Is Gmail Rejecting Your POP Password? You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone

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If you retrieve your email via POP from Gmail, you may on occasion find that Gmail completely rejects your password. Now, having Gmail rejecting your POP password can be very disconcerting, not to mention frustrating! Your mail client keeps prompting you for your Gmail password, you keep entering the password that you know is the right password, and Gmail keeps rejecting it.

It’s enough to drive you crazy.

But don’t let it, because you’re not crazy, and it’s not you – it’s Gmail. And you can prove it to yourself by logging in to your Gmail account via the web, using the same password that you know is your correct password – the very same password that Gmail keeps rejecting in your efforts to POP your mail.

Nobody seems to know why this happens. And, unfortunately, nobody seems to know how to fix it, other than to just wait.

Some people have said that they have had success closing down their mail program, and re-opening it. Others have said that rebooting their machine has helped. These things are worth trying but if they don’t work, just know that this too shall pass, and all you can do is wait it out.

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56 thoughts on “Is Gmail Rejecting Your POP Password? You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone

  1. I have had this problem for years, normal everyday activity suddenly causes a security alert in gmail. I use Thunderbird to manage my email accounts. Today one ofmy gmail accounts was blocked for no reason. Changed password – four times, each time I could access the website and see my mail, T’bird stayed blocked even with the succession of new passwords. Finally looked at “less secure apps” setting, it was on, hurrah. So I toggled it off and back on. Loh! T’bird was allowed access to my emails straight away.
    Decudtion: Gmail is unreliable crap, which is why I am migrating my emails to other email providers.

  2. I tried logging in to computer and my email has been changed. I need it back the way it was please fix to my old way and I need my password set. Thank you.

  3. Changing my old gmail password to a ten character password worked for me! Thank you!!!!

  4. go to ‘my account’ – Sign-in & security – Password & sign-in method – App passwords – select ‘app’ (in my case: I wrote ‘microsoft outlook’) on ‘my device’ (in my case: I wrote ‘windows’), solved.

  5. Go to and sign into your gmail account and then go to the following link and set the toggle to allow less secure apps. Then setup your gmail account in Microsoft Outlook and it will detect the settings automatically.

  6. Go to your account settings in google. Then turn on “Allowed” in Access for less secure apps. That work for me too !

  7. Go to your account settings in google. Then turn on “Allowed” in Access for less secure apps. That work for me too !

  8. To resolve issues with Access from a mail client to your Google account…
    1) simply log on to Google or Gmail through your browser.
    2) go to account (top right)
    3) scroll down to Connected apps and services
    4) Click Account Permissions
    5) Click manage app passwords
    6) select app and device from the drop downs
    7) click Generate to get the app specific password
    8) Copy and paste into apps password field.

    Enjoy your renewed connection to your gmail.

  9. To resolve issues with Access from a mail client to your Google account…
    1) simply log on to Google or Gmail through your browser.
    2) go to account (top right)
    3) scroll down to Connected apps and services
    4) Click Account Permissions
    5) Click manage app passwords
    6) select app and device from the drop downs
    7) click Generate to get the app specific password
    8) Copy and paste into apps password field.

    Enjoy your renewed connection to your gmail.

  10. Changing the password or Go to your account settings in google. Then select “Allowed” in Access for less secure apps.worked for me.ThankYou.

  11. Here is another solution: Go to your account settings in google. Then select “Allowed” in Access for less secure apps.

  12. I have been using Outlook/ to access 2 different gmail accounts for a number of years.
    Yesterday for no obvious reason I was unable to access the mail server for either account –
    with a message ‘Your password was rejected…’
    I then tried to access gmail via browser and got the following
    ‘Verify your identity. We’ve detected unusual activity on your account’
    and asked to provide a phone number to ‘verify identity’.
    So using Outlook to access your email is now considered ‘unusual activity’ by google and they block access to your account unless you provide a phone number.
    I did this, had to change my password(s) and am able to access via POP again.
    But what is it with this company and how exactly does providing a phone number ‘verify your identity’? Creepy people

  13. I was able to login to gmail account and verify my cell phone verification which was pending and it started working. Security reason google does not allow to login from outside of sources until you verify all pending verification from google.

  14. If Mail continually asks you for your password and then rejects it, try accessing your email via the web using the password that you know is correct. That worked for me then I went to Settings on the top right there and changed my password. Using the new password I submitted it when Mail requested a password – and it worked. Remember to change the password on all your devices.

  15. I have an IMAP account. Can receive mail from gmail in MAIL program but cannot send on my laptop. Can send and receive on my iphone4S.
    Can I use your POP solutions or is this a different issue? It’s been like this for MONTHS! Thanks kindly.

  16. I was also instructed by google to do this:].com/UnlockCaptcha and it’s worked for every client that had an issue

  17. I’ve also been instructed by google to use this fix:].com/UnlockCaptcha and it’s worked for every client that had an issue

  18. I had the same problem to set up G-Mail on my iPhone 5. The only way I can find to solve this problem is to cancel 2-step verification codes. After that everything is fine.

    I think this 2-step verification code is a good thing in terms of security, but on the other hand it seems to make thing more complicated than it should be

  19. I’ve experienced the same thing. I thought it was me, at first, but after repeated instances across a couple of my gmail accounts, I realize it’s Gmail’s problem. I use a matrix password that changes depending on the site I access. I know my password should have worked but it did not. I tried to re-set but then decided to use my same password before the reset and I was able to access my G-mail account. It’s no accident that this happens as it’s not a common problem among other sites. I only encounter this with Gmail. Why do they purposely do this, so they can capture your phone number, which in most cases is your cell number. Think about it, how many other sites that you visit have this problem. Also, it started happening concurrently with the new request for our phone numbers. I am currently looking for an alternative to Gmail/Yahoo/hotmail. There are other options but I won’t mention them so as not to make folks think I’m just a pitchman. This password problem with Gmail has been a real issue for me. I’m done with them as soon as I decide on which alternative to use. Conspiracy theory notwithstanding, Gmail is worthless to me if they constantly refuse to recognize my password!

  20. I have both iphone 3gs and ipad v3, same issue happened on 7/30/12 – where exchange server no longer recognize my account and stop pushing email to my device, I’ve tried everything from deleting account, syncing with itune, DisplayUnlockCaptcha… nothing worked. Last attempt was to try setting up the exchange server on my iphone through 3G and not wifi… surprisingly this worked. But since I don’t have ipad on 3G i’m still hoping someone from Google would address this issue regarding their server…

  21. I also could not login to my Gmail account through Apple Mail on my iMac due to an ‘incorrect’ password. It was wrecking my head for ages. To solve it, I deleted my iCloud mail account in Apple Mail Preferences, closed down Apple Mail, started Apple Mail up again and then all my Gmail just came ‘flooding’ in [Mr. Popular here got about 2 new mails haha :-)]. Hope this helps somebody.

    Ro, Ireland.

  22. Not trying to be rude, but you last two people to comment should read before you respond. All you have to do is create a 10 digit/letter password. You don’t have to call google to get them to call you with a password they make. Save people the extra work and read the comments next time. :)

  23. Thanks Buddy! It worked. I have a regular gmail account. Log in to gmail and click this link:

    Then use your email client on your phone and pc/mac. Should work now.

  24. I found a solution. Gmail has a new verification by phone number that works perfectly. It’s a super enhanced security feature. You enter your phone number, Google texts you a code that you confirm. After that you can setup each one of your devices with special generated passwords that will trigger the emails to work. I have an iMac, a Macbook and iPhone, they all work perfectly now. Hope it helps!

  25. All you have to do to fix this is make a strong password that is more than 10 characters long. It’s a security feature put in for e-mails checked across multiple devices.

  26. What finally worked for me was to do the following:
    in Eudora
    Special>reset password(s)
    Then check mail and you’ll be prompted to enter your gmail password.
    Just fixed my client’s Eudora running on Windows 7 and it pulled all email from June 25th when it had stopped receiving email in Eudora.

  27. Thank you very much
    11. , worked for me too

    Lucky to be here, God bless you :)

  28. Hi.
    Ian ´ s link for gmail verification works but for few hours only.

    Than i have go to that link again and again every single day.

    Pls can some body help?

  29. go to
    then press EDIT by the
    ‘Authorizing applications and sites’
    on the bottom of the page enter MAIL in the box and press ‘generate password’ this password you will you to create Account on the Mail app

  30. Step1: Go to

    If it still doesn’t work go to the link below and set up a 2 step veritication

  31. btw I tried both verification links here, didn’t help. No surprise as it’s not a password problem.

  32. On POP’ing my Gmail, it doesn’t reject my password, but it takes so long to even get a handshake that I can start up my browser, turn on cookies, log into Gmail and see my Inbox BEFORE the POP mail starts to transfer! This is only since I switched to Comcast it was fine on Verizon DSL and the old Comcast before that. One other change here is from XP to Windows 7 at the same time as the new Comcast connection.

  33. Thank you Ian. Your suggestion worked like a dream, after a day of frustrations trying to get this to work!

  34. Worked wonders for me!
    This is easier than messing with keychain

    Try deleting the apple mail plist file in library preferences and restarting Mail
    (Just move the file to desktop in case you want it back)
    Restarting Mail will create the new file for you

    Please post if it works for you

  35. Thank you IAN! that was awesome! You are my savior – I worked for over 2 hours trying to get this to work.

  36. After trying many suggestions I deleted the email account that I had the problem with and reinstalled it (Outlook 2003) and all worked OK again.

    The problem followed optimizing my disk so am pretty sure that was the cause.

    Hope it’s that simple for you.

  37. I tried the link in the thread but it won’t accept my password – I tried all passwords that I’ve used in the last year but none of them work!

  38. Unfortunately i havent been able to get any mail since Friday on my iPhone and for 2 weeks on my Mac with Outlook. I am getting really pissed off and I’ve changed my password three times today before reading this comment

  39. Here I am in 2010 with yet another comment. Yes, I have given up on G-Mail. Yes, they have shut me out of – of all things – Thunderbird. Yes, I tried several ways of defeating the problem. No, I have not found a “solution”. No, I may not even bother with the “solution” offered in comment #3 above because, if G-Mail is this hard going in, I’m not interested in facing whatever else they may allow to go wrong for, … let’s see, didn’t you first post this in 2008? Hmmmmm, doesn’t look like Google cares much about their customer base as long as the ads pay for mistakes and schlepp, or is it just me?

  40. The link ”” worked like a charm!!!! instant, and easy!! thanks to whomever it was that found and posted this!!!!

  41. yep, no idea why, but
    accounts/UnlockCaptcha? fixed the problem… very weird but glad its fixed

  42. If your addresses are hosted on google apps, go to domain].com/UnlockCaptcha


  43. A solution to this problem has been found. simply goto and unlock your account. It is a genuine work fix which worked for me.

  44. I can not go to anymore. There is no link anymore like that to get to your email. So when I sign into my gogle account, it takes you to a screen to sign up for a gmail account. I already have a gmail account. But can’t find out how to get to it now. So I am sure that I have some messages, but don’t know how to get to them now. This just started a couple of days ago. I was able to go to before and your account was there. This is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. They’re not the only ones. ATT/SBC Global have also begun the hob-nailed march across my POP accounts.
    I may be some sort of a dinosaur, but I have started, … and stayed with Juno (UnitedOnLine) since 2001. I did so, first because my daughter suggested it before I got a newer – email ready – computer; secondly, because it was free then; thirdly, because of its POP capabilities; and, last-but-not-least, because it allowed me a hyphen in my email address.
    I now pay $9.95(US) per year for this service. I have never had to change my address, and so many of my friends/contacts have changed so often and with each ISP change, that they’re basically disappearing from the globe, but not me.
    I can POP mail from my old account, but my “new” SBC ATT account will not allow me to get my mail there. They insist that I use one of their list of “Secure” services, like Eudora. While I’m always grateful that my security is of concern, I do not appreciate that I do not have the choice.

    They have offered to help me get things set up, but all the help so far does not work.

    In this case, I do not plan to stay with ATT forever, and I still use my Juno address, so it’s not a permanent problem, but it’s still not right.

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