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Identity theft insurance? It’s obviously an idea whose time has come. In fact some would say that identity theft insurance is an idea whose time is long overdue. Just ask anyone whose personal data has recently been compromised by either the hacking of ChoicePoint’s data or the Scamming of Lexis Nexis’ data. No doubt the people whose personal data was compromised in those incidents wish that they had identity theft insurance. In fact the ChoicePoint hacking has lead to a lawsuit against ChoicePoint by some of those whose identities were put at risk.

Well, Allstate Insurance is now offering identity theft insurance in seven states. For about $30.00 dollars a year, the insured gets access to professional “identity restoration assistance”, and up to $25,000 in reimbursement for expenses incurred while restoring their identity. Such expenses could include things such as attorneys fees, credit report fees, and even lost wages.

Allstate is offering the identity theft insurance in New York, Arizona, Tennessee, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas.

What do you think, dear readers? Is this something for which you’d sign up? Do you think that the availability of identity theft insurance may let companies like ChoicePoint too easily off the hook? And if identity theft insurance is not being offered in your state, do you wish that it were?

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8 thoughts on “Identity Theft Insurance Now Available

  1. Many companies are offering this identity theft insurance which normally costs from $25 to $60 every year.

    You should bear in mind that identity theft insurance is not a guarantee which will prevent you from being a victim. Identity theft insurance will help you to recover from your plenty of losses due to identity theft.

  2. Many of the best insurance companies do offer an ID Theft policy. I work for Nationwide Insurance who offers a policy to cover expenses incurred due to ID Theft up to $25,000 in most states. When placed on a tenat policy, the cost is only $45. We also offer a standalone policy for $99 a year. In the world we live in today, everyone should really check into it!

  3. I wonder whether Allstate provides it in California. I heard some friends mention that it is $40, but some say it is $25. Confused.

  4. It’s no secret: Identity Theft is a major problem in America. There is a coverage available & you dont even have to use your current insurance agents.

  5. I plan to buy it tomorrow. First, I’ll check with my State Farm agent, to see if they offer it. They have all my other coverage, so I’m partial.

  6. It is a great idea to have identity theft insurance. No matter what laws are passed, this theft will never go away. Somebody used my identity to get PacBell cell phone and ran up a huge bill. Only way I cam to know about is when it was referred to a collection agency who put it on my credit report. I am still trying to get this off but PacBell sold it to two different collection agencies (Bay Area Credit and American Agencies) and they are dragging their feet even after I completed all their identity theft paper work. It is a nightmare and wastes money and resources. Way to go AllState. Offier it in Ohio and I will signup today.

  7. Wish they offered it in FL…there are many instances of Identity Theft here. The price is reasonable too.

  8. Hmmm…doesn’t a company such as Allstate use the services of a company such as ChoicePoint? Not that everyone knows that, of course.

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