Do You Have to Wear Eclipse Glasses to Watch the Solar Eclipse on TV or Online?

The upcoming total solar eclipse is one of the biggest events of the year. With countless people trekking to camp out in places like Wyoming, where the eclipse will be seen in its totality, it feels like a cross between Burning Man and Woodstock, if they were put together by Neil deGrasse Tyson. For people who can’t take part in these festivities, there are lots of places that will be live-streaming the solar, but do you need eclipse glasses if you are watching the eclipse online or on television?

Netflix Purity Commitment Ring Keeps Partners from Binge Watching without the Other

Apparently some folks in the UK have bigger problems than breaking up with the EU on their minds. UK ice cream maker Cornetto has come up with Netflix “commitment rings”, to keep partners from binge watching their favourite shows unless they are together, so that one can’t commit Netflix adultery on the other. Yes, really. Because, says Cornetto, “Love should last longer than one season.”

AT&T Rolls Out Live and Streaming TV on Mobile Devices

AT&T is offering live streaming television direct to your smartphone or tablet, and even your Android or Apple Watch, through its U-Verse apps and offerings. While you do have to have an AT&T U-verse television package that includes home television (and includes giving you a DVR), there is no reason you have to use it at home or use the DVR, you can choose to access only the online streaming service.

How to Sign Up for Dish Network’s Sling TV Internet Television

This week cable television provider Dish Networks announced the launch of its online Internet television service, Sling TV. For $20.00, you can stream live television programming, including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Boomerang, Baby TV, Duck TV, ABC Family and CNN, to any Internet-connected device.

The Aereo Supreme Court Decision in Plain English

This morning the Supreme Court handed Internet television service Aereo their head on a platter. In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court held that Aereo was in violation of copyright law when it rebroadcast network television shows without permission from, or paying royalties to, the networks and other copyright holders of the material that Aereo was rebroadcasting to its subscribers.

Google Chromecast Explained

You may have heard a bit about Google Chromecast, and may be wondering just what is Google Chromecast? It sounds like a process, but Google Chromecast is actually an Internet broadcast device (much like an Internet television device, such as Apple TV, or a Roku). So, just how does Google Chromecast compare to Apple TV, Roku or Myth TV? Here’s how.

ABC’s New WatchABC ABC Player App Lets You Watch ABC Live Streamed on Your Device – With a Catch

Lots of people were really excited to learn about the “Watch ABC” ABC Player app, which lets you watch ABC broadcast shows – live streaming – on your iPhone or iPad, or a Windows 8 computer (no word on an ABC Player for Android yet). And it’s free! The first two markets, New York and Philadelphia, went live today. However, there is a catch. You must be a cable customer, and they enforce it by requiring you to log in with the username and password for your cable subscription.

Top Designers and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Put Fashion Shows Online

Big name designers such as Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Badgley Mischka and Carolina Herrera have taken advantage of digital media by showing their fashion shows online during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Major designers are realizing that online fashion shows are a great way to bring their collection to wider audience, and new designers can produce online fashion show for a fraction of the pricetag of an in-person show, which can cost upwards of $100k.

Will Intel TV’s New Offering Boom Or Bust?

Intel TV promises to offer everything a smart television should. An internet television service that will stream live, deliver on-demand programming, and even store your last seven days of viewing—and much, much more according to Erik Hudders, general manager of Intel Media. He also says you’ll be able to watch it on television along with mobile devices. Plus, he claims it’ll be a much more rewarding viewing experience than ever before. Only he doesn’t say how, and the set-top box service (using…you guessed it…Intel chips!) will feature a camera. So Big Brother can watch you while you’re watching Big Brother.

‘So God Made a Farmer’ Dodge Ad Makes Some Wonder Where to Listen to All of Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story Shows Online

While this year’s Superbowl ads did not disappoint, one of the clear winners was the Dodge Ram truck commercial which pays homage to farmers. Perhaps the most poignant part of the ad was the recording of Paul Harvey’s 1978 speech called, “So God Made a Farmer.” It got some wondering as to where to listen to all of Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story shows online? Well the good news is that, even though Paul Harvey died in 2009, his voice and stories do indeed live on.