When Feedback is Demanded What’s the Point?

Now, we all know the importance of feedback. Giving feedback is what allows businesses to even better serve their customers. And we’re all familiar with feedback forms on all sorts of sites, the quintessential example being the feedback form for eBay feedback. There are all types of feedback – positive feedback, negative feedback, and even constructive feedback which may be neither. But demanded feedback? Giving and receiving feedback should be a voluntary act. Demanding that I leave feedback for a transaction with you may lead to destructive feedback, or maybe I should learn how to give scholarly constructive feedback that feels positive when it isn’t! I mean, why provide feedback at all if it’s going to be so strained? Why do you feel entitled to – indeed – how dare you demand feedback from me? [And check out how eBay is forcing sellers to leave buyers only positive eBay feedback – no more eBay negative feedback for buyers with the new eBay seller feedback rule!]

From Food Stamps to Six Figures, Using the Internet

We have a colleague by the name of Jeff Walker. Jeff is one of those amazing people – a genuinely nice guy – who also happens to know how to ethically make a lot of money on the Internet. I mean, a lot of money. What is unique about Jeff, also, is that he helps others to make a lot of money on the Internet. Again, I mean, a lot of money. Now you can watch as Jeff helps a guy go from food stamps to six figures, using the Internet!

ISPs Inserting Ads In Your Browsing Experience to Cash in on the Internet Ad Boom

Not to be left out of the Internet Ad boom (such as those ubiquitous “Ads by Google” Adsense ads), it has been discovered that ISPs are cashing in on the ad money craze by inserting ads into your browsing experience using a service called NebuAd – that is, as you are browsing from website to website, your ISP may be adding their own contextually matched ads for you to see, overlayed on top of what you are browsing, based on what you are browsing!

“Limited Link Marketing” – New Pixel by Pixel Marketing Takes Internet by Storm

“Limited link marketing”, or “pixel marketing”, all started witih the Million Dollar Homepage created by Alex Tew. Then came the 1000 Word Page, and now we have expert Internet marketers creating the 500 Word page, the 1024 Ad page, and a new software program to allow even a beginner to put up their own limited link or pixel marketing page.