011
    Model: Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
    Current number: 09199485133
    Last known Battery Status: Dead
    Last known Balance status: 0.00

    For any information regarding this, please contact

    09174065314(Parent Mobile)

    Any information regarding it’s whereabouts and/or current condition would be appreciated.

  49. dear sir/madam i lost my mobile in ameerpet ,hyd.model no samsung wave 525.IMEI no355315047168995
    missed date:27-10-2011

  50. my papa lost his cell.. details are as below
    LAST USED NO- 9507151298
    MISSED DATE- 15/10/2011
    IMEI NO- 358274047160584

  51. sir i lost my iphone 4 pls can u help me in finding out my mobile… its really imp 4 me as i got it wit my earnings pls do help me pls… imei no:012837001967182

  52. my papa’s cell is lost today in morning when ridding a bike…
    how can i get the location when its off.please mail me….!!
    Sony Ericsson Model No: w550i
    IMEI : 35744400-278699-3
    Lost Place: Vadodara
    Lost Date: Oct 26, 2011
    Network: Vodafone – Postpaid

  53. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’ve lost the mobile whose details are as under, Requested to help in this regard to my phone back. I’ll be grateful if the same can be done urgently if its in use or u can trace it. My alternate number is 09910941806 or on or the same id which I am using 2 send u the email in the case if its been traced.
    Your name: M Sunil Kumar
    Address:B -6-3/2, ROHINI, SECTOR – 8, New Delhi- 110 085
    Phone model: NOKIA C3 – 00
    Last used No.: 08099240059
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 25th Oct’2011
    IMEI No.:35198404-313681-1

  54. dear sir i have lost my NOKIA X2 01 phone on 21-10-2011 at 7 to 8 AM.
    BIL DATED 12-6-2011 EMI No 35699046103502
    so please block this phone asa soon asa posible.
    thanking you,

  55. Someone stole my daughters iphone3g s at school. School is doing nothing about it. Please help me locate it. Imei 012268008763095 Model I phone 3gs. Please advise. Thank you.

  56. I lost my Samsung galaxy mini android phone and I desperately need to recover it because it has very valuable information and I stupidly fogot to back it up..

  57. my sony ericcson being stolen, sn;012197000520254 .how to know where is my cell phone location????

  58. I have lost my Nokia 7210 mobile, purchased 4 months before,IMEI no. 351962036200752. So please help me.

  59. i would like to trace my mobile because of thefting by someone imei no. is 358274043405033
    please sir reply me in my id please fast

  60. sir i lost my cel phone in mangalore karnataka that is samsung wave 533 nand its emei num is as follows 354756041169466

  61. i loss my htc wildfire s dark grey..
    imei no. is 358225045242311
    please give me fast this mobile location……

  62. I have lost my Nokia C7-00 mobile, purchased 4 months before,IMEI no. 356252046353378. So please help me.

  63. I have lost my NOKIA 5800 XPRESSMUSIC mobile. Police are not ready to file a compliant. IMEI NO is 353382041158846. Can you please help me to get it back.

  64. dear sir,

    We are sending you our mobile imei number :- 358279030121923

    model “:- Nokia 5800d
    Red & black

    sir kindly track my mobile please.. its my humble request…


  65. i lost my htc desire s its imei number is 355067047867650 please iam requesting u to find it and mail me………

  66. hi sir my mobile nokia 2700 classic. i need my sim no for regarding to this my mobile no 9566566907.

  67. Please anyone help me tracking my new nokia C5_03.It was stolen on 28th August 2011. IMEI no357925049006965

  68. somebody stole my mobile that is Model:LG bl20 new chocolate i was lost at 15-09-2011 plz tell me how to trace the mobile
    IMEI NO:356548036461497

  69. sir
    my cell is stolen pls help me
    cell model: GT-S5233(star net)
    company: SAMSUNG
    IMEI NO:354369030910526

  70. I have lost my iphone 4, IMEI number is 012546009654169, is there anyway to track it?

  71. Hi, i also lost (get stolen) my phone Samsung Galaxy S2 this Morning in Pune India .
    IMEI: 35884804952192
    Samsung galaxy s II GT I9100LKAINU
    Cell No +919011016554(IDEA)
    can you Email me tracking report
    Thanx for helping.

  72. It’s bad for me that today (17/Sep/2011) my mobile is lost.
    Model: Nokia 5233
    IMEI: 352000047117258

  73. Hello Dear I Lost My Nokia 5235 Phone IMEI No.351526041943555 and my current contact No. 7827422775 Location-Gurgao/Delhi,India

  74. I lost my nokiax2 mobile plzzzz help me .trace my mobile and inform me …. my iemi no is 354854043389479

  75. I lost my HTC desire S. this is my 355067045130648 IMEI. thanks.. mail me at

  76. Hello Dear I Lost My Dell XCD28 Android Phone IMEI No.355280040155839 and lost No.-9136377446
    my current contact No. 9211212981 Location-Delhi,India

  77. my cell is can i get the location.please mail me. Nokia C2-01 Mobile. Those who Find the mobile please Contact Me .Iam from San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
    imei no : 355940042863082
    this is my contact number 09178062379

  78. sir i had lost my mobile phone nokia c3 please give me details about it current location
    i.m.e.i no. 354858048840733.
    current phone no. 7890911709

  79. i lost my nokia 1662 phone on last sunday. there is no mobiletracking software.IMEI no. 358282038943173

  80. my cell is can i get the location.please mail me. Nokia C5-01 Mobile. Those who Find the mobile please Contact Me .Iam from Kerala
    imei no : 357425046736193

  81. my phone got rob this morning

    model: apple iphone 16g white
    place: sta cruz Andulcia st cor Bambang
    last sim#632-9273303882

    please help,

    thanks in advance

  82. Hi I lost my Samsung Galaxy Fit recently. Please track it for me. The IMEI no. is 356330044359363

  83. Hi, i also lost (get stolen) my phone. Thanx for helping.
    IMEI: 356108044043215
    Samsung galaxy s 5570 mini

  84. some body stole my mobile phone on 11-9-2011. its htc desire s imei number is 355067049065642 and its a android 2.3 ginger bread phone. Its a humble request to you to please find it.
    From belgaum karnataka.

  85. I lost my Samsung galaxy S2 today, model no:GT-I1900,
    IMEI no: 355310040927026
    Please suggest how to track my phone.
    My e-mail

  86. Phone is Sony Ericsson W810i has been stolen on 12.092011 at Taratala in kolkata & my IMEI No is 35657401946658.Pleas any one help mehow to find my phone.

  87. hi.sir..please help me. my mobile model Blackcherry 9000+ lost with no:-9416376528,8901192280,
    imei no:-352751041029184
    2-imei no:-352751041029192
    lost on dt:-11-09-2011

  88. i lost my phone IMEI 356810033708241 please trace it
    last using no is 8054132135
    my new mobile no is 9988658841

  89. it had seen many people are complaning about there lost mobile.lets connect each other and send our FIR to home minister , cos even i m a victim of such an act. i lost my data which was costiler than my cell phone,my number 09820769999, mumbai.
    lost samsung galaxy, cos if we buy another one, govt should give us assurance that we and our belongings are safe, or else they should give us in writing that they cant ,than they should leav their chairs….

  90. I had lost my cell phone samsung wave. It’s IMEI number is 354627042116295. Can you please either block the phone or locate and contact me if you trace it?. Thanks in advance.

  91. my mobile lost plz help me.
    CONTACT NO.-9049959634

  92. hello sir i have lost my new samsung star cell phone. it’s imei no.357202038273893 plz help me its found.
    my contect no. is 9466696166

  93. i am mayank raghuwanshi , i lost my nokia c2-oo mobile phone .
    IMEI NO. – 355381043690226 &
    plz help me . my mobile no. is 08889966333.
    Mayank Raghuwanshi

  94. Hi,
    Somebody has stolen my brand new samsung galaxy fit (white colour) in mumbai,India,while returning from Temple.

    It was My brother’s gift.
    Not completed even two months.

    Please help.

    Its IMEI no: 356330/04/042340/3

    Please help tracing it.

  95. I Have lost the 6 handsets till date from past one year. IMEI numbers of the handsets are as follows:

    35844102338068/0 01

    Is it possible to track these devices?

  96. sir,

    in my samsung galaxy mobile my friend set call tracker using sms .now i want to changed my given mobile numbers.i don’t know how he set it and how to change it..could u guide no:7299660850 Aircell network.

  97. daer sir
    my mobil is missing so pls find out
    emi : 911115301264341
    my contect no 9845677902

  98. Dear Sir, My mobile has been lost about 15 days ago. actually there was display problem in my mobile so I gave my friend to change display. Now he is saying mobile has been stolen. pls sir help me.
    Mob detail
    Nokia 5233
    EMI no. 358321035477189
    communication mob. no. 8800899714

    Best Regards,

  99. i have lost my samsung wave 723 .I would like to track my cell phone how can I do that? Thank you!!!
    its imei no.-355313/04/029617/8

  100. Hi..,
    i lost my HTC Wildfire with IMEI No. is 357758047477353 a week back..

    i reported Police station but i found no scene of any information and any help from them…

    u can contact me on 9336637453 or can mail me..

    plz do help me in tracking my phone..

    Robin Swaroop

  101. i lost my Samsung star next GT-S5233S phone on Saturday. there is mobile tracking software.IMEI no.357202032701956,ambala

  102. sir iam loss my mobile of sumsung 2550. i would like to track my cell phopne how can i do that which place. please send me my email
    imei no:354136042232631
    state:andhra predesh

  103. i have lost my e63 mobile can u help me in getting back my mobile…. you can contact me on 9763490560

  104. My name: SULTAN AHAMAD


    Phone model: SAMSUNG GURU DUAL 26 GT-E1252


    Last used No.: 8987516900 , 9693793919 .

    Missed date: 28-08-2011

    IMEI No : 354527/04/187880/6

    E-mail for communication:


  105. Sir, My Samsung S GT19000 was stolen this morning i have got a duplicate sim on the same.
    there is immense data on the phone which is invaluable. Please help me the IMEI number is 3572420403297901, pls help i am reachable on +919741000326 Thanks

  106. good day sir, last august 31,2011,my corby 2 was stolen and i’m hoping if you could help me track and locate it, the thief already sold it and the buyer doesn’t want to give it back, i’m hoping that you could help me. thank you.

    IMIE NO.: 355922041819208

  107. my apple 3g iphone was stolen 4 months back i am from india gujrat..
    please help me out i have done the fir but nothing i got ..
    model. iphone 3g black
    imei.. 011808007799979
    plz if some help you can do sir ..

  108. Hello Sir,
    my Iphone 4G was stolen yesterday,
    Is there anyone can help me to track my phone…?
    I have tried many websites , but no respons maybe here I’ll find luck..
    EMEI: 012538007010300

  109. Myy phone number is 754 368 0596 . My android phone has been stolen, please help PLEASE im begging. I dont know any codes or numbers so do what you can PLEASE. Email me ASAP, YOURE LIKE AN ANGEL , HELP :”(

  110. dear sir, ranvir here
    yesterday i had lost my new nokia E-63 m handset in delhi, pushp vihar

    area,,, i am really worried to take this… i wanna to it very soon ,,,

    cause i really love my phone,,, plz can you help me to search it through

    imei no… is here 351502042001164 in the name of ranvir, ,

    pushp vihar sec-1 saket , NEW

    DELHI-110017 contact no is 9999776869,
    … so please help me..

  111. Your name:Leopoldo Rivera
    Address: quezon city, philippines
    Phone model: c3-00
    Make: nokia
    Last used No.: 9276973099
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: august 31 2011
    IMEI No.: 355356040606391

  112. My name is Jaikishan Sahu and i m frm Varanasi .U.P in india
    my mobile has been losted
    phone model : x510 pike OF micromax
    email@ :
    IMEI NO. Was :….910526503622741 …….910526503672746
    now my Mobile No. is .9453098275

  113. Sir my nokia e5-00 c.white colour phone has been stolen on 23-aug-11 at 3:00 pm from sea-wood darave station
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia 5320 RED
    IMEI 355740023012885.
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…
    mail me sagarpcrocks at gmail dot com/sagapt88 at gmail dot com

  114. Hi someone took my phone at work.It’s an iphone 3gs .Can you help me find it.
    IMEI # 01174400176388

  115. sir i lost my cell phone in train while coming fron ujjain to mumbai.
    my no is 09969211857
    mobile name is samsung wave525

  116. sir my nokia phone C-05-03 stolen on dated 27.08.2011 at 08.30pm
    so plz tell me that how can i got it again.
    I purchesed this recently
    plz help me contact me at 9634174206 or

  117. Hi…my phone was stolen about 2 days ago..It was like this..i went out with my bicycle and my cell phone was in a bag attached on the wheel..i went to an internet caffe..i entered inside just to see who’s inside i was planning immediately to get out and start riding the bike..but when i went out the phone and the bike were missing :((( please help me my parents will spank me a lot if they find out that my phone was stolen :((

    My IMEI is: 352353028849898

  118. I have missing my sony c510 cell phone imei numper356385036014244 plese help me.. mail

  119. i have lost my nokia e63 cellphone few months ago
    imei no. is:352009044300015
    plz rply me as soon as possible
    my cell no is 9953303790

  120. i lost my iphone 4 last night
    mobile no :- +64212666089

    please help me i live in Auckland (newzealand)

  121. sir
    my cell is stolen pls help me
    cell model: GT-S5233(star net)
    company: SAMSUNG
    IMEI NO:*357202/03/271386/0*

  122. Please find my theft mobile
    model sony ericsson hazel-j20i my imei no is 012273002143682..
    Please help me to find my mobile

  123. somebody theft my mobile yesterday in Tharamani bus(5T) at 5.20PM. could u plz help me to get back my mobile.
    Phone model: Nokia 5130-c-2W-silver
    Last used No.:9092442647
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date:25.8.11
    IMEI No.:351508044842208

  124. Sir,
    My nokia n8 has been stolen last night at 9:00 pm from Dammam Saudi Arabia.
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia N8
    IMEI 3573 9804 7492 563.
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…
    mail me

  125. my videcon v1655 has been stolen i know its imei what can i do i had a mobile tracker too

  126. sir, sum1 stole my cell phone samsung star nxt in the bus when i was going to clg on 11 aug.2011. its imei no. is *357202/03/752600/2*
    SIN:RW313536268N. the mobile tracker was on and through it i got the no. which was inserted in the mobile and that no. is +919899916482 bt now it is switched off. ialso complained tha police bt they r doing nthng.plz sir help me to find out my mobile. if you get any info. plz send me e-mail

  127. The IMEI no. of my blackberry 9300 3g curve is:- 354910049388798.

    I have lost it. Can you help me track the mobile?

  128. Sir my nokia x2-01 has been stolen on 21-aug-2011 at 11:00 am to 12:00am in morning from Thane(w)(mumbai)…
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia x2-01 Black
    IMEI 356266044775119.
    my mobile no. 9920081565
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…

  129. Sir my nokia e5-00 c.white colour phone has been stolen on 23-aug-11 at 3:00 pm from sea-wood darave station
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia E5-00 C WHITE
    IMEI 355949046087879.
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…
    mail me

  130. my bag was snatched and my cell phone was in it. I would like to track my cell phone how can i do that?
    it’s IMEI # is 353783043549843
    and my cell number is 08871175065
    how i get my cell phone again please give me solution

  131. sir this is my friend samsung mobile number. somebody stole the mobile pls do something imei no is 355527041872212 my number 8825945037, samsung mobile my mail id . thank you

    Comment by ganesh.s — 8/23

  132. a person from amrisar was stole my money and swithed off his mobile phone from last 8 days so please suggest me what to-do.

  133. I lost my silver white Nokia N8 please help me to find my mobile phone.

  134. Sir my nokia x2-01 has been stolen on 18-aug-11 at 4:00 pm in evening from bulandshahr(u.p.)..
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia x2-01 silver
    IMEI 354842047991275.
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…
    mail me

  135. i would like to track my cell phone how can i do that?
    email is
    country panama
    provider movistar number 66163434
    model 9800 torch
    imei 353489043282415


  137. Sir my nokia n8 has been stolen today at 7:00 am in morning from bangalore..
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia N8
    current number in use 8147835534(tata docomo)
    IMEI 357398049401299.
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…
    mail me

  138. i have lost my blackberry phone curve8520 and can anybody find it .it was lost in an hotel .my phones imei number is 354908048264135 and pin number is 23655a6e can anybody find it ?

  139. i got mugged and lost my samsung wave imei 351781044208242

  140. My phone was taken and I downloaded Plan B which has located my phone within a small area. How would I go about finding my phone when I don’t know for sure the exact address? The locator gives an address but it may not be exact. Also, when I call my number, I still get my voice mail. Does this mean that my card is still in the phone. Any ideas on how I can get it back? Thanks!

  141. please try to find out my mobile my imei no . is : 355356044944509
    and item :002t9n3

  142. Your name: margareth condes
    Address: 38 – J. M. Lozada Street. Sto Rosario Pateros Silangan Metro Manila
    Phone model: nokia 2730
    Last used No.: 09464734761
    E-mail for communication: 0933-5553881 / 0946-3897348
    Missed date: July 30, 2011
    IMEI No.: 353788046655455

    email : margareth13condes@yc

    plss help me

  143. I lost my Nokia C3-00 yesterday. IMEI: 355366049152776 Please help me find my phone. Thank you.

  144. please show sites and steps in the procedure required to track a mobile phone please explain why i am tracked everywhere i go.

  145. lost my apple i-phone 4. Plz help me !!…my IMEI no. : 012753008824054…plz tell me how can i track my phone

  146. Sir my nokia n8 has been stolen today at 11:00 am in morning from powai mumbai..
    details are as follows
    Model : Nokia N8
    current number in use 9029337618(tata docomo)
    IMEI 355361040866888.
    Please Help me find out my mobile…
    will b vry greatful to you ever in my life…
    Thanks in advance
    mail me at :

  147. Someone stole my cell phone from my bag. I would like to track it.
    My IMEI # is 359028039413644
    plz contact me on 9930725728.

  148. dear sir,
    my cell phone nokia n79 lost, IMEI no.356044033457670 sir please please help me, please mail me, thank

  149. i lost my phone this day.
    model: c3-01
    imei: no. 358306031264970.
    please help me track my cellphone. :(

  150. My mobile lost yesterday ight. i blocked the sim ut i couldn.t bar the mobile. so pls help to get my mobile back to me. Its samsing Chat 322 its IME no:357262042440961

  151. If you can help me, I lost my phone yesterday. Samsung Punch Chat 322
    IMEI: 355295045179782
    Sim No: 09359442801
    Contact me: 09322712898

    Hoping you can help me. thank you!

  152. I lost my nokia e72…
    colour:topaz brown

    plz contact me on::9595755355/9823153184
    my email

  153. Sir, i have lost my phone yesterday please help me to find it out.i’ll be very grateful to you. my phone details are :
    Model: SAMSUNG F400
    IMEI No. : 352889022038392
    MOBILE NO. : +919858914045

    YOU CAN CONTACT ME +918121131305

  154. my bag was snatched and my cell phone was in it. I would like to track my cell phone how can i do that?
    it’s IMEI # is 354863047179513.
    and my cell number is

  155. Hello Sir,
    I Have lost my Spice 4242 on dtd: 10/08/11 which IMEI No is 910045203834894 & My E-Mail Id: is & (M)9252672708

  156. i lost my phone nokia 3110classic.i dnt have emi no is+919853520075,wat should i do?can u plz reply me as soon as possible..thank u..

  157. hie, my nokia e 63 phone was stolen, imei no:354329042171327, please help me locate it

  158. I lost my cell phone, cell no. 09893249488. I would like to track my cell phone location……… Thank you!!!

  159. i lossed my mobile. model 2700 classic. imei no:359360032981032.
    my contact no.8898421184
    plz plz help me to find my mobile

  160. please help me track my phone i want it back… or i want the person who stoled it captured..=(

  161. sir
    some body steeled ma mobile nokia 2700 i have tht imel number how can i track tht plss mail me .plssssss

  162. I lost my phone in Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, England. Please help me find my lost mobile, its a Vivaz Pro U8i. Please contact me via email asap if you have new on it.
    Thanks :)

  163. i lost my nokia e5 morning 3:00 am as imei no is 357413040863809 and mobile no is +971558973001 service provider is du from uae. please help me to get it back.

  164. serial no – 88019rfy3nr
    part no – MC133x/A

    Ilost my i phone since 8-10 days please try n find this

    my no 07873887341/09000788083

  165. i have lost my nokia n8 IEMI number- 357398049129767 while traveling in the bus is there any chance that i will get it back.
    I have inform to the police they have put my number on tracking i have done the insurance for my phone.
    plz send me info on

  166. sir i have lost my mobile phone of nokia x201
    imei no.356256041073212
    it was having airtel no. 08400806299..
    so sir i request you to search my mobile i will be highly obelidged…..

  167. i have lost my nokia x2 01 model on last thursday at gprs was on .plz help me to find it pls.

  168. Hi i’m from Indonesia, someone just stolen my phone nokia N8 IMEI : 352684041791406…. HELP ME

  169. hello..
    i hav lost my Samsung Wave 525 while travelling in train..:(
    are there any chances of tracing it
    IMEi no.-355315043133630
    plz help..!
    contact no.-9930799682

  170. hello..
    i hav lost my Samsung Wave 525 while travelling in train..:(
    are there any chances of tracing it
    IMEi no.-355315043133630
    plz help..!

  171. sir actually i lost my nokia n8 and i forgot my imie number i have his htmi cables and also its number as well so tell me if there is any chance where i can get my cell imie number and can i trace it i will be very thank full to u plz plz plz gave me quick response

  172. I lost my blackberry last night and I need to track it ASAP. I use it for navigation so I know location on is enabled on the GPS.

  173. i Lost my samsung Champ black one thanjavur,tamil nadu this is the IMEI no 353958049570817 Email

  174. my new cell phone has lost
    model-Nokla C3 01
    imei no.-354844040973920
    my contact no.-919137327303
    plz plz plz work on it immediately
    sir i have fully faith on u…….. …. …. …. …

  175. i hav lost my Samsung Wave 525 GT-S5253 yesterday…
    IMEI no-355315043133630
    plzz help me..

  176. sir have lost my mobile NOKIA c-5 having IMEI number is 356989045095233.please trace this phone immediately and reply on my email id.

    Thanks and Regards
    Deepesh srivastava

  177. it’s scary that someone could track your every move. a lawyer tracked my every move last week. i think i’d rather loose my phone then to know that i can be tracked down. i thought it was a privacy issue but aparently it isen’t

  178. i had my mobile phone stolen it has pictures of my baby girl could you tell me how to track it down please thankyou

  179. sir
    my sony ericsson satio u10i mobile was stolem at date;13-7-2011.
    last number use;7600822806,
    plz sir help me
    i mvery great ful to u.plz send email.

  180. Name:- rahul verma
    model :- Nokia 2690
    Last no in used :- 9893269885
    E-mail for communication:-
    Missed date:- 26 july 2011
    IMEI No:-358260033952266
    contact no:- +73898557343

  181. i lost my blackberry (model no 8520)having sr. no. 357257043304687. Please help me to locate it. Thanks in advance.

  182. Sir,I lost my LG mobile from home. I want to my mobile location. Please help me for trace my mobile location.IMEI No is 359742-03-155447-4

  183. my new cell phone has lost
    model-SAMSUNG GT-3310
    imei no.-354118032718720
    colour-Rose RED my contact no.-9420388851
    plz plz plz work on it immediately
    sir i have fully faith on u……..

  184. sir my Samsung mobile b 5722
    sr . n. 358576032983923
    i have lost this mobile from the New Delhi Rly station so please inform inform because i have important number’s thanking you

  185. Dear Sir,
    i lost my samsung windos mobile , model no GT-B6520, and IMEI NO is 354020040228686 irequest will u pls find find my mobile alternet no-09939399568,how could i find my mobile anybody can help me?

    i’ll wait urresponse sir so pls helpme?

    Thank you

  186. my new cell phone has lost
    model-Nokla X2-01
    imei no.-356996045809323
    my contact no.-9414931760
    plz plz plz work on it immediately
    sir i have fully faith on u……..

  187. hi,
    my name is alpesh from ahmedabad (india) i have lost my mobile and my imei no is 35812503282940

  188. Hi Pals, I was robbed at GunPoint and my Blackberry Torch was stolen from me. I had installed BB Protect and I have tried tracking my phone only to get the last available trace. Now the fone can’t be traced 4 now. I was more worried when someone told me that with JAF, it can be formatted and the protect stuff will be rendered useless. Please how can I track it with my BB PIN 2345CB75. Please I nid urgent replies now.

    Kind regards,

    Alby (+2348037257819)

  189. Hello sir,I had a nokia c3 and it got stolen few days ago, if you could help me track it, please email me.
    Information about the phone:

  190. hye sir , Yesterday i have lost my Mobile phone early in the evening may b near around 7:30 PM, so kindly help me 2find it out , its Nokia N70M

  191. i lost my mobile nokia 5130 yesterday. if any one find my mobile please contact on i will be rewarded him. thanks

  192. A.A!This is Bilal from lhr.My mobile was lost on 24-July-2011.Therefore,I’m worried due to my mobile.
    Model. Q55
    Make. Qmobile
    Color. White
    IMEI. 352394042871906
    Mobile no. 03236662668
    Adress. H#84,St#83 Mohalla Farooqabad Sirajpura Bund Road Daroghawala Shalamar Town Lahore.

    Plz help me to find my mobile then i ‘ll be thankful your team.
    You may live long and may Allah bless you all.ameen

  193. Hi,I have lost my phone Nokia E5,Carbon black,IMEI NO. 357413043348766. could you please help me out to locate it? please contact me on +918976122369

  194. sir i lost my i phone last 10 days i have imei number how can i find my i phone please give me a good suggestion to recovery to my i phone

  195. My cellphone was stolen two days ago, would anyone be kind enough to track it for me? 9365226717 is the phone number

  196. Sir, I lost my phne on 20th july 2011 in delhi….i like to find it out…actualy dere is a Mobile Tracker in my Mobile…but also Phone Lock Option was ON if by some s/w d thief unlocks the phone then is it necessary that Mobile tracker also being disabled …it was S5233S -SAMSUNG TOUCH SCREEN…DO REPLY

  197. hi im amitj. i lose my mobile in…pls trace my mobile……
    amit kumar
    B-23 Budh vihar delhi 110083
    Phone model:Nokia x02
    Missed date:13.07.2011
    IMEI No:353423049986745

  198. i have lost my cell phone and would like to locate 2230 mobile no gt-e2230zkminu
    lost sim card nos 9619139728
    i already have complaint to dongri police station my comp nos is 27/11 date19/72011

  199. I Lost my blackberry two days ago and i was wondering, how can it be tracked , or can some one track it for me 35193704004772

  200. Phone model:Nokia C7
    Last used No.:+918860937774
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date:22nd july,2011
    IMEI No.355379040328808

    Plz sir,can u get me my phone back or get it blocked by any case!!!
    Waiting for your reply….

  201. Hi, my cellphone was stolen yesterday, can anyone track it for me? 93236160 is the phone number

  202. sir,
    sombody stol my bag and my passport was in it, also my cellphone which is still on. I have the following info:
    NO: 00971504554372
    it is in roaming service in Geneva now
    service provider Etisalat from UAE
    model: Nokia N8

    please help me, i need my passport to get out of the suisse.


  203. My phone model is Nokia E-5…and my IMEI number is 352023046260721…it was stolen while i was getting in the happened in mumbai,india at mulund railway station if anyone can help den pls mail me at or call me 9172340884

  204. dear sir i lost my samsung e2152 mobile from home.i want to my mobile location please help me for trace my mobile location.imei number is 353677049778788.thanks sir

  205. i have lost my cell on 18-jul-2011.
    MOBILE MODEL: Nokia 5130 Xpress music.
    IMEI NO: 353421045554400.
    Contact no: 9278885730.
    plz sir help me trace my mobile plz itz very urgent me.
    & give me details on my contact no.plz

  206. sir, i have lost my mobile samsung chat 332 & my mobile no +918080725612. my IMEI#


    mobile colour is noble black.
    Last dialled call no. 8108703311.

    If u can help to find my mobile,please inform me on 8828055660/9167221228.
    please help me asap……..thank u.

  207. my mobile is lost
    IMEI no 863263000235861
    IMEI NO 863263000235817

  208. I have lost my mobile Samsung Galaxy Fit model GT-S5670
    The EMEI no: 356330044401363
    Please if u can help me i would be grateful..
    inform me to my email Thanku for helping me. It was a brand new set i purchased on 17th of july and now stolen on 20th of July so u can understand the grief i am in..

  209. Nokia Model No: 5233 IMEI No: 356264043703125

    Lost Date: jun 7, 2011
    Lost Place: hanera gujarat Network: vodafone -Prepaid (gujarat) and my cell number is 09909820063,+918469375490

  210. I lost my mobile phone in social gadring in Jabalpur MP
    Name:Dr Ishwar Singh Thakur
    Address:310 Ishansh Villa New Ram Nagar Adhartal Jabalpur M.P.
    Phone model:Samsung Wave S8500
    Last used No.: 9425383992
    E-mail for communication:
    IMEI No.: 359223034673165

    Please help me track the mobile phone

  211. 530.I lost my mobile a couple of week back. How can I trace it!Atleast tell me the tips to proceed further.
    My mobile Model is Sony Ericsson W595i
    IMEI no. 359051025453028
    Mobile No. +919435975781

  212. give me suggetion how can i get it back my mobile . i complaint police but no use (nokia 5800)

  213. Phone Model No: XPERIA X10 Mini. (E10i)

    Make: Sony Ericsson

    Last used No: Outgoing – 91 94436 30682 on 10th July 2011
    Incoming – 91 8050 464006 on 11th July 2011

    E-Mail for Communication:

    Missing Date: 11th July 2011

    IMEI No: 01231200-497082-3

    Contact No on Missed Mobile: +91 96004 30233

  214. My cell phone Nokia E72 was stolen in Windhoek Namibia. Imei no: 353784043009051. can you plse block the cell or give me a location where the phone is.

  215. Hello Sir,
    I Have lost my Nokia 5233 on dtd: 13/07/11 which IMEI No is 353385045950068 & My E-Mail Id: is & (M)9429678686

  216. pls. help me.. lost my sony ericsson mobile phone. this my IMEI. NO. 3520450388373386, PLS. HOW TO TRACE THIS MOBILE? MY PHONE NUMBER IS +919961675879, 9995253519, PLS. HELP ME.. REG. SREERAJ

  217. my wife mobile no +91-9203801449. IMEI no.268435458904128741. earlier it was working. Now message are delievering but when i call it shows SWITCH OFF. This was the gift from her brother. she is upset. can u tell now exactly where it is. So that i can take action

  218. my tecno HD11 phone was stolen from my room thru my window when i was asleep that have a sim exchange theft guard which i did activated, and many sim have been inserted at various time into the phone with numbers: +2348051856451, +2347053020743, +2348062608571, +2347084567242 (present sim inside), how can i locate the culprit without him knowing?.

  219. My Nokia C3 set having IMEI355356042027273 STOLEN AT Andheri Railway Station. Can any one help me to trace the same.


  220. Someone flicked my phone when i was getting into a crowded train…can u pls help me out..i am from mumbai,india..its a nokia e5 model..pls…i wud b greatly obliged..pls

  221. hye sir , today i have lost my cell phone early in the morning may b near around 7:30 am , so kindly help me 2find it out , its LG COOKIE PEP.

    IMEI no. = 35724803779483500

  222. I have lost my Nokia Mobile Phone, just 4 hrs ago and the IMEI No. is 358268030260500. I will be thankful for this.

  223. I lost my Nokia 5800 phone, I would like to track my cell phone how can I do that? Thank you!

  224. Someone has stolen my droid x from public supermarket about two hrs. Ago, can u please help me track it. Please send info to , thank u very much

  225. Lost my iphone 4 in ireland. Phone Tracker apps not installed. csn you locste by tel no: 086-8197474..Help!!! it has some photos on it that are sentimental

  226. have lost my samsung galaxy 3 on 12/07/2011
    please help me to TRAKE this mobile phone
    for this i will always thank full to you my imei no is:352337/04/182867/4

  227. I lost my blackberry curve today 12-Jul-11 i’m in doha qatar. Can you please help how to track it capture the guy who stole it.

  228. sir, i have lost my phone micromax X266.dual sim, RED/BLACK colore mobile. its
    IMEI NO 910601200578262
    IMEI NO 910601205578267…plz help me… to trace or find out my phone…thanks

  229. I lost my sumsung phone (3053) 6 days ago
    i cant find it
    does any one know a phone tracker ?
    please because i had it just one week.pls. find the location my phone.

  230. Plz Help! I’ve lost my phone sep-2010, how I can’t find it’s location? ph-no-plz help mobile samsung sgh-L

  231. i have lost my nokia 5230 on 13/03/2011
    please help me to TRAKE this mobile phone
    for this i will always thank full to you

  232. my nokia 5230 IMEIno,355965042905278
    have lost on 13/04/2011
    plese help me to trake me my mobile phone
    for that i will always thankfull to you

  233. i lost my dual sim mobile…..
    First imei number 910558500219874 and second iemi no.910558500250671
    ph no. 9997197680
    plz plz help me…..
    Suraj Chourasia

  234. I lost my mobile phone in Nanded, maharashtra

    Name: Vikas Kabra
    Address: Tirupati lodge, vazirabad, nanded -1
    Phone model:Samsung Galaxy S i9003
    Last used No.: 9028202012
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 25/6/2011
    IMEI No.: 354949041866039

    Please help me track the mobile phone

  235. sir plz help i have lost my idea sim card number:-9012489640 so plz send me details where is it

  236. i lost my mobile…..
    imei number 357492041715234
    ph no. 9929203166 (Brother No.)
    plz plz help me…..
    Gordhan Sahay Saini

  237. sir,my n86 was stolen ytd imei code :354203031953260 fon number : 0149011861 plz help me

  238. Phone was stolen right from my own residence: MEID HEX: A100001359B541 MEID DEC: 270113179505879105 S/N: HT07XHF06138 ~ would love to put this behind me

  239. sir,somebody stole my mobile from icici bank m.i. road jaipur at time 1.30 pm o’clock date 08-07-2011 sir plz tell me my mobile spice m-5454 the exact location plz plz plz contact me immediatly my

  240. i have lost my 2700c nokia phone imei is 354313046507010 plz help me to find. stolen date is 25 april.20111

  241. Sir I lost my Samsung Mobile ( GT S3370) in the month of february. kinldy help me with to find it with following
    IMEI no.-352674040148484

  242. Hi, My BB torch was stolen.
    IMEI 354695044794740
    Any information would be much appreciated.

  243. i lost my phone nokia 6700 classic
    IMEI no: 352902/02/950036/1 please trace it
    my mobile No: 9999490436

  244. my frienders brother was lost or he is not coming home last 5 6 days no contact with him .my friend very upset so kindly request that last possition of 09729524956 this number hurry plz plz plz

  245. My daughters cell phone was stolen. can u track it for me with just an iem number?

  246. Hi,
    My mobile Nokia C7 with IMEI no : 353755047317989 has been stolen. Kindly do the needful to trace or lock the mobile.

  247. sir/madam,
    i lost my phone in a movie theater on 4th july.
    my imei no.356299044110078.
    please help me to find my mobile. i reuest you please…..

  248. i lost my cell phone get me an idea to track my phone location its a tata samsung cdma if u req the imei just email me

  249. hey i lost my phone last night..the number is +353861764507…i only have the number. Can i trace my phone?

  250. pl search my last mobile sony z550i wher place is used my IMEI no. 35212501-420534-7 my current using mob no 9945673694

  251. Hi i loss my mobile today nokia-x2
    9912173667 my no.
    alternative no.9985277488 (my friend Ravi)
    Can you please help me
    IMEI no.356266044724166

  252. Dear Sir,
    My phone ketchup on road at date 01.07.2011 to 9.45 pm between, Kindly tell me where location is use my phone by theft.
    My phone IEMI No. 358080017019034
    N70 Nokia Music Edition

    kindly please intimate me my cell no. 7696664037

    Many Thanks

  253. i lost my lg quantum a few days ago . its dead. is therea ny qway you can track it down ?

  254. my mobile phone was Lost.please track the mobile through the Nokia 2700 IMEI NO.35625904688765. if u find the phone plz contact me with 8826395617.plz plz plz plz…help me

  255. on 29th June 2011, i lost my blackberry-9780, please help me in finding out the same.

  256. i have lost my phone in 28.06.11 in the morning 10.00am .plz help me about tracking our phone location

    Comment by Nirmal Kumar—

  257. my q3i mobile is stolen plz block it….imei…359842031375316… number +9203347940883

  258. i lost my new samsung ace galaxy phone on 30/6/2011 areound 13:00 -14:30
    mobno. 8861440137

    i would be greatful if you track my phone and inform the same to my id>
    thanking you
    yours faithfully

  259. i lost my new samsung ace galaxy phone on 30/6/2011 areound 13:00 -14:30
    mobno. 8861440137

  260. plz help me i h lost my htc viva phone bcz that phone is my mom gift for me plzzzz 9997417002

  261. my mobile is stolen with sim which is now in service , plz help me in find location of mobile through my sim no. which is in on condition.

  262. I have lost samsung fit a gps enabled smartphone I could use it only for 15 days, I could not install any third party software for tracking, how can I get it back… is it possible or not…….

  263. i lost my videocon 1675 on 17th june,2011.the imei no af that phone is 910041130584711and 910041300804724. plzz help me in this

    samsung guru1410

    IMEI:358441 02 525026 1

    MY MOBILE NO:9031645225

    Help me to find my cell

  265. I lost my mobile phone in auto today in hyderabad

    Name: Rituparna Majunder
    Address: FlatNo.204, Sathguru plaza, StreetNo.6, West Marredpally
    Phone model:Samsung Galaxy ACE 5830
    Last used No.: 9434756980
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 28/6/2011
    IMEI No.: 357238040284072

    Please help me track the mobile phone

  266. I want to track my cell phone which is lost at 20:41pm how i could find it?
    it’s number is +919978777114

  267. Hellow sir,
    I lost my HTC P5520 touch dual on 2011 april.
    I would like to track my cell phone.
    It’z my IMEI: 356610012907289

    Please I need it n I luv It!

  268. i have lost my micromax q5 on 27 th june 2011. can u please help , my alt contact no is 9980661364

  269. lost my new nokia n8. plz help.
    imei no.- 356237047206980.
    my current cell no. 09430906616

  270. hi i am prashanth i hav lost my mobile in bus. i am from bangalore, plz help me to track my mobile, its 5800, IMEI-354182023172511. plz..

  271. i have lost my cell phone karbonn k570 gsm dual mode mobile phone imei 910041900184410 and imei 910041900684419 both numbers were working at the time of lost

  272. MY NOKIA N70 MOBILE HAS LOST 21.05.11 IMEI NO-358080011087087 MY MAIL

  273. How can i keep a person from tracking my every move? crazy fan spooked me. do i disengage my gps in the settings? i have the droid x

  274. dear sir 19 may lost my mobile cell E72 IMEI No 354848044831141 model nokia E72 plz trese how is use tise set plz

  275. I have lost my lg cookie kp5oo .I would like to track my cell phone how can I do that?
    imei no:351785-03-665357-5

  276. I have lost my micromax Q5 mobile on 07.06.2011 which IMEI No. 910040057811171, pls help me to find out my mobile. thanks

  277. I lost my cell phone Nokia E63, I would like to track my cell phone how can I do that? Thank you!!!

    IMEI No.359319025319238

  278. i lost my mobile nokia 2730 to day at 8 pm in laxmi nagar delhi my no is 09411615825 and imei no 353396047324905.please he please help me.

  279. my apple iPhone is being stolen.Its 9646485842.I have all the important contacts in it.Plz help me find the iPhone.or mail me at if u find the phone.

  280. I lost my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone on last wednesday. There was no mobile tracking software installed.
    IMEI no. 353658040158709

  281. Sir,
    My name is gaurav pal my nokia 5800 xpress music phone is stolen my phone imei no is 358279038345000 pls help me to my phone which type of manner i can that. please help us

  282. sir
    i lost my mobile Phone i.e. NOkia 5130c express music on 29-11-2010. my mobile device IMEI no. is 356053039342067. how can find/trace my mobile. i have already given police complaint. i am not having hope on them. is there any another way to find my mobile.

  283. I lost my New Nokia C6, Black color Phone , EMI No. is 356994049976883, If Found any one so pls contact My id, and my no. is 9004004127

  284. I lose my mobile , IMEI number is 356989018192171 NOKIA C5. If any one finds it please call me on 9293717460 or send email to

  285. I logo my mobile , IMEI number is 353753043436424 NOKIA Blue colour 2690. If any one finds it please call me on 9848096786 or send email to Thanks

  286. Dear friends dont be fool that some one will trace your mobile free of cost. There are many sites they charged 10 to 25 % cost of the lost mobile than they give you the location of lost mobile.

  287. Ilost my nokia cellphone 2730c the IMEI no is 357978033310695
    plz plz plz find it tell me
    e-mail id

  288. Hi I am MANDAR
    I lost my Nokia N73 mobile from Pune on 5th May 2011. Can anyone tell me how to track my mobile using the IMEI no. My mobile IMEI no is 353548027914333

  289. I lost my Samsung Monte mobile with how can i block this mobile, so that this will be useless handset for the stealer.

  290. I lost my Nokia N8 IMEI # 355361043286324 a month back, in Bangalore, India. I had purchased it in Doha, Qatar. Have been trying to trace it since then. Please, please help me find it and ur reply will be appreciated. Thank u very much!

  291. The government would love to get this in every phone made just so they could track the whereabouts of every person without having to tattoo a number on every man, woman and child’s forehead or obtaining a prior court order to do so.
    You haven’t seen anything yet… just wait and remember where you saw it first.

  292. Hi,
    I lost my nokia 5800 XM, on 11th June 2011. I lost it in train, and when i called it up, it rung for some time, then switch off. the emi is 358247039957340 and the sim card in that cell phone was +91-7600455161.. please help me to find that, i have all my important contacts and business docs in that cell phone… if you find any thing, please call me at +91-7405288074 or just email me at

  293. Name: Mha Algamady
    Phone model: white BlackBerry bold 9780
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date:June 1, 2011 at 5:10 pm
    IMEI No.:356186046316599

    I lost it in a black van taxi when I came from the airport to my apartment
    please help me to find it
    unless give me the number of who takes it please

  294. Hi, this is jagadesh. I lost my mobile on 10.06.2011.Sony xpedia mini . My mobile number is 9003232008. Its Imei no is 01234200-362967-4. Pls kindly do the favour for me.

  295. i lost my nokia 6208c on 30-05-2011.
    IMEI No. – 356872023122767

    Contact No.- 9922400686

  296. IMEI number is 353397047535482. Nokia E 63, Black colour, Stolen on 11 june 2011. Please help me to trace it.
    thanks and regards

  297. I recently lost my T-Mobile G2 cell phone while I was out with my mother. Im sure it’s dead by now but if you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I dont wanna have to pay another &300 for a new one!

  298. by mistake i had done a mistake of giving some blank calls and dropped a message on few nos of a family at the same time from a new illegal no but from legel phone.I use that phone regularly.i had broke that sim.
    They r very sourceful family.Is there any chance that they might know my emei no and know my past sim used in that mobile just by that calls.

  299. Hi Sir,

    I girijananda kumar i lost my mobile today morning i want to trace the location of the mobile whr its is. its my iemi no: 353677049770934. please healp me to ttrace this mobile.

  300. Sir somebody stole my Nokia 2700 phone from my home IMEI No is:351532042623543 Sim No was 9872960376 pls help me.What should i do.

  301. i lost my spice M 4242
    IMEI NO.-910040868124889
    my cell number is-08059998014

  302. Dear sir
    I lost my cell phone and would like to locate it.

    LOST DATE:9/6/2011

  303. My cell phone got stolen at my graduation prty my family thre for me. Can you please help me find out where it is. Its a Virgin mobile LG Rumor Touch. Tha ime number is 268435460013356998 please help me it has important data.

  304. sir i have lost my mobile when i was going today my mobile was nokia e66.IMEI No. 352943026846027. how can i trace my phone

    Phone model:SAMSUNG CHAMP
    Last used No.:9325447684
    E-mail for
    Missed date:31/05/2011
    IMEI No.:*359800/03/707146/3*

  306. I got my cell stolen last night at my graduation party with my family. Please help me track it down. It has important data….

  307. I have lost my Blackberry Bold 9000 on thursday..2 june,2011 at 7:30 pm. I had lost it in Bangalore near Ulsoor Police station. How can track it…with the help of IMEI number or any other means? Pls help!!

  308. dear sir i have lost my mobile when i was going for morning walk at olock 7.30. mobile was nokia X6 16 GB memory black co lour and IMEI No. 354316047135068. how can i trace my number

  309. i lost my blackberry plzz plzz help me find it out :bb pin no. 2615a5e0
    ph no. 9821594402
    imei no. 355987045270534

  310. hello i had lost my LG mobile on 18-04-2010 in optical shop it as mobile tracer i have a number of stolen person(9948382903) can u help in locating my mobile plzz


  311. I Lost my Nokia 6300 Gold Color mobile on 22.5.2011, IMEI Number is: 359347024224562

    pls help to find my mobile, thank you sir.



    MY MOBILE NO:09858046686

    Help me to find my cell

  313. My name is hassaan and my mobile modelis nokia e5 my mobie is lost and i know my mobile imme number please help me to find out.

  314. I have lost my Motorola Droid and it is turned off, is there any way at all that I can find out its last location?

  315. Maxx Model No: mx128i
    IMEI No: 351857046738785
    Lost Date: May 31, 2011
    Lost Place: nalasopara
    Network: Airtel -Prepaid (mumbai)

  316. my mobile is stolen with sim which is now in service , plz help me in find location of mobile through my sim no. which is in on condition.

  317. i lost my mobile in vashi.. my IMEI Number is 358321033345685. Pls find my mobile. my cell no. 9930006002

  318. my cell phone was lost , it was nokia E63 3 to 4 months ago . IMEI no is 353397041110183.please help me to find out my cell phone



    MY MOBILE NO:8790079009

    Help me to find my cell

  320. My cell phone is stolen
    IMEI number 356610010316715
    please trace my cell phone and give me information on my email id

  321. i lost my cell when i am coming from my native pls trace that and pls get me back pls
    my IMEI:012468006638980
    contact num : 9900390427

  322. i lost my samsung mobile can u able trace it i have imei number of my mobile. further details contact 9003465624

  323. i lost my mobile when i was travelling in bus.
    IMEI NUMBER:910040061445644
    MY CONTACT NO: 9876445100

  324. i lost my nokia C6 i got very important contacts and ids
    my iemi no is C548390449405
    and item no is 002S090 please tellits location its quite quite important

  325. My cell phone is stolen
    Nokia X2
    IMEI number 352699049207411
    please trace my cell phone and give me information on my email id…..

  326. dear sir,

    i have lost my E63 nokia mobile in bombay and imei no of my mobile is 356836029365993 and my no. 9773321500 please suggest me some idea to track my phone

  327. hi all i have lost my samsung corby pro (b5310) , on 25 may 2011 from bihar , in which 9835808000 number was active (idea MNP), will u help me to search that which imei number is 356434030134861. my alternet contact no is – 8987100008 , 9955005060 , . either help me that how to search

  328. my nokia c5 stolen , there imei no.354847041495595, help me trace mobile , my contact no.9968372757/9873622655

  329. i lost my phone imei no. is 353668024340926 can u help me to find the location and working new no. in mobile phone.

  330. Nokia Model No: X2-01
    IMEI No: 356996043128296
    Lost Date: May 4, 2011
    Lost Place: Ahmedabad
    Network: Tata Docomo -Prepaid

  331. I lost my nokia x201, which I brought on 4th May, 2011. IMEI for the same is 356996043128296. Plz help me.

  332. Nokia Model No: X2-01
    IMEI No: 356256040298059
    Lost Date: May 23, 2011
    Network: Airtel -Prepaid (GIJRAT)

  333. 1.Nokia Model No: X2-01
    IMEI No: 356256040298059
    Lost Date: May 23, 2011
    Network: Airtel -Prepaid (GuJRAT)

  334. i lost my samsung c3100. its number is 9874535734. d imei number is 352308041488645.
    d person who took it broke d phone password and accesses my phone at night. picks up d phone but doesnt speak. i have not yet locked d sim as there still stands a possibility of recovering the phone.plz help. plz help me track it.

  335. My iphone was stolen in South Africa and I need help to find it.
    My contact number is 0027711781795

  336. sir
    my samsung guru 1410 mobile is lost its iemi no is 358441021984665. plz help in track my mobile

  337. hello there im looking to track my girls iphone 4 as its 3 weeks old and on a 24 month plan we went to the woodport last night and some one stoll it off the table anyway i was looking at gps tracking or imie tracking but as i have looked on the net there is some programes but cost $399 but if u could help me that would be great thankyou

  338. Dear sir,

    I have lost my mobile nokia E63 which is a very precious mobile for me.I want to track it,the imei no is 354329045706582.I suppose the thief has already removed my sim card. Please help me.


  339. i lost my g five mobile this is a china set but it is having imei no

  340. i have lost my new samsung galaxy3 i5801 cell phone is there any criteria of getting it back? and its IMEI no is 352337041334004 please mail me at

  341. Please help me… i lost my phone.. my phone number is 0094754369502.. some one barrow this and removed the sim card.plz my be they are using… plz find the phone or atlease find me the new contact number they are using.. than i can catch them
    thank you

  342. my mobile number has lost it,s detail is following

    model- 2700
    make – nokia
    imei no. – 356946039994920

    please help me to search my cell phone

  343. My Sister is lost from some days having Nokia 2690 mobile so i want to trace her location,So plz reply soon me on my given mail id

    Read more:

  344. where is my mobile right now…i lost it so please help me for where location…numbe is9601767966

  345. i lost my mobile when i was travelling in bus.
    IMEI NUMBER:359742031924404
    MY CONTACT NO: 9848487969,9440905506

  346. Hi :) ..i have somehow lost my phone sonewhere in my house ..More so in my has been missing for 2weeks and i have not had any contact with anyone for that lent of time to find it? I have already searched for it a million times! i had it underneath my pillow one morning and when i went back there to get it .it was Gone! i would really appreiciate your help!

  347. My Sister is lost from some days having Nokia 5130 mobile so i want to trace her location,So plz reply soon me on my given mail id
    IMEI NO-355246038424891

  348. i have lost my new nokia c6 cell phone is there any criteria of getting it back? i have imei no. also … please mail me at

  349. i didn’t found any comments with stating that any one of them have got theire cell phone. guys is any one have found it?
    if yes then pls help me too…

  350. some thife lutted my iphone 3g and they have thrown my sim away.. I have imei number > so how can i found my iphone using imei number.???

  351. i am lost my mobile on 12/04/2011,model no nokia 5130 imei no 354873045253814 sir plz help me

  352. PLzz sir i have lost my cell phone in examination hall plzz help me out to find out my cell, i am living as a PG at my friends home and i can’t tell my parents about it.and i am using a cheap phone of my friend plzzz help me out to find out my cell i would appriciate as a greatest work if it works

    Plz Contact +918890864381
    Would like to hear positive replies from you, Thank You Very Much

  353. my friend is missing since morning her no is 9804553980 how can i trace her by her mobile no. please help

  354. my mobile Samsung Starjet-S003 is lost on 17/12/10. I have the emi number and mobile tracker is been installed in it. but i didn’t get any msg. please can u trace the mobile with my EMI number 357381031051538. this will be great help for me

  355. my cell phone is lost on 5.2.2011 with an imei number 355013031071867 please help me to retrieve my phone

  356. my bb just got stolen. was wondering if i will be able to track it via gps,my pin no and imei of the phone. pls reply to my email.

  357. sir.

    i lost ,my cellphone on new years eve i really need it back for work so it would be nice if you could help

    please help me find it its a blackberry bold

  358. plz help me i lost my mobile phone its imei is : 359350021871187 . this is nokia 5630 xpress music

  359. sir
    i lost my mobile Phone i.e. NOkia 5130c express music on 29-11-2010. my mobile device IMEI no. is 358268037132645. how can find/trace my mobile. i have already given police complaint. i am not having hope on them. is there any another way to find my mobile.

  360. today i lost my mobile when i was travelling by bus mi don,t remember ime number . i m missing my cell phone,how can i get back my cell ph please help me

  361. I lost my phone and I need to know where it is. I’m pretty sure that its out of batty cause I lost it for a while, someone please help me. #:3058963440 if you located it, call 3059878294

  362. I lost my new nokia 5233 on 18th sept 2010 in bangalore. IMEInor is 353385043099447 haw can i track it. Can u pls help me to track..

  363. i lost my iphone 3 days ago i try to used but the problem was i never register it, but when i call the cellphone that person don’t answer it,can you trace is location or track it?

  364. i lost my mobile in before 4 months in madurai sony ericsson s312 IMEI:354270038525094 using simcard airtel postpaid no 9677066882 contact no: 9677066882

  365. any one who lost i phone should send the IMEI no and serial number i will try my best..good luck

  366. Hi, i lost my mobile micromax 235 before 2 days

    Your name: dr.panka darji
    Address: F- 1, Akshar Comlex, Sector – 20, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
    Phone model: Micromax X235
    Make:Micro max
    Last used No.: 9998817447
    E-mail for communication:
    Missed date: 12 septeber2010
    IMEI No.: 910045001588510

  367. hi sir i lost my mobile on 28/06/2010 in pali rajasthan ,plzz help me to locate my mobile,can u tell me the exact location of my mobile i.e