How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot: WMWifiRouter

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Turn your cell phone into a wifi router! No more trying to figure out how to tether your laptop with your mobile phone; now your phone can be a wireless access point for any wifi-enabled device, be it laptop, another phone, or even a desktop computer! With WMWifiRouter you can turn your cell phone into a wifi hotspot effortlessly, and it works on dozens of different cell phones!

The only catch is that, at least for now, it only works with Windows Mobile phones.

But that said, it works with a lot of Windows Mobile phones, including models from Asus, Dell, E-Ten, HP Ipaqs, Palm, Samsung, and more HTC models than you can shake a stick at.


And by all accounts, it works perfectly. You just fire it up, and your phone becomes a wireless access point, letting any computer or other device that connects to it have Internet access via your phone’s Internet data plan.

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How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot: WMWifiRouter

Oh, did I say that there was only one catch? There’s another: even if you have an unlimited data plan for your mobile phone, the odds are very good that your cell phone data plan has a data usage cap on it, and if you go over that cap you will pay dearly for the extra data time.

Explains one user, of AT&T’s 5 gigabyte data cap, “ATT has a 5GB cap on their unlimited data plans. So yeah, you have to worry about that. Just be on a heads up. A friend of mine just got hit for it, ended up with a $3,000 bill.”

Still, if you are just using it for email and web browing, you will probaby be fine – but definitely find out what your data usage cap is before firing up WMWifiRouter!

WMWifiRouter costs 19.99 EU, which is equivalent to about 26.80 USD. to purchase, and there is also a free trial available. You can find out more information at the WMWifiRouter website.

Go here for a full list of mobile phones and other devices that are compatible with WMWifiRouter

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How to Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Wifi Hotspot: WMWifiRouter

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  1. Best Buy is also selling a software install that can let a wi/fi-enabled WM phone do the same thing on its own.

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