Microsoft Fined $732 Million for Failing to Honor Settlement Agreement

Microsoft has been fined to the tune of $732 million by the European Union, for failing to adhere to the requirements of a settlement agreement that resulted from Microsoft’s restrictive shipping of Windows computers pre-loaded with Internet Explorer as the default web browser, and with no obvious alternative. Joaquin Almunia, competition commissioner for the European Union, noted that it had been a mistake to let Microsoft monitor their own compliance with the agreement.

Study Finds News Sites Taken In by Internet Explorer (IE) IQ Hoax Have Lower IQs than Other News Sites

A random, non-scientific survey of Internet Patrol staff members has found that people believe that Internet news sites that were taken in by the recent AptiQuant “study” finding that Internet Explorer (IE) users have a lower IQ than other browsers users, themselves have a lower IQ than other Internet news sites. “Internet Explorer Users Are Kinda Stupid, Study Suggests” exclaimed the PC World article. “Internet Explorer users ‘have below-average IQ’ ” blared The Telegraph. Business Insider and many other sites picked up the story as well.

Funeral for IE6 Not a Hoax – Being Held in Denver Thursday Night

The planned funeral for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is not a hoax – it really is happening, tonight, in Denver, Colorado. Oh sure, it’s a spoof, but an elegant and well-planned one, to be sure, complete with prizes “for the best IE6 memory & the best dressed!” In fact, the IE 6 Funeral has gotten not just national, but even international attention, being featured in such overseas news sources as Britain’s The Register.

The Problem with Site Blocking Browsers and Search Engines is That They Block Good Sites

Firefox and IE both have site blocking (or at least, site warning) built into their current iterations. Google also does site blocking now. All do site blocking based on some metric, known only to them, that tells them that a site is more likely than not to be a malicious site, such as a phishing site, or a site loaded with spyware. The problem with site blocking browsers and site blocking search engines such as Google is that sometimes they get it wrong.

Thirteen Year Old Megan Meier Commits Suicide after Cyber Bullying and Online Emotional Attack by Classmate’s Parents Posing as Child

Thirteen year old Megan Meier committed suicide after being intentionally befriended and then dumped by someone she believed to be a new online friend named Josh Evans. In reality, Josh Evans – who said he was new to the neighborhood – turned out to be a MySpace account created by the mother of a schoolmate of Megan’s. Megan and the child had once been friends.

Dozens of Super Bowl Websites Hacked and Installing Trojan Backdoors on Windows Computers of Football Fans

The Superbowl Trojan, as some are calling it, has been implanted on dozens of Super Bowl related websites, and is installing itself on any Windows computer that happens to visit any of the Super Bowl sites without adequate protection. The Super Bowl Trojan allows the hacker to take full control over any of these infected Windows PCs by connecting the machine to, downloading the W1C.exe file, and installing the Wow-PK Trojan.

IE7 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – Should You Install It?

If you are running Windows, and are connected to the Internet, chances are you have started receiving messages from your Windows system telling you that IE7 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – is ready for you to download and install, to upgrade whatever version of IE you are currently using. So, should you download and install IE7? There have already been many people who have regretted installing IE7.

Wii Will Rock You – The Nintendo Wii Gamebox Scores a Homerun with its Real 3D Live Gesture Remote Control and with Great Reviews

The new Nintendo Wii may have a funny and hard to remember name (is it the Nintendo Wii? Nintendo Wie? Nintendo Wee? Whee? Oui?), but it has managed to do what no other gamebox has done before – revolutionize game box gaming by incorporating genuine real-gesture remote control. It’s also got built in Internet wi-fi access, and Bluetooth.

Are You Entitled to a Piece of the Settlement in the Class Action Suit Against Yahoo by Checkmate?

Last month it was announced that Yahoo had settled the case brought against it by CheckMate Strategic Group. Whether the clickfraud at Yahoo was as bad as CheckMate alleged, if at all, Yahoo has chosen to settle the case. This week email notices went out to individuals and businesses who may be eligible to request their share of the settlement.

In case you didn’t get a notice and think that you should have – or in case you’re just curious – here is a copy of the notice.

New Internet Explorer Vulnerability Revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft has said this week that they are receiving reports of a newly-discovered vulnerability in some versions of Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft, the vulnerability can be exploited in one of four different ways, involving any one of WMF images, email attachments, link poisoning, or getting a user to view an email message in the Outlook Express preview pane.