IE7 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – Should You Install It?

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If you are running Windows, and are connected to the Internet, chances are you have started receiving messages from your Windows system telling you that IE7 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – is ready for you to download and install, to upgrade whatever version of IE you are currently using.

So, should you download and install IE7?

Well, the first thing that you need to know is that they will check to see that you qualify under the Windows Genuine Advantage program.

The second thing you need to know is that IE7 has some pretty spiffy new features, such as its much touted tabbed and tiled browsing.

However, there have already been many people who have regretted installing IE7 (although many have not).

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Many people are reporting, for example, a “fatal exception” error after installing IE7. Some are getting the fatal exception error which reads as “Fatal Exception Error: X is Terminating”, where X = some previously installed program with which IE7 doesn’t play nicely. Other errors involve the failure of graphics programs and messaging programs which use browser integration.

Folks are also complaining about it breaking other programs they are running (again, ones which integrate with the browser, primarily), and causing sites to low or process more slowly.

Obviously, this is a “your milage may vary” thing, but forewarned is forearmed.


Fed up and ready to switch?

It’s free, and it just works!

If you have any comments or problems related to IE7, please do post them here!

No Paywall Here!
The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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233 thoughts on “IE7 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 – Should You Install It?

  1. I have been working on computers since 1980 / my brother help the two steve and that bill guy to get there a**es off the ground and they did`nt give him sh*t for credit! anyway win 2000 was the last good windows out ever! after that m.e. has a secret black box file to tell the u.s.g. how you are using the web. When win xp sp1 came out they still hade the black box + a tattle tail collection file to give them a detailed collection of the http address to the axact site where you are visiting. SP2 has a passive firewall supposedly to help for better surfing (ya right) sp 3 and higher added more open source codes + 2 goverment encrypted tracker codes.(Get this) Windows; Vista has all this and it gets rid of half of your securities, (ok are you P.O yet?) Thats nothing; (Windows 7) L.O.L. you may as well run an open book computer, because thats what you got and all the added securities like: Clean Disk Security, Evidence Eliminator, Registry Mechanic, Registry Shower 2009 or NoAdware or anything like that forget it ( it will not work or you will have to either put them at the lowest setting or restore the windows os. GOOD LUCK? YOU WILL NEED IT Oh ya internet explorer 6 was the last good one 7 sucks, 8 sucks firefox should walk hand in hand with windows 7 they both can kiss my a**! I have heard people say that firfox is the best, but i am not a neocom, so i do not go along with that B.S. I am 57 years old and have been arounr this stuff for many years, Everyone is so paranoid about the email security? Don`t you think for one min that if someone has got your U.R.L address tagged that they can`nt read your email, because i see and fix Evidence of id theft and hackers everyday in the shop

  2. The buttons for back, forward, copy, paste, refresh, stop, etc. don’t even show up, and I can’t even find them to add them.

  3. Warning!!!Warning!!!This Is Microsoft We Have Tried Internet Explorer 7 And It Worked Greatly!Do Not Uninstall It Or We Will Be Forced To Remotely Delete Your guys i’m joking!!!i am not from microsoft but listen up,firefox is the ultimate typing web browser you can think of.And Opera is a very good web browser for internet users that want to run opera and another program at once and while controlling the program they can control opera too with it’s voice feature

  4. microsoft f-cked me over,i trusted them,i even paid some cash to their f-ck ass company,the f-kers i f-k their f-cking company them f-kers,thanks Bill for the F-k up

  5. guys go to add and remove programs and click remove internet explorer 7 and the uninstallation process should start,the uninstall worked fine for me and it restored my original browser ie6,i recommend ie6 for everybody casue it’s not like the crap ie7,i hope this helps

  6. ok,thanks to add and remove programs i uninstalled ie7 nad everything is back to normal and better,and my cpu usage when i got 25 programs running has decreased to 10%,guys i got out of the problem,please whoever did not download ie7 DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT cause i had this problem and i took the help of my friend on msn trying to figure this out,me and very few people have got out of this problem on their own and without any damages to their pc’s

  7. man!ie7 destroyed my home computer by deleting my ie6 without my permission!it sucks i hope this thing is fixed for everybody

  8. IE7 is more secure, has more features and more stable.
    IE6 has bad CSS rendering, no tabs, no popup blocker, no PNG support, no rss reader, and it’s not w3c/web 2.0 compliant.

    You guys are ignorant if you don’t install it. It’s your choice though but don’t complain if you don’t see a modern site the way it was supposed to be viewed.

  9. Thank you for all the warnings! I got this thought that I should download MSIE7. Then I got this other thought that I should check out what others had experienced first. So I Googled some search string, saying “Should I download MSIE7” or words to that effect. Then I found this board. I’m glad I did. Again, thanks for letting us lucky ones know about the problems before we get screwed too. I’m sorry to read about everybody’s troubles with another technological marvel. I’ve had my share of them, too and you folks saved me a lot of headaches, or so it sounds like it. Thank you!

  10. I hate this new computer!!! I have a Toshiba Satellite that came with Windows Vista Family and IE 7 – No matter how I tweak my Explorer settings – it absolutely will not allow me on just about any website without a “bad url” message — Total Insanity! Help, any advice???

  11. I have installed IE 7 on my XP Pro computer since it was in Beta and have since installed XP SP3 with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

    I did download the full version of XP3 and not the update from the update page.

  12. I am running XP Pro on one machine and XP Home on another.
    I installed IE7 on each mahcine shortley after it was released and I have not had any problems. I customized the toolbar with no problem. Added Spoof Stick and McAfee Site Advisor to the toolbar. Tabbed browsing works just fine. I find the ‘Star’ link for the Favorites easier to use than the Favorites button in the menu bar. Guess I was just lucky.

  13. After installing IE7 other browsers no longer worked. After reinstalling Firefox Potable and changing settings in another brower, I got back use of the internet. I’m afraid to uninstall that piece of crap IE7 because it might destroy my computer. I smell a class action law suit here. Microsoft should be liable for their negligance and their careless destruction of millions of loyal customers. MICROSOFT WILL GO TO HELL BY A HIGHER POWER!!!

  14. My PC was fine untill i installed IE 7 then i had problems logging on and programs not responding.I had to use my recovery disc and reistall everything.

  15. what os’s are used & are you up to
    date. what tools do you use for
    antivirus/malware? sounds like
    computer has bugs!

  16. I fell for it…Ummmm update good…Wrong,wrong,wrong !!!
    After spending £100 to get back into my PC,reinstalling windows xp
    and loosing all my documents and files,all I can say is do your damndest to stop this installing.
    It came with a virus, locked me outta my pc, removed windows start up components…Bad stuff indeed, beware IE7 is dangerous and deadly slow …AVOID !!!

  17. I had just reformatted my computer, and right off the bat IE6 was giving me script errors all over the place. So after failing to fix the issue I installed IE7… mistake. If I go from one site to another, then another 99.99% of the time I get the IE encountered a problem and needs to close. I have done every windows update available, installed script 5.6 and 5.7, tried numberous changes with settings in the internet advanced tab… nothing works. I’d switch to another browser but a CRM website that my work uses is only geared for IE. I’m so pi$$ed I could put my fist through my monitor. By the way, I’m typing this on my laptop which runs IE6 no problem… what the hell Microsoft!

  18. I have Windows XP SP 2. This comes with Internet Explorer 6, which worked fine until I installed IE7. Now, even if I uninstall IE7, IE6 does not work. It is not a spywear or firewall that blocks it and I do not have a virus. I tried to fix the problem by turning off the phishing filter, run it without add-ons. I reseted IE7 back to base level by erasing temporary internet files, cookies, history and password, still it does not work.

    Thanks to everybody who considers and helps with this problem.


  19. Last week I re-enabled my PC for auto-updates and was prompted to upgrade my browser to IE7.

    Initially, I disabled the auto-updates because it was installing crap on my PC I didnt care for but I thought it was time to update some stuff.

    If I only know how sh*tty IE7 was, I would NEVER upgraded.

    I dont care for the tabs or the frequent browser lockups (screen freezes, lags and unable to “revisit” some websites such as – I would get a blank white screen with an error message).

    Anyhow, I’m very frustrated with IE7. I am tempted to just clean out my PC & re-install it from scratch. Its a piece of crap. I wish I would’ve found this site prior to upgrading my browser. Be WARNED!

  20. Two options to choose from:
    1. Click Start button, All programs, Accessories, System Tools, Internet Explorer (No Add-ons): This will run IE7 with no add-ons at all
    2. Or from the menu bar in ie7, click Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable or Disable Add-ons…: This will open the Add-ons window where you can select the ones you want disable

  21. I had trouble with ie7 running extremely slow. However, once I disabled the automatic phishing filter (in tools menu) and disabled some of the many add-ons, it has been working fine.

  22. I installed IE7 just this evening and my computer freaked. I have an HP notebook bought in 2003, used mainly for schoolwork (no gaming/eating memory, etc.). I’ve never had a problem with it running quickly, but after I installed this the PCMs showed in my task manager as being maxed out to 100%– my computer nearly fried. The internet won’t even open now on my notebook, I’ve been forced to use my roommate’s. I defargged and did everything I could think of to streamline my system’s workload, but none of it leaves room for this program. The thing uses 79,000 mem. just to show me a blank screen and freeze up! If your computer is at all dated, and mine is only four years, don’t use it!!!!!!!!

  23. Here are my issues:
    1. It takes much longer to load a new instance of IE7 than it should.
    2. There are javascripts that can cause IE7 to freeze.
    3. I never asked for IE7, but accidentally clicked yes on one of the hundreds of updates. I even told windows update to never install IE7, but it snuck it in anyways.
    4. Zoom feature is flawed as it does not redraw the page. This creates unneeded scrollbars and sizing issues.
    5. I have had IE7 crash a few times. I dont think IE6 or any other browser has crashed on me.

    In my opinion, Firefox is a better browser. Unfortunately, IE7 works on more sites (corporate intranets), so I will stick with IE7.

    Opera is an ok browser. It has its problems. There are pages that do not align properly or display as intended. This very fact keeps me away from Opera. I will give Opera kudos on the Zoom feature though. Opera has some of the best features that work exceptionally.

  24. I’ve had IE 7 since it first came out. Some web pages take a long time to open. It often freezes on me and occasionally has to terminate! Unlike IE 6, there is no repair option in ad/remove programs. I’m ready to jump ship!

  25. IE7 beware. my old IE6 worked flawlessly but for some strange reason i decided to install the newer IE7. what a nightmare. the program crashes after a few minutes every time i use it so i’m not sure of all the things that are wrong with it. i do know that in tools there are no internet options, the program hesitates when it does work, and it will not let me go back to IE6. i guess i’m going to have to reinstall windows to get rid of it. i wish i had researched IE7 before i installed it. i learned my lesson the hard way.

  26. I have always used internet explorer and firefox. I use to think they both was about the same…untill I installed the IE7. Now the IE works so slow, worse then as if i was on dialup and I use cable. I was use to using IE as my main browser default so was looking for possibly other things being a problem…never occured to me that it may be the browser. Then I looked at my processes in task manager and noticed that IE was taking about 90% of CPU usage and this was slowing down my computer so i closed the IE browser and opened firefox and now it is working good. I plan to un-install IE and maybe reinstall the version 6 again…BEWARE, DO NOT INSTALL THE IE 7…IT IS NOT READY LIKE MICROSOFT CLAIMS IT TO BE.

  27. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and furthermore… NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s constantly going to be targeted and you WILL get hit, eventually. I use Firefox but kept IE around only because Linksys and a few other important programs it.
    I’ve got protection up the wazoo and still just hit again ..BAD.
    In trying to fix the multiple errors I have now, of which there seems to be no fix other than a complete makeover,
    I found this from one of last last years describing part of the problems I have now:
    “..AU ran when I shut down my PC last night (14th Nov 2006). Tonight, I boot up and the first thing I see is two exceptions in svchost. I can’t run AU manually, my sound card is disabled/driver corrupted and my taskbar is corrupted/colours all messed up. Don’t you love Miscrosoft? I’m seriously considering turning off AU.”

    I’ll try that now, too.

  28. Installed IE7 on friends computer after reinstalling Win XP Home. IE7 would not work, could not open any pages. Did Google search (on a different computer), quickly learned that simply allowing Automatic Update to install it is BIG mistake!! So immediately went to Add/Remove programs, at bottom was Win IE7, clicked and uninstalled. Now IE6 works fine. See #28 above, too bad I did not know to look here first. There is another web site with detaied instructions for installing IE7 so it will work. Probably should follow advice of most others (and Leo the Tech Guy) and use Firefox…

  29. My IE7 does not work when I have McAfee Internet Security installed. Not working, as in, PAGES DO NOT LOAD. The program stops responding…
    Someone tell me whats up…

  30. add me to the pissed off list. IE7 is now crashing randomly when I click on links that pop in new windows and randomly when I open new tabs…

    no errors, no messages, BLAM, crash and burn!

    Thanks Bill for updating a much needed browser but making it clunkier and more prone for crashing. Firefox will be at 50% of the market before too long!

  31. I was trying to fix IE6 after my whore of a sister-in-law went to a few sites that caused it to go kaput. So I wound up installing IE7 as a fix for it. Boy was that a mistake. It doesn’t have a lot of problems, but it won’t open new windows. If you click a link that’s designed to open in a new window, it crashes. Fie on MS.

  32. The problem with IE 7 is that it takes forever to open and connect to whatever it seems to want to connect to. It takes the focus twice which really gets on my nerves and it has make adding a favourite hell because it opens the whole tree, which when you have 1000’s of favourites, makes it really hard to find the folder your looking for. Apart from that it is great. I also use Firefox and Opera. Both have their uses at times, but are full of problems as well. The only thing I will say is that Opera has never crashed on me, but has problems with javascrip that organise the page on a few sites. Firefox is also not as fast as people here try to pretend.

  33. after installing internet explorer 7 ALL audio failed on MSN video playback. IE7 damaged both of my computers. 1 so badly it required reformating. the other i’m still wrestling with but it doesn’t look good. Errors all over the place. by rights we should be allowed to SUE microsoft for releasing such flawed software. i will NEVER allow auto updating again. if you choose to install IE7 after reading this & other comments here then you deserve everything that happens to you. how dare they release such crappy software. doesn’t Microsoft feel we’ve all paid enough? & before the buttlickers start saying winger bare in my i dont give a damn for you mundanes so shut up & keep your microsoft shares to yourselves .

  34. I have IE7, and I never had a problem with it for the longest time, I have a 100 mbps conection, and it worked fine….UNTIL just a little while ago, heres whats wrong:

    If I have multiple windows open, or a pop-up comes, and I try to close it, thats IE will freeze, goto “about:blank” and then I get my “FAVORITE!!!” box that says “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”, and says if it wants to “Send Error Report” or “Don’t Send”

    And when i click either of the two, all of my IE’s close, and it doesnt matter if it’s a popup or one im using, BUT I did find that if i turn add-ins off, it doesnt happen, so i’m trying to search through it and figure out which (if any) screw it up, otherwise, IE7 is HORRIBLE!!!!!!

  35. Never had time to read all this but needless to say i have had lots of similar problems. I will add….do not install any plugins like ‘advanced search bar’ as that will slow it more. Would be great if IE7 worked as advanced toolbar seeems ok. Also disable in ‘advanced’ settings the phishing filter in IE7 as thats a nightmare to. Just tried the same addresses in 3 tabs in firefox then opened them all at same time. Still waiting in IE7.
    Ho Hum.

  36. What a bunch of whiners! Do you realize that there are hundereds upon thousands of software vendors out the world, and not all of them play by the rules. They hack this or work around that to get their product to work. When Microsoft creates a newer product, they play by all the rules, and develope ways for people to do things better, and within the rules. They fix this, and yes, sometimes they break that. Microsoft has not been perfect, but who has? Certainly not Linux! (Try finding a driver for your LexMark!) Yes, other things are going to break sometimes when a core component of the OS is updated. Some of these programs take advantage of the weaknesses or cracks in the older, inferior versions of OSs and IE. Before you start pointing fingers at Microsoft, figure out how many other vendors you have installed. Can you tell if they wrote your programs by the book? Are they writing inferior code?

    BTW, I like FireFox, but it isn’t a standard. They wrote it right, but what models did they work off to get there? Would it be as good as it is if there hadn’t been IE before it?

  37. IE7 is the WORST BROWSER EVER!!!!!!!!

    IE7 has many prompts and questions, why can’t it just work?





  38. i have downloaded ie7 from microsoft site then Extracted the downloaded Internet Explorer setup file (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe) using WinRAR to a directory (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu thenDownload the patched iecustom.dll and then copy-paste it to the update folder (IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu\update\) and clicked yes when asked overwrite after that downloaded normaliz.exe . Then copied this file and paste it in c:\ Run ‘update.exe’ in the update folder and choosed restart later then downloaded normaliz.dll copied pasted in “c:\windows\system32\â€? directory next reeboot computer there was an error normaliz.dll that can not be found by explorer.exe and desktop icons were not available, after that in task manager selected new task Type: ‘C:\normaliz.exe’ and press the unzip button but desktop icons were not back i tried system restore problem continued,what should i do to get back with installed ie7.

  39. Its pretty much crap. Everyone I know had problems with it. I have problems with it, its giving me a hard time now and i dont know what to do with it. Id no, do not download,upgrade. Keep whatever you have if youre happy with it

  40. IE7 makes my HP Laptop run soooooo s-l-o-w. IE7 constantly freezes. It takes forever to open my Comcast homepage when I first start up my laptop. If I close my homepage and then re-open it again it will open slightly faster – but it still opens one section of the page at a time. UGH! And for some reason the CNTRL ALT DEL. keys don’t seem to open the Task Mgr anymore. When it freezes then that’s it! I have to shut the laptop down manually and restart it again. I shouldn’t have these kinds of problems on a decent HP laptop that worked fine with IE6. I’m trying to find a safe way to switch back without screwing up my laptop. I can’t afford to take it to a repair shop. I’m buying a 17″ MacBookPro this summer anyway. I can’t stand Windows anymore. How did this company get so popular anyway?

  41. IE7 is utter sh1te. IE6 is your best bet unless you wanna use 3rd party apps like Firefox or Opera. Do yourself a favour and don’t touch it with a very long stick, at least until 7.5 arrives!

  42. IE 7 is evil. Why would Microsoft create a browser that is incompatible with the server software that they are promoting to developers ( In the oddest reversal of nature, I can input form data from Safari (Mac) but I get not response when I hit the submit button in Internet Explorer 7. Mac should use that one in their Mac vs. PC commercials.

  43. IE 7 isnt that bad. Your problems seem to be 1.) windows OS instability, when so called “experts” want to fix a pc and not let the people that have the know how things like that happen. 2.) Poorly written applications; because microsoft makes it so easy to program using its api’s of course wannabe programmers make buggy programs because they are lazy not taking into consideration updates. 3.) im running vista, IE 7 with office 2007 and yes i have problems but because i dont know the source code i solve them the best way i can or reporting them! i still dont know how to stop IE from crashing when playing MSN videos but that is the only problem i have had. everyone elses problems could probably be solved by me…

    Jim Palacio MCSE

  44. You’re welcome. I think everybody is shocked and sadden at what happened at Virgina Tech and yes something like a broken computer does seem minor compared to all the lives that were lost and all the grief the families are going through.

  45. Thank Erin for the feedback. I’m still undecided about what to do. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to say this but now this computer problem seems trivial; I’m heartbroken and feeling the shock of Virginia Tech and so all now I can say is God bless everyone there and the poeple of the world cares deeply; it’s so hard I think for anyone not to be affected by that tragedy.

  46. No, I wouldn’t do it yourself. I had a tech uninstall my IE 7 and like a month later I had all sorts of problems because the IE 7 took browser settings when it was uninstalled and no one knew that would happen. I’d have a tech check out your computer and when he uninstalls IE 7 have him make sure none of your browser settings are missing. I’d also have him make sure your media player is okay, I know Microsoft helped you with it but you know them they release a terrible product like IE 7…I wouldn’t trust them so I would have the tech check everything. I hope this helps.

  47. To add to the above comment….I think I want to uninstall IE7 but after reading the previous comments I am very fearful of trying to do the uninstall by myself as I don’t want to add to the problems I’m already having. It seem like it should be pretty simple but I’ve already had to have the engineering techs at Microsoft help me get my media player reverted back from 11 to 9. Two other Microsoft techs couldn’t do it. Now that that’s fixed I’m afraid my computer won’t let IE7 uninstall. Help!! Any suggestions?!?

  48. Erin,
    I was being sarcastic when I said (NOT) What I mean’t was that yes, Internet Explorer 7 is on my computer but it isn’t what I would consider an upgrade because it’s causing me to have more problems than I had with Internet 6. “The page cannot be displayed” comes up constantly and also when a page does come up you can see the outline of the page and finally seconds later the text appears. It is very strange and annoying.

  49. Hey Debi. So your computer thinks you didn’t upgrade to IE 7 even though you did? Yeah I think you’ll need a tech..I had to have a tech come out 3 times to fix my IE 7 issues, hopefully you won’t have to go through it that many times.

  50. Hi again to Erin and anyone else out there in Internet Land. My computer is a wreck since I have supposedly (“NOT”) upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. It has been locking up and jamming terribly and sometimes it won’t even let me shut down to reboot. I’m not sure what to do at this point but it’s becoming a serious problem. I’ll probably have to get the help of techs to fix this disaster.
    DO NOT INSTALL THIS HARDWARE, you will regret it!!!

  51. Glad I’m not the only one and now I have this wonderful problem of one day the internet will work and somedays it won’t and the only way to get it to work is to shut down the computer, unplug it and restart it again. Talk about a pain, give me IE 6 anyday.

  52. In response to #171 (Erin) Yeah,I have that problem to VERY frequently and yes it is aggravating!

  53. I think I’ve now had internet explorer 7 for about 2 weeks and yesterday morning when Windows Media player 11 got installed (without me realizing what update was happening) I have not been able to use the player’s radio tuner to tune into ANY stations. I just wonder if this internet explorer 7 has any thing to do with that? The techs at Mirrosoft tried to help me unsinstall the new player since it doesn’t work for me and still after hours of trial and error I’m stuck with this! I am starting to think that internet explorer 7 has something to do with this major ‘headache’. Feed back would be welcome! Thanks

  54. Has anyone else had this issue? When I go to certain sites using IE 7 the page will all of a sudden switch to “page can not be displayed” and I go on those same sites at work using IE 6 and I don’t have that problem.

  55. Some Internet Explorer 7 Fixes

    I too have had many problems with Internet Explorer 7, as a website designer, trying to get things to work, that should automatically work. Here are some quick fixes for those interetested that might help!
    To see Java (animations & buttons)
    1) Make sure Java is installed, restart computer if you needed to re-install
    2) Open Internet Explorer
    3) Go to: Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable
    Enable “SUN JAVA CONSOLE” and see if it works.


    To see pop-ups (password popups and more)

    In IE 7, click on Tools and then Internet Options. Click on the Security tag, and then click the “Custom level…” box. Scroll down to “Scripting”; in “Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows”, check the “Enable” button. Click OK, click “Yes” in the next window, and finally click OK in the next window.


    To activate controls (to see FLASH buttons and rollovers)

    In Internet explorer go to:

    Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

    Scroll down to SECURITY

    Check-mark “Allow active content to run in files on My Computer�

  56. Yeah have been in trouble since using IE-7 My Outlook locks up and tells me “Server can’t be reached,but it sends the first message in the outbox 20 or more times despite the SMPT server so called inaccesible.It sucks

  57. My IE7 has started running better.I was getting lots of browser lockups. I use XP pro w/ all the latest update. I turned off the phishing filter and have’nt had anymore lockups.

  58. I have had the same problems with my computer. Its brand new should not be freezing etc…but no one has really given any concrete things that one can do to stop it from freezing. I use IE7 at work with no problems its great and I would love to use it at home. Please if any one knows how I can get it to work properly on my home computer let me know.
    Thank you.

  59. Does it show anything under add/remove? When I had IE 7 removed I just went to add/remove and it went back to IE 6.

  60. Ie7 update crashed while downloading now I cannot get on internet how do I restore some IE so I can get back on?

  61. I’ve used IE 7 for oaver 3 months; today it suddenly stopped launching when clicking its icon; I uninstalled it and my system reverted to IE6; downloaded the Cumulative updates for IE6 and it will also provide the autoupdates; just be sure to check the box that prevents IE7 from autoloading again; FireFox is fine and a better tabbed browsing experience for me. It doesn’t ever just refuse to launch.

  62. I stumbled across this site a few days ago when i was pulling my hair out about the massive problems i was having with IE7 and its freezing issues. IE7 is without a doubt the most useless bit of software ever written. Anyway, I just want to thank the guys that mentioned Firefox, man this is an impressive bit of kit, its 3 times quicker than IE of any variant and doesn’t freeze… Thanks

  63. I’ve been using IE 7 on Windows 2000 and XP pretty much since it was released and I find it to be quite reliable and I like it a lot. I’ve had more trouble with Mozilla (admittedly, this was in the past–I haven’t bothered again) than I have with IE 7. I like the search feature in my toolbar and prefer it to the Google toolbar which I uninstalled recently. I’m sorry so many of you are having issues but I can attest that I am quite happy with Internet Explorer 7.

  64. Just finished a year-long web development with Express 2005 using IE6.0 for testing. It works beautifully. Uploaded to the internet and users with IE 7.0 can’t make it go. It scatters controls all over the page – overlays them on top of each other and makes most input controls non-functional. It doesn’t follow any rules of page structure, especially if panels are involved. It’s like rendering a page through a randomizer with no sense of order.

  65. I need “looser” security for my company’s site than M$ recommends.
    Every time I click a link I get the security pop-up.
    It alleges that the offending settings will be highlighted in red. Not.
    Fortunately, I am able to use FireFox for every other site I visit.
    It is the current Gold Standard.
    Otherwise, I haven’t *yet* had any crashes on my XP box, but the upgrade is only 2 hrs old…

  66. I got IE7 the day it was released, and it started out just fine. Now there are pages that it won’t let me access. I can look at the page and if my mouse is in the browser area at the top, then no problems- but if I move my mouse down onto the web page, an error comes up and it closes all ie7 pages that were open! I updated it and it still doesn’t work. I will miss ie7….*tear*

  67. I’ve been using IE7 at work since it was released without incident. A friend of mine installed IE7 and it is screwing up web pages. I did a view source of a web page it is not loading all of the code.. I then opened the same page directly from the FTP server and it displays fine… I uninstalled IE7 but the problem still exists. I’ll try a little more troubleshooting tomorrow and if it takes too long, I’m installing Firefox!

  68. FYI: I went on the Windows Update website and checked the update history of what the tech did when he came to my house and he used other programs that he had in order for IE 7 to work! About 3 under “other sources” one was a program specifically for IE 7 so you wouldn’t get any errors or other problems people have had during installation.

    Bottom line: either you are really lucky when you install IE 7 with no problems or if you really want IE 7 then you need a professional to install it. From what I see they are the only people who have certain programs that make IE 7 compatible with your computer.

  69. I’m not getting into all the details but basically all the problems started after I updated to IE 7. I decided to give it go since it mentioned tabs etc.

    It was slow, with buttons in awkward places which it didn’t allow you to change. A bother to find the History menu and when you click on a website the menu closes and you need to go back and open it all again.

    It stopped working after a few days. Since then everything on my computer has started to go wrong. I can’t play games, I can’t watch videos, I can’t use the tabs, I can’t open more than 1 webpage at a time. I can’t log into any of my accounts online without it crashing my computer. The crashes sometimes make my computer restart itself or I have to switch it off myself. When that happens I usually can’t even switch it on again for about 3 hours. I can’t even install disks now which means I can’t save data.
    Add to that, for some strange reason it won’t let me do a system restore, some of the files are corrupted, it won’t let me enter safe mode. I don’t have a virus and after several long phone calls (1/2 hour-1hour) with tech support and various other opinions I have been told I will need to have my PC rebooted and lose everything, all because of IE 7 which is crap and inferior even if you could get it to WORK.
    I would be interested in a class action suit. Someone post the details. Not only is it inconvenient but I’ve had to pay literally, from phone calls to helplines, getting people out to examine my PC, save all my stuff on disks, to even having to go out to pay for things or find out things which I usually do online with a few clicks and get things sent by special mail because I could not access websites or email..
    Good job I am not at College anymore, otherwise this damage to my computer would have been even more ridiculous

  70. FYI:

    NUMBER 150.
    I want an end to this slander to IE7, You all that hate IE7 probably run the gay “Macâ€? system and area a buncha fags, now that thats settled, Internet Explorer 7 is great and its only bad for those dumb idiots that dont know how to run a computer, hell you dorks probably tried to install IE7 on MAC ROFL, you think long and hard before you join this circus cause i’ll be on ur ass!
    -From Canada with love
    Daniel Zaba

    Comment by Daniel Zaba — 2/27/2007 @ 6:38 pm


  72. I have a new computer with Windows Vista on it, and it came with IE7. My experience with it is just like many others on this page. IT IS BRUTAL!! It freezes, messes with graphics, and I can’t download ANY files from the web, meaning that when I tried, I can’t even download firefox like I tried. Extremely frustrated by this piece of crap!

  73. A few months ago I had to have a tech come out and clear up a mess after I downloaded IE 7 onto Windows XP, everything was fine until a few days later I couldn’t update Quickbooks and it was very slow at shutdown, the tech uninstalled IE 7 and put in 6 saying that 7 might have had a bug in it. Flash to a couple of days ago the tech had to come again as I started getting a Windows message during start up and the monitor would go black. He had to do an entire system recovery and said that when IE 7 was uninstalled it may have taken browser settings with it as all my browser settings were missing. He then proceeded to to download IE 7 on my home computer. Asking why he backtracked saying that I could have had a malware program already on the computer BEFORE he originally came out the first time which caused IE 7 to have problems and everything snowballed from there. Then he started singing IE 7’s praises as how it’s more secure then IE 6 and I should upgrade to it on my work computer as if I don’t I may get “hacked” if I go to the wrong site that can see I have IE 6 and exploit it. I was going to download it but after seeing comments like this and on other sites I think I’ll stick to 6 until Microsoft can make a better browser. Sorry, I’ve already spent $500 on my home computer in repairs and I’m not spending anymore.

  74. I want an end to this slander to IE7, You all that hate IE7 probably run the gay “Mac” system and area a buncha fags, now that thats settled, Internet Explorer 7 is great and its only bad for those dumb idiots that dont know how to run a computer, hell you dorks probably tried to install IE7 on MAC ROFL, you think long and hard before you join this circus cause i’ll be on ur ass!
    -From Canada with love
    Daniel Zaba

  75. IE 7 crashes. Google search for results and Microsoft suggest turning off ad-ins. Now PDF stopped working and the broswer still crashed. Fixed PDF – guessed which addin to enable. Now yahoo mail does not work. What a WASTE OF TIME. Agree Micrsoft needs to focus on quality.

  76. 2 problems that I have had with IE7:
    First, it disabled our DVD and CD creation software, so we decided to get rid of IE7.
    Second, when we tried to uninstall IE7, it turned my computer into sleeping beauty. It told us to reboot and my computer never woke up, my hard drive was corrupted, and files all gone.
    Beware, and back up your files first if you decide to get rid of the IE7 beast. It may have other plans for you.

  77. Wow. IE7 sucks. Microsoft has out done itself this time. Multiple problems. Here’s how I went through.

    1: Downloaded the thing, had to go through validation junk, (with Firefox you click a button and it’s downloaded.)

    2: Installed it, which took FOREVER, 3/4ths of the time saying something about downloading Windows Updates, then at the end telling me they couldn’t be installed (Firefox took under 5 minutes, this took about an hour.)

    3: Opened it, fine, re-arranged toolbars and what-not, fine.

    4: Opened a new tab, whole program shuts down. No warning, error sign, or anything. (Firefox has tabbed browsing that actually works.)

    5: Re-opened IE7, toolbars scattered every which way, NOT how I had customized it.

    6: Opened a new tab, whole thing shut down again.

    7: Try to re-re-open it, displays the window for about .5 of a second, whole thing shuts down and tells me to send an error report without clicking anything.

    And that’s how it is now. It won’t open at all, besides displaying the screen for half a second then closing.

    My opinion: A huge waste. More problems than you started out with. GET FIREFOX.

  78. IE7 is junk. Loaded now I can’t access my bill pay websites. On the brightside at least some web pages will load now…..kinda. Geez, can’t even download from Microsoft. Stupid IE7 keeps crashing as soon as the page loads. Can’t wait to get home and try to deep six IE7

  79. I’ve had the same problem when I got hijacked by spyware/virus-when I did the removal of the virus-I get the error messages/send report/what have you-I also don’t like the toolbar-I wished they carried over IE6’s on browser to send new message email from browser-phishing blocker-I don’t think it works…

  80. I cannot log into my modem (thomson 585(i))to change te settings anymore since I installed IE7. I have no password problems because with Firefox it’s working very well. What the fnck is going on???

  81. I just installed it and don’t know what to think. I’m very upset, however, that I seem to have lost my email icon, and can’t figure out to access my email program now! I wish I’d never installed it.

  82. IE7 just froze after the microsoft initiated install on a XP Pro computer thats always been problem free. The uninstall seems to have worked and I will be using the IE 7 blocker

  83. Why can’t I open any email attachments or drop down menus or my address book since upgradng to IE7?
    Wish I wold have found this web site sooner. My teenager installed the auto update with IE7 – now everything sucks and I’m suppose to the household computer whiz! HA!

  84. My wife clicked ok to download IE7. She did not turn off our Anit-Virsus software. Rebooted and tried to start IE7. It starts then hangs. Task Manager shows no activity. It’s just hung. I’m at my neighbors house reading this thread. I never fully appreciated the anti-microsoft rumblings until now. Unbelievable.

  85. After some time of browsing it limits my options (some functions vanishing form Tools menu, new tab wont open, etc.).
    I have to restart whole computer in order to use MIE7 again.

    Getting tired of it.

    Any suggestions?

    Dell XPS700, Windows XP

  86. IE7 is a typical Microsoft product. Close to incompetent and useless. With my broadband connection I can browse using Opera and get mail using Eudora and yet IE7 thinks I’m not on line. Uninstalling it and reverting to IE6 has not improved matters. Microsoft thinks I’m not on line. And no way that I can find to fix the situation. Pretty stupid, Huh! Typical Microsoft – yes!

  87. The biggest problem I have with IE7 is tht when I establish a shortcut icon on my desktop, I can’t open the site with it. It gives me an outline of the page and partial completion but will not complete the action. I have to delete it and go to my home page to call it up. I have requested assistance from MS on this problem but have received no help. Some of my shortcuts work fine but others do not. I don’t know why the difference. Anybody out there know why this might happen? I sure would like to know. Virginia 2/9/07 6:31 p.m.

  88. OK, I fell for the “must upgrade to IE7” line. Its crap. I have had nothing but problems since I installed it. Now it keeps trying to install some kind of update every bloody time I turn it on. Takes 10 minutes to access my router before I can get online and I cannot access Internet Options. It flashes up for a nanosecond but that’s it, gone.

  89. I have not had significant problems with IE7, but I loathe the fact that they goofed up the menuing system and now force me to use their stupid toobar. Do you suppose this represents ignorance or arrogance on the part of the IE developers? Perhaps both?

  90. Since installing ie 7.0, I am unable to load approx 1/2 the web pages I hit (the background loads, but no text– keeps saying it’s waiting for data) AND occassionally when I close a browser down (yes, it even now does it in Firefox), it shuts my whole system down and reboots.

    I have ZOneAlam firewall, McAFee VirusScan & both Spysweeper & AdAware for spysweeping, all of which I keep upgraded, updated AND run regularly.

    I have uninstalled ie 7.0 to use 6.0 again (which didn;t used to give me problems), but that did the same thing. I’m on a Dell Dimension 2350 running WIN XP.


  91. Re message 127 – I decided to uninstall IE7 and the usual MS sh!t happened -my laptop froze up when I tried going back on the net with IE6. Fortunately, with help from a more computer-savy user, was able to restart successfully. Down with Mircrosoft!!!!!

  92. I’m new to computers, since sept. 2006. I love it. But everytime I tried to download IE7, I would get that window about yahoo browser is experiencing a problem and so on with Send and Don’t send. And then it would just close. All’s I want to do is just keep my computer updated. I don’t know if it’s me or my computer. Frustrating! I just uninstalled it. Reserching other options.

  93. It sounds correct. I am not too sure what is happening but some images (Not All) on the web like wikipedia’s homepage etc cannot display the image correctly. I use IE 7 and Firefox because IE 7 cannot display it correctly while firefox can. So what should i do to fi the error in IE 7? Any kind people can send me a mail to and if the solution works,i will paste the solution on the site for the benefits for others.

  94. I’m virtually a ‘see spot run’ at installations, etc and trusted microsoft when it said I needed to install IE7, so I did it yesterday (Feb 1st). Should I get a ‘professional’ to uninstall it and go back to IE6 as after reading the comments here, I’m afraid to do it myself. Thanks for any help.

  95. Funny how there is only a handful of people saying ie7 works for them. I’ve been using ie7 for a few months and was beginning to get concerned about how long it was taking to run, opening tabs when it should be a new web page, freezing, right click function on mouse not working, 404 error and Ie7 using upwards of 500meg in task manager for 8 i.e windows being open!. Taking up to two mins for internet explorer to work, thought I might be virused / malwared / spwared up. Done a full scan using ad-ware se, spybot, zone alarm antivirus and hijack this, all up to date (last night). Nothing found. Ie6 was rapid compared to this. I have 1gig ram and amd3200+ processor. Used add/remove function to revert to ie6. Ie6 working better than ie7 but think ie7 has left some reminders..If you know what I mean. Some freezing, hanging still occurring. Maybe needs a clean reinstall of ie6 from msn website or at worst, a complete reinstall of xp.

    After reading all the comments made, someone mentioned about the KB updates, think this needs looking into, however there is only one security update/patch so far for ie7. Automatic update has just informed me that I can now install ie7. Again?. No thanks. Looking into Firefox browser, thinking of trying it.

  96. I forgot to mention in my above posting that I spent 3 hours yesterday trying to install IE7. The install took 1.5 hours…don’t know why. On the Windows restart, it said that it was updating the Personalized Settings for Internet Explorer, but it was hung there for 1.5 hours. Finally, I killed it with Task Manager. Then, I had to get a friend to look up on the internet on how to access System Restore through Task Manager. I restored my PC to before the IE7 install. Using IE6 again.

    Another poster above said that we should file a class action suit for all the hours that we have wasted because of Microsoft. I like that idea… a lot.

    I don’t know about you guys, but thinking about all the crashes, blue screens of death, hang-ups, reading user-hostile error messages that have hexadecimal addresses and running CHCKDSK over the past decade with Windows 95, 97, 98, 2000, XP, I think I’ve wasted hundreds and hundreds of hours…maybe even thousands.

    How do we get this class action suit started? Is anybody a lawyer on this forum?

  97. Pretty much agree with everyone here, only I feel more passionate then most that IE7 is a piece of $%^&. If IE7 could manafest it’s self as a person, I would kick it’s @$$. I have been trying to use it at work for months and am so tired of being stopped by a screen that says “my security settings are not correct and that I must fix them to go on” Then letting IE7 fix them for me and then seeing the same message an hour later and repeating the process.

    So, I did what any frustrated software user would do and uninstalled the damn thing. That’s when it nearly took down my whole operating system. I now enjoy 5 minute start ups. Still trying to figure our why. Oh yeah, POS!!


  98. Microsoft = Axis of Evil.

    I built a site using only Microsoft technology (ASP.NET 2.0) and got it working under IE6. With IE7, the site has a bug and some of the elements overlap and positioned incorrectly.

    I can understand if IE7 has bugs with sites built with non-Microsoft technology, but everything I used was Microsoft. It’s PURELY UNBELIEVABLE.

    They have thousands of programmers and billions of dollars and they continue to pump out CRAP.

    They have always used their customers as BETA TESTERS to save expense, and are continuing to do so.

    This is what happens when we continue to let a monopoly to operate without competition or regulation.

    I think Bill Gates, along with George Bush Sr, works for the Bin Laden family (Carlyle Group) as well.

  99. well heres my take on it, i am a tech ofcourse i use ie 7 granted i like IE6 better personally but that is simply because i hate the tabs feature and the phsihing filter i have penty of protection on my pc and this is why ie7 hasnt crashed on me as it has so manyof the people who aren’t tech savey i get calls from ppl all the time i installed ie7 and my computer locked up or i have viruses etc… yes they have an anti virus usually norton or mcafeee, first mistake AVG is the best anti-virus i have ever used 38.95 gets you a 2 year subscription @ also putting enough spyware removal tools on your pc is very helpful ie7 works fine it’s the End User that doesn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I downloaded I.E. 7 about two weeks ago after responding to a prompt and reading about the improvements. Security caught my eye. Things seemed to slow down and I tried disabling the phishing filter to no avail. Next thing you know I’m getting lots of “error on page” and that type of response especially trying anything with pdf. I tried all the Microsoft suggested fixes but nothing helped. Found this place and found Firefox. I have only tried Firefox briefly but it was FAST and it allowed me to view the pages I.E. 7 could not or would not. I.E. 7 could be history in his house very shortly.

  101. I have installed IE7 on three computers in my home. On two, it works perfectly well. On the third (of course, the one I use most) it simmply stinks. It is slow to load pages. It freezes often during page loads so I can’t do anything else inside IE (like open another tab or open bookmarks). It unfreezes itself after 10-15 seconds. I went back to IE6 on that machine and it was fine. So I reinstalled IE7 and had the same problems. I recognize that Firefox is a great browser but stick to IE because I use fingerprint readers that won’t work well with Firefox.

    The machine on which I have trouble is an Intel 3.2 processor. The ones on which I have no trouble are a tablet PC with dual-core Intel and a desktop with an AMD Athlon 3800 processor.

    Anyway, it’s all very irritating.

  102. I installed the IE7 virus on my computer too [I also installed Office 7 as well … I got rid of that REAL quickly as Outlook for example has significant changes which will NOT allow html based emails sent to our customers, to go out as in the past. It INSISTS on dropping the html tags I am sending in favor of you using ITS tags….only it does not offer the same tags (maybe saying it does not offer the same capabilities of HTML tagging a document is a better way to say it). Anyway, It HATE Office 7.0 and I WILL NOT install it on ANY more PCs in our Office, even if it were free!] Back to the IE7 Virus …. I have noticed strange things happen on my computer, after reading the items above, I see many of the same things happening. (I guess Microsoft can’t say it is just something wrong with your computer , people love the product, swear by it, I think they must mean swear AT it but maybe that is just symantecs). The issue that brought me here is that EVERY TIME I CLOSE A WINDOW … ANY WINDOW (Except for IE7), THE INTERNET EXPLORER WINDOW “OPENS UP”…EVERY SINGLE TIME! I am really sick and tired of having to wait for that damn window to open up so that I can close it too, as EVERY SINGLE TIME I CLOSE A N Y OTHER WINDOW I HAVE OPENED ON MY PC, and I am NOT referring to IE7 Windows, but ANY Window, then that blasted IE7 window starts up! It isn’t MY PC! The problem NEVER happened until I installed IE7. My word of advise, IF you install IE 7, MAKE SURE you have an immediate preceeding backup of your PC first, so that you can restore it to the way it was before you made the mistake of installing IE7 or Office 7 for that matter!!! I guess lucky 7’s aren’t the case for Microsoft (certainly not its customers anyway).

  103. I made the mistake of updating IE even though I typically use Mozilla, thinking what the heck. . .Now, I’m regretting it BIG TIME – it knocked down my firewall, windows defender refuses to run, freezing and error codes all over the place. . .what a freaking mess!

    I wish I had researched it and found this page prior to the install. I never would have touched it.

    Tomorrow, I’ll back everything up that I’ve been lazy about and attempt to uninstall it. If it doesn’t work, guess it’s system restore time for me. . .Damn you MS!

  104. I download IE7 and had no problems with starting or using it. The only fault I can find is that its complete toss.
    Why have Microsoft decided to design front ends for the stupid on under 10s? Used it for 5 mins then went back to IE6.

  105. There’s nothing wrong with IE7 unless your system has problems, I’m running a dual core with 2x 4gb P4 processors and 4gb of ram and 2x 500gb sata HDD’s I have used firefox and opera previously and they are nowhere near as fast as IE7.

  106. I installed few security updates on IE6 & it behaved in an insane manner…popups not loading…java script errors…
    so i thot’ it was time for me to upgrade to IE7 & did that…but IE7 doesn’t allow me to use my shortcuts (i coded them thru javascript)…says “null”…WTH!!??

  107. Every time I close IE7, I get an exception. Also, the 3G from Cingular is inhibited to the point of distration since I put on IE7. I don’t know how to fix it.

  108. After Downloading IE7, which MS makes it seem required with the update tool…i noticed my internet was very very slow.. after a few days IE7 stopped recognizing the internet connection, which was fully 100% connected. I called Comcast, my service provider, who said there were NO problems with the connection, although we troubleshooted it anyways…the connection was fine…and my computer showed the connection…however i kept getting “Page Cannot Be Found” on any website I entered….Comcast said a lot of people have had these problems when downloading IE7…I uninstalled IE7 and now back to IE6…still cannot get it to recognize the connection..Ive troubleshot with Techs and still IE will not recognize my connection….Thanks Microsoft!

  109. After reading everybody’s comments, I am very happy that my computer is unable to download IE7. I don’t know why? I thought I am missing something, but I think I am saved from a lot of headaches.

    Linux is best and we should all cross over to it..

  110. IE 7 is a nightmare–it crashes my computer almost every time I try and use it I have been waiting 2 months for Microsoft to come up with a fix but they can’t!! It is a copy of Firefox anyway so I am just using Firefox

  111. I’ve been using IE7 and I’m getting rid of it. My favorite browser is Firefox. IE7 is SSssllllloooowwwww and sometimes just sits there until everything catches up. I’m running a fast CPU with a gig of ram and all I have to say is Microsoft blew it with IE7. It’s outta here !!!

  112. Well… it’s very slow but I’ve not had any real problems with it.

    Oh yes – maybe one. They’ve un-integrated the Explorer style FTP interface so I can’t drag and drop files as easily. The replaced it with the rubbush Firefox style text browsing and added a button to open the ftp site in explorer. That’s about it.

    Did I mention it takes almost 30 seconds to come up when I start it? I get the frame and the very top menu bar but I have to wait for the content and the address bar to get their makeup on.

  113. I’ve been using IE7 since it first came and not only have had absolutely no problems with it, I love it. On the other hand, I am also smart enough to explore the silly way Microsoft changed its tool bar around. Some people have more than enough trouble just changing their underwear, let alone the way the surf.

  114. Unfortunately my day job is based on a Windows only, IE only platform. Fortunately, I only have to deal with this abomination on the weekends when I’m dispatching. I’m amazed that in this current day and age of technology advances that there is still a company that is so short sighted.

  115. Mozilla Firefox is free and runs perfectly why dont you switch.. Everytime I installed Ie7 I started it up and:
    The Plugin XXXXXXXXXXX is causing a problem and Internet Explorer 7 must be shut down. I disable plugin… same message comes up. Now I Reverted to IE6 and what do you know? I have to end task to close it. I wont trust IE again.

  116. Mozilla Firefox is free and runs perfectly why dont you switch. Everytime I installed Ie7 I started it up and:
    The Plugin XXXXXXXXXXX is causing a problem and Internet Explorer 7 must be shut down. I disable plugin… same message comes up.

  117. IE7 is evil!!! I must use the internet often for my job. I also usually have a ton of windows open at the same time. Everything went wonderfully until IE7. I didn’t even really want to update my IE6, but it pestered me about it till I gave in. Now, I’m searching for a new search engine because I can’t take the slowness (cable modem moving at a dial up pace – if not slower!)

  118. The only thing slow on my system that has anything to do with an internet connection is ie7! I have to refresh 3 times for pages to open completely if at all. Speed tests confirm that its not my connection. Online gaming works fine also.
    But try to do something that used to take a couple of minutes online(banking) for instance, is just painfull! I shouldnt have to kick my dog out of frustration(just kidding) was faster i feel i should cancel my $40.00 per month comcast and go back to aol until microsoft fixes this!!!!!! I like security but JEEEEEZZZZZZ

  119. Internet Explorer 7, what a farce. When I first started using it all appeared well, then the system became unstable and has continued to let me down. I’m having trouble shutting the explorer down, getting errors which can be reported. When you send them you then get thrown back into IE7 to trouble shoot with the options of using Microsoft’s registry cleaner, fine tuner and defrag tools. If you ask me the bug’s were intentional and yet another way of obtaining access through your firewall to browse your system and data. (Big Brother – George Orwell, sound familliar?)
    Judging by what others have reported, unistalling isn’t an option as the problems will not go away now.

  120. I have had nothing but trouble since downloading IE7 but not sure best way to revert back to IE6.

  121. i down loaded ie7 but was rubbish so went back to ie6 but cannot log onto internet banking or a few other sites can anyone help me sort this problem out

  122. it keeps saying my javascript needs to be enabled even when i have enabled it, this has only happened since i installed 1E7. is it as straight-forward as removing IE7 and things will go back to normal or not? any help would be appreciated.

  123. Same as Chuck – will not play MSN video; says the video is not available then closes with an error message. IE 7 sucks.

  124. IE7 is only slow, and i receive an error about phishing (even if i deactivate it). How can i get rid of this error?

  125. Do not install IE7 now. It breaks Excel 2000 with message “File error: data may have been lost” if the file has images or anything else than basic text and formulas. This was reported formally to MS in November 2006 and still not fixed. Outlook 2000 started crashing. The buttons for saving or printing an image when moving the mouse over it have gone. The add bookmark icon doesn’t work. If you click Ctrl+click on a link to open a new tabbed window too soon after having just done it, your click is ignored. If you open too many URLs at a time, it hangs and can only be killed by the task manager. Initial IE7 installation failed until I’d removed Spysweeper and updated Java Runtime to V6. After I removed IE7, IE6 can no longer access my home banking. This is total crap and should still have been a beta version. Heads should roll at MS for this. They have wasted millions of working hours worldwide by pushing out this piece of badware, but try to get support from them to clean up the mess they’ve created and they’ll happily charge you. PS: All my software is official and paid for unless officially free.

    I too had a problem getting HP Director to open after upgrading Internet Explorer to version 7. At HP’s support site I found that the software loads to memory but the interface is not visible. To immediately use the Director software, use the following workaround:
    Open HP Director by double-clicking the HP Director desktop icon or by selecting the Director software using the Start menu.
    HP Director is open but cannot be seen.
    Press the Alt key and the Space bar at the same time and HP Director opens as before. Good luck!

  127. After installing IE7, my hp director for 3970 scanner never worked again. So frustrating that even when I edited registry and reinstalled, nothing worked…..

  128. Umm…

    “billyjoe” if you can’t figure out that it isn’t Windows7 (there is no such critter) perhaps you are better off not using a computer at all?

    Chris: If you clean the malware and remove toolbars prior to installing you’ll get a good clean install probably.

    Chuck: See the above for Chris…

    Bryan: I so agree.

    Tim: You are obviously making stuff up. Try to not speak.

    Carol: You should keep backups. They’re a requirement with any OS, any hardware, any important items should be backed up. Sorry for your loss but never take a PC to “geek squad” as you’ll do far better (and pay less probably) taking it to your local family or friend that is adept at PC use.

    I guess that is far enough up. All-in-all IE7 sucks but use legitimate reasons to claim that it does and not user-errors like the vast majority of what I am seeing here. Frankly, if you can’t then don’t. Move on and accept that a PC and the internet is not a right that you are entitled to by default but rather requires that you take the time to educate yourself, protect yourself, and maintain your systems securely and properly.

  129. I installed windows7 and every time after that I could not get on the internet.I kept getting Bertshell kept on popping up.So after uninstalling it it was fine.(windows7 sucks!)

  130. IE 7 sucks……….error messages everytime you close a window. Don’t download it and mircrosoft will not help you unless you give them 35 dollars!!!!

  131. Frustrated by IE7. Installed today—doesn’t work. Uninstalled, and back to IE6, and now that won’t work!! Went back to Mozilla, tho’ my hotmail is screwy using Mozilla.

  132. I installed final version of IE 7 will not play videos from MSN Video website, just plays the ad, then says IE must close, then shuts down. IE 7 sucks, went back to IE 6 no problems playing videos from MSN Video website.

  133. IE7 is terrible from a developers’ standpoint. It’s a big FU from Microsoft. It used to be you had to make a standardized website, then hack it up to work with ie6 as well. Now after you do that, you have to hack it up once again to get it to work with ie7. ie6 and 7 render websites differently, both of which do so incorrectly. They could have at least made the update mandatory instead of adding yet another huge variable to web designing. Also personally not digging the wanna-be-mac baby blue and purple ui.

  134. Slow to Load all websites, fatal loading errors, and too many updates to patch holes in Explorer any versions. I also begin to wonder how many of The “KB” updates in itself slown down system responsiveness, and cause system crashes. I run a core 2 duo E6600 with 2 gig 800mhz ram and all I can tell everyone is do not bother with explorer! I have tested systems with no updates and then others with all updates and I would say the best thing is to keep it simple stuipid. Get a fresh XP SP2 install zone alarm,Antivirus software/ use Firefox as your browser, turn off cookies, and clear cache every time browser is closed. Only do your hardware updates if necessary and stay away from Explorer. When it comes to spyware use SPYBOT and Ad-Aware and run it often. Keep your hard drive defragmented. I have noted on wireless or slower than DSL connections (you poor modem people)/ notebooks and slower processor machines that explorer will often take too long to load, then display a error (page can’t be found) yet if you try Firefox on the same system, wow…it loads the page and much faster too. Now if only Microslow would realize that more patches and code does not equal performance. How about Vista? DRM blue ray…….35 frames per second on a high end machine sound good…I think not.

  135. After debating for weeks, I installed IE7. It crashed immediately, so I took my comp to Geek Squad. They got it up and running, said it was fine. Took it home, it started to load and froze. I uninstalled IE7. After 4 techs at Dell and 8 hours on the phone, a tech did a “dirty install” which failed. The only way to use the comp again was to install XP again. I’m a writer and I lost everything.

    Now my problem is finding the software info for MS so I can download the programs, most of which came with the comp.

    So if you’re offered IE7, start running and don’t look back.


  136. IE7 sucks- I mean really SUCKS. I have never finished whatever browsing I was doing without it saying it is experienciing difficulty and needs to close. Besides, it is not intuitive at all. You have to spend a lot of time to figure stuff out. I wonder what Microsoft was thinking releasin such a horrendous product. If you have IE6, keep it or switch to Mozilla.

  137. Just installed IE7, couldn’t access my ISP, lost my very functional toolbar, now have to access email, favorites, etc. from the desktop. ISP tech help couldn’t help and since I’m not very computer literate it took me many hours to figure out how to relocate some of the links on my original toolbar to the desktop. My advice: if you’re happy with what you’re currently using, stay with it.

  138. I upgraded(?) to IE7 in Nov. 06. At first it ran fine, then the freeze ups began. I 1st thought it was the Google Toolbar causing the problem so I dumped it. No change. I finally got fed up last week and rolled back to IE6 last week using the add/remove programs feature in the XP Control Panel. IE6 worked fine at first, then MS downloaded and installed misc. XP security updates. Now I experiencing more freezeups than I had w/ IE7. I now suspect that the problem might be caused by the security updates. I plan on removing those security updates and see if IE6 stops freezing up.

  139. Didn’t care much for it. Somehow, it lost my favorites. Can’t get all needed buttons on tool bar, have to depend on drop down boxes and the darned thing is sooooo drab looking. The tabbed browsing was no big deal. In IE6, you can tab from the task bar. I went back to IE6 and may try FireFox in the near future. When I get up the nerve, I’m ditching MS for Linux.

  140. Why would anyone want to go from MS WindowS to MS Window?
    I can’t think of anything more useless than ‘tabbed browsing’ unless its shrinking icons so you can’t see them.
    If you have auto updates on – how can you avoid this download?

  141. Even Microsoft knows they screwed up. If you can, go to Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel (if running XP) and uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 7. It should revert back to IE6. You can then use that to go to

    This is a Microsoft website that allows you to block IE7 in any future updates so you don’t have those same problems again!! Highly recommended. (I only keep IE6 because I need it for IETab in Firefox, since some sites require IE).

  142. a few helpful Suggestions:
    1) Speed – TURN OFF or DISABLE the phishing filter (unless you feel you need it). The filter is the most likely cause for slow performance (every page you visit goes thru the filter before loading on screen). Can be done under the tools/internet options/advanced tab.
    2) Text quality – TURN OFF the CLEAR TYPE for html, also under the advanced tab.
    3) Problems with some sites that were fine before. May need security setting change. My example – logging in to google adwords or google base, required change in security/internet zone/ miscellaneous/”access data sources across domains” – changed to allow, now all is well.

  143. After a considerable long wait on dial up I managed to install IE7 and then did the updates etc for the phising filter thingy. What a pile of crap. When I dialed up again, my PC couldn’t find its own homepage. And where did all the tool bars go? Its as useful as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip! Naturally I uninstalled it and my pc is hunky dory, only how do I stop it telling me I need ie7?

  144. It’s awful! Every time I turn on the computer and open a browser window, I get a huge delay, much worse than dial-up, and a bogus, unusable “Microsoft Internet Explorer” window comes up first, THEN the window I had clicked on (New York Times home page, Google, Salon, whatever). In other words, Microsoft insists on “introducing” the window I want with a little (unclickable) song-and-dance window of its own. Infuriating, to say the least.

    And worse than infuriating are the programs that no longer work. I can’t use TV Guide, or online banking, or several other sites I used to use frequently. I get to the generic sites, but when I click on “Local Listings” or “Your Account,” I get a big empty white space. Nothing further.

    (You might say I hate IE7.)

  145. Just updated to I.E. 7 and have had nothing but trouble. Cannot use any of my desktop shortcuts! They get hung up and then my computer freezes! If you haven’t updated yet, DON’T!!!!!!! Microsoft has made some serious mistakes in their updates! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. I and several people I know sadly regret trusting this automatic update, installing IE7 and we have all removed it. I was doing an Open University course at the time and was set back a few days after downloading it… I couldn’t go to my online class, spoke to the OU Tech Dept who do not support it… basically lost about a week of time sorting out everything that was lost and damaged and reinstalling IE6. Our advice is definitely steer clear of IE7 at the moment until Microsoft sort out all the problems it creates.

  147. I used firefox until I got my new Dell with windows 11 media player I could not get it to work so now I am running Ie7 I don’t like the fact that when I want to send a picture it want’s you to send gmail insted of outlook express. is there a fix for windows media player 11 so it will work with firefox

  148. I innocently installed IE7 and it is soooooo sloooow!! Now I have to figure out out to uninstall and hopefully get back to IE 6 or go get Firefox.

  149. Internet Explorer 7 has just deleted all my carefully set up favourites (except one) and substituted all the mickeysoft rubbish I don’t want, don’t need and have previously got rid of.

    Is there any way to get my work back?

  150. Ive seen IE7 running on a few machines without any trouble, all XP, all broadband connections, but one client recently experienced the massive system slowdown while using IE7. It chews through most of the CPU resources and just sits there. To anyone above who said they wished they could go back to IE6, you can. There’s an uninstall for IE7 in add/remove programs. I used that to go back to IE6 and then advised the client to use Firefox, since tabbed browsing rocks.

  151. I was using Firefox and downloaded IE7. Tried using it for about a month. It crashes often and often when I needed it running the most. I’m going back to Firefox.

  152. 2 words “what Junk”
    after auto update loaded this thing I now have a conflict with my sony picture package software. when it is installed I get driver errors on startup and my system will not shutdown cleanly it only reboots.
    I recommend to stay away for now!

  153. When IE7 first come out in an update I was very skeptical of installing it. Searched around and found a few different places for comments on it. I refrained from installing it and kept it hidden in any future updates. Out of curiousity I downloaded it roughly 2 weeks ago and I love it. As for why some have all these issues with it who knows. I guess I am one of the lucky ones that has gotten a clean install of it. Speed if anything is faster than what IE6 was for me, not to mention the added extras such as the phising filter. That phising filter will slow you down as it scans the website you are visiting. I have changed a few settings along the way so that applications all run great. So sum it all up WOOOHOOOO! :-)

  154. Hi Guys.
    Im glad I “Stumbled” across your message board.I say Stumbled as that is all I have been doing since automatic updates installed IE7.My computer is so slow I wondered if they are going to post me a crank handle.I have spend hours doing virus checks and deleting things that I think would gain me more speed.I phoned my ISP to see if they had slowed down my broadband speed,but after reading the messages here I think my ISP should have known that the problem may have been, the installation of IE7.Well Im pleased Im not the only person who has been going grazy over this problem. thankyou.
    Happy Newyear from New zealand

  155. IE7 does have some nice features; but I am in the number of those trying to uninstall, due to issues beyond IE. Some are expected to be cleared up in time–but, the slow down of Windows Explorer and Outlook, along with other program conflicts (those that incorporate the IE browser–and that’s more that some of you realize!), outweighs the need for “patches.”
    Anyway, BEFORE YOU INSTALL IE7: you MUST turn off any anti-virus and anti-spam programs you are running. They prevent a good install [which has been the cause of some of the previously-mentioned issues].
    I don’t know absolutely, but I suspect the same precaution should be taken if/when you uninstall (At least, I’m “caught between versions”, with my Registry Editor saying I have IE6 for WinXP SP2; but HiJack This reads my computer as having IE7. And, I can’t seem to repair, reinstall or complete the uninstall. Anybody have a clue?)
    Meanwhile, I’m telling my customers who have scanners/printers/all-in-ones older than 1-2 years; accounting software that might use a browser interface; or any other hardware or programs I’m nervous about–DON’T install IE7!! If you have autoupdates set, ALWAYS choose the Custom install, and if IE7 is in the list–uncheck it before you install the other updates. Even tell it to hide that update, for now–“high priority” status aside. Better Safe than Sorry!!
    Of course, you realize I’m working with business of all kinds, as well as home computers; so I’d rather err on the side of precaution.

  156. I too got the callup mid December for IE7 and promptly downloaded it. After a couple of days I noticed my computer was running slower so I cleaned out the temp internet files and cookies. This helped for a day and then it all slowed up again. Now, I am cleaning out temp files and cookies on a day to day basis (which I never had to do with IE6) and I have also installed Norton Internet Security 2007 which has made everything slow down even more.

    If I could uninstall IE7 and go back to IE6 I would.

    How I wish I had found this page before my “callup”!!!!

  157. I downloaded ie7 on Boxing day 2006. Noticed a couple of problems with install (missing .dll’s) but which install said “all was well”. Switched off machine and went on vacation. Returned 6 days later , fired up machine went onto IE and watched my Dell Desktop freeze and blow up. Am in an awful mess now – can’t load operating system. Thanks Bill.

  158. Hate it/ Love it. I love the new features and look but these are not worth the loss of function. Running a Compaq that is about 3 years old, I have not ONE TIME, ever had it lock up. UNTIL NOW after downloading IE7. NOW it locks up at least 2 times a day. I am going to firefox.

  159. I wouldn’t even use I.E. if I could play LAUNCHcast on my firefox or netscape
    Also, I can’t fig’r out how to get FOXYTUNES or XRM RADIO to work

  160. Where can I find help?!
    I have been using ie7 a couple months, meanwhile, a pop-up would spring from the taskbar when the desktop opened each time i would start-up my computer, because I shut-down mine when i’m not on it. So……, I clikt it…….and what a MISTAKE!!. The pop-up offered no description of the up-date.
    It was ie7, which i already had. when the install was complete, it looked like ie6 again. I dicovered that I couldn’t stream LAUNCHcast. LAUNCHcast reported an error code 14-C00D10b5. Here are the events;
    A) downloaded/installed Y! WIDGETS AND TOOLBAR
    B) against my sences, clikt the pop-up that I grew tired of seeing
    C) launched Y! LAUNCHcast, stream failure occured
    D) I PANICed!!
    E) uninstalled Y! WIDGETS and it took the the menu bar and address bar with it. I’ve tryed the fallowing steps;
    F) System restore
    G) Delete TIF files and cookies
    H) Create a new user account
    J) Defrag
    I still can’t play my LAUNCHcast
    I can’t reinstall Y! WIDGETS or Y! toolbar
    The ALT btn doesn’t do anything
    I can’t complete the ie7 uninstall
    What’s next!?
    I fear that I’m going to have to;
    K) back-up
    L) Format/reinstall the O.S.

  161. Have had IE7 installed since it became available, (I DO NOT use BETA versions of any programs). Have NOT HAD 1(one) SINGLE PROBLEM WITH IE7, and know several other people using IE7 as well and guess what, NO PROBLEMS!!! Everything works as it’s supposed to, RoboForm works fine, no longer need google toolbar, the list goes on. Either you wankers out there don’t know what you are doing or your computer systems are in need of major repairing!!!

  162. I installed IE7 and it ran well for about a month. I liked the new screen line up. I am not sure if IE7 caused my problem but I spent Christmas Day re installing Windows XP and all other software. My system recovery would not function. I re downloaded IE7 as well because I liked it. Today my system crashed again and this time I got an error message that Windows could not start the following file is missing or is corrupt ntoskrnl.exe. IE7 is the only thing I have added to my computer in the past month or so. I use Zone Alarm Security Suite for my virus protection. This time I kept the older version and am keeping my fingers crossed.
    David B

  163. IE7 was an automatic download on my computer. I found it slower than 6. Also for some strange reason it always opens to a blank blue screen. runonce in address bar, not the home page. You have to click on the house to go to your home page.

  164. yippee! I read the reviews (here and elsewhere) and have refrained from the lure of IE7. From tales of woe from my collegues and chums a wise move! It may seem a minor point, but one of their main gripes was that if you ‘Back’ to a previous page, the page is shown from the top and not the point you have scrolled to – very anoying if you have to view long pages often.

  165. I wish I had read this page earlier. While I was browsing with IE7, the computer froze showed me the blue screen. It never started afterwards. Now, it looks like I need to reinstall the operating system. Shame on you Microsoft.

  166. The techs at work installed IE7 on my pc after replaceing a failed hd. What a piece of grabage! Part of job requires the use of secure web-forms, many on sites that require IE to work. Most of these forms are loaded with embedded Javascript programs that validate the fields in the forms. Every time an embedded javascript was encountered, a modal warning box would pop up. Some of these forms have over 20 fields, and each field has 4 embedded scripts, do the math and you find that more than 80 modal popup warnings per page.
    So I figured, there must be a way to turn off the warnings.. I couldn’t find one. Anywhere… nothing Nada! I tried the help, but it was no help. I tried mskb.. nothing.. I looke everywhere. I complained to the tech guys and they said “Uninstall it” I did that, and have been plagued with system freezes and goofy error messages, not to mention the fact that the Windows Explorer ( the file manager ) suddenly just stops responding.
    In the 30 years I have been working with computers, I have never before seen an application that could so throughly krunk-up the OS. Someone ought to find out what the IE7 guys were smoking when they decided to release this. I mean, like I have come to expect low quality software from M$, since their only innovations are in the realm of the legal chicanery needed to protect their monopoly status, but this is silly.

  167. I’ve now done five system restores trying to get IE7 off this machine after it automatically downloaded itself. When I went back to a previous system checkpoint once, I forgot to quickly turn off the automatic update, which is by default turned on, and IE7 began downloading again. I successfully uninstalled IE7 once, but this time I can’t completely uninstall it – the uninstall hangs ups at “unable to locate file xxxxx” – at that point I have to control-alt-delete because the program won’t end. The reason for all this is because like almost everyone else here, IE7 is very slow to load – like 12 seconds. Also, the menu bar (Tools Edit etc) won’t show and I can’t figure out how to make it appear. When I got back to IE6 by doing a system restore, IE6 now takes nearly a minute to load. I”m thinking maybe it’s because I’ve got this partially uninstalled version of IE7 hanging there. At any rate, IE7 is a nightmare. I’m thinking of copying all my documents to CD and reinstalling Windows. Or maybe following the advice of one guy here and getting Linux. Is Microsoft listening to any of this? IE7 is crap!

  168. The beta versions were slow but RC1 is fine on all my PC’s and laptops, its not slow and doesn’t crash.

    It has caused email header printing problems from outlook XP, with html emails, which annoys some people. Microsft resolution is to uninstall it.

    Some users were annoyed that there cookies disappeared after installation, so save you website passwords. (cookies should be deleted though)

    Most people have very happy with “clear type” in there emails, can’t say i see a difference, but the users have.

    And are happy with the print preview and zoom feature. I love the tabs.

    I am unsure about this sharing on cookies between tabs though, doesn’t sound very secure.

  169. Attempted to uninstall IE7 because it’s much slower loading web pages. Everything went fine until a computer reboot was needed. Windows XP never booted up again (some extremely important file “NTLDR” was deleted somehow because my computer couldn’t find it). Just booted to a black screen after running initial BIOS tests. Couldn’t even find my hard drives or CD/DVD-ROMs so I could reinstall XP. Luckily, “Last Known Good Configuration” did the trick (those of you in the same boat try this!). Took several hours to resuscitate my system and get it back to its former self. Would love to go back to IE6 but afraid MS will screw me over once again. So I guess I’m stuck with it! Don’t download this version of the browser NO MATTER HOW MUCH WINDOWS BEGS YOU TO!!!

  170. YIKES!!!!! why the hell couldn’t I have found this site before I installed that piece of #*## that they call IE7. I installed IE7 through an windows update, seems to have installed fine, and just after it installed and rebooted, I can’t sign on to my ISP. It brings up my sign-on screen but freezes up. I cannot uninstall my ISP software, that freezes up as well. I have tried to do a system restore, but it says that system was unable to restore. I am unsure how many things this littlt sucker screwed up but have a feeling that a complete system re-install is probably in my future. If you haven’t downloaded IE7, DON’T!!! If you have, GOOD LUCK!!!

  171. My experience with IE is not positive. I am an IT prosessional. At my work all our the IT staff started to use IE7 in prep for a possible rollout firm wide. Also all the staff installed it on their home computers as well. In all cases and enviroments IE7 had singificant issues. Only one home computer out of 5 staff + the work computers worked with no crashing. We have concluded that IE7 is one of the worst product rollouts that Microsoft has ever done. Here is a quick list of the major issues we have encountered:
    1. Will not install properly.
    2. IE7 Crashes when starting the first couple of times… but then behaves until to turns into issue #4.
    3. IE7 crashes Windows Explorer when opening a new tab.
    4. IE7 stop working completely, and always crashes so all you can do is rollback to IE6.

    Basicly, I would not touch this until at least the first service pack is released. Too bad, because it really had a lot of good features…. but it’s just a totaly buggy piece of software.

    Stick to Firefox.

  172. IE7 takes along time to start up, nearly 1.5 minutes on my machine. IE6 was certainly not this slow. Firefox startups in a matter of seconds. Does anyone know what IE7 does so much that it takes so long to bring up my home page (Google)?

  173. Automatically installed this piece of crap. Now my computer crashes at bios. Thanks for once again reminding me never to trust MS. Cheers

  174. IE7 messed several programs. Webcam went missing,home page dissapeared among several other problems. Had to get ahold of ISP and they said they had spent a lot of time walking dummies like me through the uninstall. Got this mess out and everything returned to working. can’t wait for that stupid little window to quit appearing telling me to upgrade. I have sincelearned that some large companies with their own engineering networks have forbidden their employees from downloading it.

  175. Like everybody here I was one of the unlucky few who trust ms, NO MORE!!! It screwed up a lot of my programs. I will never trust the updates ever again.

  176. IE7 is a nightmare. I have plenty of ram, disc space, I keep up with virus/spam definitions, use a disc defrag manager and still nothing but lock-ups. I started having problems with my wireless keyboard & mouse after installation and it is so frustrating to go thru paying bills on line and locking up when you hit the submit button. I’m back to Firefox for good.

  177. Explorer 7…bless all who downloaded it, screwed up my HP officejet 6110 scanning program…I spent all night trying to sort out the problem when eventually I found the solution at HP’s website, click on the desk top icon HP Director, then hold down the alt and space keys a small window should open in the top left hand of the screen, click on minimise in that window (may have to click that twice) and the HP Director will appear on the task bar, then open the director from the task bar. thanks for the sleepless night explorer 7. Since then I have dumped Internet Explorer 7 and installed Mozilla Firefox……all is great now.

  178. please, if you want a peaceful browsing DO NOT INSTALL IE 7, IT IS THE WORST SOFTWARE I HAVE EVER USED. after installing IE 7, my computer became as slow as it was 10 years back – just like pentium 1.and all programs of MS Office also become dead slow. now onwards i can not trust microsoft products.

  179. I didnt ask for IE7, the repair shop put it on. I thought i would keep trying it to see if i change my mind-5wks later, IT still SUCKS! Cant find a thing I want-send link, send mail, File, Edit, none of it! What is so special w/ tab browsing anyway? isnt that was Alt+Tab was for? How i am going to get IE6 back i dont know, the shop wiped the puter clean and put on 7. Oh! lets not forget the WONDERFUL unable to display page i get 8 out of 10 times!!!! I have to hit refresh to go anywhere:( I will be coming back here to see if anyone has any ideas, this is the only place i have found in 3 days of searching…..

  180. I HATE technology, and, yes, I do hate technology. They come up with new things all the time, and EVERY XXXXX time I have a problem. I am just a user and human, not XXX robot. How the hell can I get my previous toolbar back?!! All I have is new and upgraded problems from this innovation!

  181. Installed & used ie7 for 1 day and removed it before it totally scewed my machine. It basically doesn’t work.

  182. I have loaded the beta in the past and it worked fine. I got the official release and it was down hill from there. My computer will not log on to any account when it starts up. It will not apply the new personal settings. Luckily i was able to get into the task maneger and start system restore as a new task.(incase you have the same problem) I recommend mozilla firefox :)

  183. Bought a new HP laptop, had it upgrade its IE to IE7. For some reason, IE7 cannot open any websites at all. It’s as if it insist on using ethernet or wireless connection, which there is none. It will certainly ask for a dialup connection when I start using it before I dial in to PaoplePC, but after PeoplePC copnnects it still cannot open any webpages. Just sits there with a complaint that I have no internet connection. I am faced with the irony of using Firefox to browse Microsoft’s site for answers as to why it’s lame lame browser insists I am offline. BAD Microsoft. BAD BAD BAD.

  184. Been running IE7 for a few months now and have noticed considerable slow times with browsing and now have encountered an issue logging into Yahoo mail. A little blue line comes up in the middle of the page and renders the mouse inopperative. Thought it was either spam or a virus but when I installed Firefox, My system was now normal again and browsing lighting fast compared to IE7.

  185. I “automatically”downloaded the IE7 update, and it worked like a charm the first time. The next day when I started up my computer,it had 2 dial up windows,then WAS NOT able to find any page on the WEB.It would say “IE7 is unable to find that page” or something like that.I simply went to “add and remove programs” and uninstalled it.Now I’m back to IE6 and everything is fine.

  186. I just installed IE7 last night. A couple of thing have happened since then:
    -i get exception errors for some reason that look like it is trying to lock up my computer
    -whenever i double-click anything on the desktop, it opens the properties window instead of launching the shortcut/folder
    -everything is much slower at running now
    I have a decent dual core processor with more than enough ram. Thank you very much for f–king me over M$!

  187. IE7 seemed to be fine to start with but everything has started not to work correctly. Excel starts to install with fatal errors, MS help site suggested running in safe mode so there is a workaround but no solution. Now I think its affecting Outlook. You would expect an automatic update to be beneficial rather than a nightmare. What happened to Beta testing

  188. I’m not very computer-literate, and I downloaded IE7 and installed because I just trusted Microsoft to be giving me newer=better. Now nothing but trouble – crashes and can’t get my mail, etc. It’s probably gonna cost me big bucks to have someone come in and sort this out. My wife wants a Mac and I think I’m going to join her!

  189. IE 7 SUCKS. I dont believe it – it came as an automatic update to all four of my PCs…now browsing is a pain, slow, terrible. I am running an amazing gaming machine and it crawls with IE7. Gutted. I just dont believe it – to get out of this is going to be a major work up. Also, what is with all the Yahoo and Google crap? Isn’t MS making enough cash without selling space on its browser??? Microsoft – sort it out. Now!

  190. I just find it slower to move between pages.
    (My PC is a late 2001 Pentium 4 1.6 GHz Dell XP Home.)

    I see few obvious benefits, apart from a bigger available screen size.

    It’s hard to believe that a software major like Microsoft producing a new version that is slower in an application that is so speed dependent . . .

  191. IE 7 is absolutely useless and inteferes with other programs. I could not get into some websites on Firefox, notably secure sites. I tried to go to a restore point (running xp sp2) but that did not help so uninstalled IE7 and can now use IE to get into secure sites but Mozilla still does not take me into them!
    Avoid IE7 like the plague. Yet more MS misery, time wasting etc.
    I figure there should be a collective class action suit by computer users against MS for all of the time that thier programmes waste for users with constant crashes, blue screens of death etc.
    Next machine i have will not have an MS OS – linux is now solid and seeing that Firefox and Thunderbird are linux and that there are great Open source office systems and pretty much everything else, why use expensive and buggy systems when you can use free systems that are far more stable and are no longer daunting even to relative tecno-ignoramuses like me!

  192. I need to rush with this message otherwise my IE 7 will shut down again.IE7 IS THE WORST BROWSER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna use MOZIlA from now on! If you haven’t intalled IE7 yet, I wouldn’t do so!

  193. Oddly enough, after installing IE7 a couple of things happened to me…

    1. Now, after closing a File Explorer window a blank IE7 window opens itself.

    2. I had to reset which program opens .htm and .html files. Normally this wouldn’t be odd, but it is because IE7 didn’t designate itself to open the file, it just removed the previous designation so that there was no program associated with those file extensions.

  194. Worst thing microsoft has ever developed. The errors are awful, unable to get ie 6 back, and cant click buttons on certain pages. A complete disaster, beware DO NOT CLICK on the upgrade when it hits. You will regret.

  195. My problem with the IE7 is the quality of the pictures in the web pages I visit normally. They are horrible now. No definition and it is hard to see the pictures clearly. I had no problem at all with IE6. Any similar experience? How to fix it? If anyone kindly let me know via e-mail I will be glad.

  196. After installing IE7 my computer works fine except periodically the following error window will pop up; “NSIS Error – The Installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be a result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus. You may want to contact the author of this installer and obtain a new copy. It may be possible to skip this check using the /NCRC command line switch (NOT RECOMMENDED)”

  197. The stories you’ve heard are true, only the names and faces are different. Is it pure arrogance or just imcompetence? I haven’t decided. When a company the size and depth of Microsoft puts out an inferior product, you have to wonder if they really know what they’re doing, or just living off the laurels of the past 30 plus years, hoping the sound in the back of them is not a more competent and reliable competitor gaining on them. Microsoft – you are naked and the whole world can see you for what you are. Bill Gates gets a pass, or did he see the handwriting on the wall, and skip out to do his good deeds before history could write a negative report unbalanced by anything except corporate greed. Don’t worry people there’s always a villain waiting in the wings we can hiss at.

  198. I had installed IE7, at Yahoo’s insistence, and had multiple problems. First of all, once I went online (I have a cable modem) it would take five minutes or more before I could do anything at all with the computer; everything would freeze, sometimes even blacking out my laptop screen.
    Plus, I couldn’t move the Google toolbar where I wanted it, couldn’t move the menu bar to the top of the window, where menu bars BELONG!, and sometimes the whole shebang would freeze, prompting a Task Manager rescue to terminate the whole thing. I trashed it and went back to IE6.

    BTW I had all the same issues with Netscape Browser 8 (that’s what they call it now), plus it doesn’t work with the Google toolbar, so I ditched that also and got Netscape Communicator 7.2, which has become my main browser. Still doesn’t work with Google Toolbar, but hooray for tabs!

  199. ever since I downloaded IE7 Ive had problems.I tried to uninstall it and in the removal process I get a errow message saying cannot copy hammapi.dll.exe The uninstall cannot be completed. I have contacted Microsoft tech support and recieved nohelp.I use the Firefox browser now.

  200. oh, so what everyone is saying is that its a typical MS product?? Full of errors and holes?? I gave up,switched to PCLinuxOS,no more problems,no worms,viruses or spyware slipping in thru holes. It’s nice to not have to spend 8 hrs a week cleaning/fixing my computer. Sure,Linux seems weird at first,but its gets pretty EZ quickly. I boot into XP once in a while just to remind myself of how bad life used to be.

  201. The IE7 installation was pushed on my computer by Windows Update. Apparently it does not require WGA since I have not installed WGA. I use only Firefox, so cannot comment on IE7 problems in use.

  202. IE 7 worked fine until I fired up my HPscanjet Photo Scanner. I lost the software and after fiddling for hours, HP wrote that they were working on a “patch.” Even after uninstalling HP and reinstalling, it still wouldn’t work, even after restoring IE6. So beware, if you have HP products, be very afraid!

  203. IE 7 is horrid! I inadvertently installed it via Yahoo and it attempted to murder my computer (lol) … crashed it seriously and restoration involved a complete Dell PC restore operation – so I lost everything!!! It took weeks to get it back up – and endless phone calls to Dell and Bell South DSL. I will never agin trust MSN downloads.

  204. My computer had to be restarted in Safe Mode in order to remove IE7, but, as soon as I tryed to reinstall IE6 it froze again. Am now using Deepnet Explorer does everthing I could wish for.

  205. I have all three top browsers, Firefox, Opera and IE7 on my computer. IE7 loads quickly and, on my computer at least, is extremely fast. It’s not very intuitive and heaven help you if you ask it to open several sites at the same time, such as on line comics. It freezes and nothing short of Task Manager can shut it down. Opera is a wonderful browser but it’s got a fairly steep learning curve. Also there may be a way to make “panels” and Bookmarks take up less screen space but I haven’t found it. Firefox,straight out of the box,is a marvelous browser and when you add the ability to customize it with “extensions”, then there is nothing even close in the browser world. Firefox by a landslide.

  206. IE7 is a waste of time. The installation went great. The first time I ran it, it crashed big time. Tabbed browsing… not on your life. That is the first thing that disappeared without a trace into Bill Gates’ pie in the sky.
    On dialup it is slower than death Ever have a page take 3.5 minutes to load @ 44kbs? As soon as I get the time IE7 is going where it belongs… In the trash!

  207. I have used IE7 on several computers for months now and have never had an issue. However, Opera has had IE7’s “upgrades” for years and is still a much better product than IE or Firefox. Opera is free, has no ads, no virus issues that I’m aware of, and yet it goes mostly ignored by reviewers.

  208. If dial-up isn’t slow enough for you, just install IE7, then you will be slower than you ever imagined! It is just a ‘new’ version only for the sake of being new…nothing great here. I un-installed it after giving it a try for a week.

  209. (1) I unlocked the toolbars, rearranged them, re-locked them, closed IE7, reopened it, and they’re right back where Microsoft wants them every time.

    (2) The buttons for back, forward, copy, paste, refresh, stop, etc are scattered all over the place, not in a nice neat row.

    (3) Google’s toolbar is enough, but IE insists on a second search capability to type in things and won’t let me remove it.

    (4) It took a registry hack to get the menu bar back at the top of the window like in every other window in the history of Windows.

    (5) Not all settings and preferences from IE6 were retained.

    (6) The buttons for saving, e-mailing, etc an image don’t pop up any more when I put the cursor on an image.

    (7) The combined history for back and forward is not an improvement over separate ones.

    (8) IE7 forgets where it was if I’ve scrolled through my Favorites list and it goes back to the top.

    (9) Nine out of 10 times when I close IE, I get an error message saying it didn’t close properly and needs to be restarted. Tabbed browsing is not enough to justify the “upgrade”. I want my IE6 back.

  210. Have been using IE 7 since it was offered. No problems at all. Please advise what problems I should have been having!!!

  211. IE 7 Sucks. I’ve had to uninstall it on my home computer because it freezes so often. I’m using Mozilla firefox these days, and happier for it.

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