To Catch an Identity Thief – How an Identity Thief Named Maria Nelson Became Karen Lodrick – and Then Was Apprehended by the Real Karen Lodrick

Identity theft is a crime, and criminal identity theft comes in all forms. We have several articles concerning identity theft right here on our identity theft blog pages, and yes, there is now identity theft insurance, often available through your own insurance agency, your bank, or even your local state laws. But this is a new twist: read this true story about how Maria Nelson stole Karen Lodrick’s identity – became Karen Lodrick for several months – and then was apprehended by the real Karen Lodrick!

Domain Tasting – The New Evil

Domain tasting may sound like a funny term, but it’s no laughing matter. But exactly what is domain tasting? Sometimes called “Domain Kiting”, domain tasting is when someone registers a domain name for the express purpose of testing it out during the five-day grace period to see whether it will receive enough traffic to pay for itself, usually with just the clickthrough advertising on the site itself.

Get Your Stuff Back with StuffBak! PDAs, Laptops, Cell Phones – Protect Them All!

Now this is a fabulous theft and loss insurance for your phone, PDA or laptop! It’s called StuffBak (because it helps you get your stuff back, get it?) and it’s kind of like those microchipping i.d. services for pets, only it’s for your portable electronic devices, such as your laptop, your PDA, and your cell phone! It’s basically loss and theft insurance for your portables! And through a partnership with The Internet Patrol and StuffBak, you can get a 10% discount off their already incredibly reasonable pricing!

LifeLock Offers Identity Theft Protection with Money Back Guarantee

Lifelock identity theft insurance promises that that “If an identity is ever stolen while a LIFELOCK program membership is in effect, LIFELOCK will fix all issues arising from the theft and will reimburse any out of pocket expenses lost up to $1 million dollars.” They offer this program direct to individuals, and they also hope that employers will offer it as part of a benefits package. Not only an interesting idea, but a sign of our times, unfortunately.