How to Unhide Something on Your Facebook Timeline

Have you ever hidden something from your Facebook timeline, only to want to ‘unhide’ it again? Only you can’t figure out how to uhide something from your Facebook page that you had previously hidden? Well, here’s how to make that item re-appear on your Facebook timeline.

It’s usually the case that you have hidden the item – whether on purpose or by accident – by having clicked on the little down-arrow that appears when you hover over the upper-right hand corner of the original post, and then having clicked on ‘Hide from Timeline’.



To make the post reappear (to ‘unhide’ it), you will need to go to your Faceboo activity log. You get there from the “Activity Log” botton that is in the lower-left corner of your cover image, just above your actual timeline posts:




After clicking the Activity Log button, look down the navigation menu on the left-hand side, and click “Posts You’ve Hidden”.




Click on the little ‘circle with a line through it’ symbol in the upper right:




And click on “Allowed on Timeline”:




And now your post is visible on your Facebook timeline again.

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