How to Search Online for Apps in the iTunes Store

how to search itunes for apps online our method
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This is quick little tutorial on how to search online for apps in the iTunes store, using your browser. You’d think it would be obvious as to how to search the iTunes store online, but Apple does not make it easy. In fact, the ‘search’ functon on the Apple site doesn’t help at all.

Let’s say that you want to find a cooking app. Now, you would think that you could just go to the iTunes area of the Apple website, and search for cooking apps. But, you’d be wrong.

Using the Apple iTunes site to search for a cooking app
search the itunes site for a cooking app


Results when searching for an app in the iTunes store online
searching itunes store online results through apple

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Yuck! What you really want is results like this:

Searching the iTunes store online using our method
how to search itunes for apps online our method

That looks much better, doesn’t it? So here you go.

How to Search the Apple iTunes Store Online

To find apps in the iTunes store, online, go to Google, and search for:

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{keyword} site:

So, for example, if you want to search for cooking apps, you would type in:

cooking site:

And that’s all there is to it! Now you know a quick and easy way to search for apps without having to fire up iTunes, or use the tiny screen on your phone!

how to search itunes store for apps
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